Olli Dürr Society Jesuit order wants to close the bulkheads in Linz

Jesuit order wants to close the bulkheads in Linz

Jesuit order wants to close the bulkheads in Linz post thumbnail image


The Jesuit order wants to shut down the Scots in Linz, Austria. There is a lack of offspring. Now the order wants to focus on the issues of climate, justice and youth. However, the truth is likely to be found in the “intensification”.

Jesuit base in Linz is closed

The Austrian city of Linz will soon be left by its “traditional permanent guest”. After more than 420 years, the Jesuit order in Linz will close its doors. It’s over at the end of July.


Jesuits want to withdraw from Linz

The provincial of the order, Bernhard Bürgler, explained in an interview with the newspaper “Kurier” that there was a lack of young people. The Linz site is thinning out. “We’re getting fewer and older,” said the Provincial. However, the representatives of the Jesuit order from Linz will not disappear completely. The local Aloisianum will continue to exist. This was a network within the framework of a school in the Association of Jesuit Schools in Germany and Austria. The headquarters of the Jesuit Order for Central Europe is in Munich and therefore only a few stone’s throw away from Linz due to the direct motorway connection.

Little actionist taunts

However, the closure of the Jesuit site in Linz will not represent a withdrawal from “daily business” and a dive into oblivion. The order now wants to focus on the issues of climate protection, justice and youth. The provincial Bürgler referred to his brother Jörg Alt. This representative of the Jesuit order was already in the headlines several times because of his “shattering” actions. In 2021, the Jesuit in Nuremberg distributed food stolen from rubbish containers and thus received a complaint. In another case, the Jesuit who joined the action group “Last Generation” taped his hand on a street in Munich. In this case, too, there was a complaint. The court sentenced Alt to a “fine” of 10 euros for coercion. Significant: The Jesuit priest was satisfied with the judge’s reasoning.

Climate and justice

Earth Sun Protection

Jesuit order wants to bring humanity closer to protection of the earth. The sun right there.

The closure of the Linz location for the subsequent dedication to the topics of climate protection, justice and youth is probably only half the truth. Reality shows that the Jesuit order has long been extremely active in the areas mentioned. The topic of justice, in the spirit of “Fratelli Tutti” (Pope Francis’ encyclical, 2020), already covers a very broad field. The topics “social justice” and “climate justice” include not only nature, climate and earth, but also the areas of economy, finance, politics, justice, education and migration.
The churches are of course at the forefront of these “new” areas of faith. In the church family of one mother and many daughters, of course, the institution of Rome sets the tone. The Protestant houses willingly comply with the strict obedience demanded by their mother.

The churches are heavily involved

The efforts of the Protestant churches to help shape the political fortunes of the country in the name of climate protection have long been visible. The recent get-together of evangelical, catholic and political representatives in the Evangelical Academy Tutzing brought a lot of enlightening to these developments. The Catholic Church in its ostensibly demonstrated modesty has also raised its admonishing “climate index finger”.

A well-established team

Jesuit Cross

Church and military leadership led by Jesuits. A well-established team

The Jesuit order is committed to absolute obedience to the Pope and his theologically inspired ideas. However, this “Ignatian union” does not allow anyone to dictate how and by what means the goal defined by the Pope is to be achieved. True to the motto “the end justifies the means”, completely “unconventional” tools are also used to fulfill one’s duties. Local legislation plays only a minor role here.

With the Argentine Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has a Jesuit at its head for the first time in its history. With his friar and General Superior Arturo Sosa from Venezuela, the two South Americans form a “dream team”. With such unity, things will run like clockwork and that is already becoming more than clear from the developments in politics, business and society.

The Catholic Climate Church

The Archdiocese of Cologne, under Cardinal Woelki, has long been involved in the climate issue and very closely. In this regard, the diocese gave itself the nickname of the “Climate Church“. Their “new creed” is clear:

We are Christians. With body and soul and brain and heart. And that means for us: we care about our world. And quite concretely: for our environment. About the climate. About sustainability. For our creation. For that you have to put yourself into it. Think new. Rational and with heart. follow the science. And inspire our fellow human beings for this path.

Implementation of the climate encyclical

This statement could directly represent an excerpt from Pope Francis’ “climate encyclical” Laudato si’ (2015). James Martin, of course a Jesuit, drew the essence of the encyclical and formulated the “10 Green Commandments” from it. These are to be understood as binding guidelines for action for representatives from politics and business. This was already done eight years ago. There can therefore be no talk of a “reorientation” of the Jesuit order. It would have been more accurate to say that the previous efforts were “intensified”.

In opposition to the Word of God

Bible content

Rome’s goals are in opposition to the gospel

It is obvious that the “10 Green Commandments” were deliberately placed in opposition to the 10 Commandments of God. The aspiration of the Catholic Church, with the Jesuit Order (organized as a military order) as its spearhead, is the united human family in common rebellion against God and His statutes.

Dieses widrige Handeln gegen das Wort Gottes ist der Kirche Roms als Geburtsfehler in die DNA gelegt worden. Sie ist in ihrem Handeln auch sehr erfolgreich und es gibt nichts irdisches, was sich ihr in den Weg stellen kann (Offenbarung 13). This adverse action against the Word of God has been placed in the DNA of the Church of Rome as a birth defect. She is also very successful in her actions and there is nothing earthly that can stand in her way (Revelation 13). It comes down to the one preliminary climax at which the authority of Rome is to be recognized by the world. But this activity of the “modern Babylons” will be put to an abrupt end.

Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
Romans 1:24-25

Bible verses from King James Version

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