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Iron Maiden songs at sacred music festival ION

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The “Musikfest ION” event in Nuremberg, which is also supported by the Bavarian Evangelical Church, will add a new aspect of “dark spirituality” to its program of “spiritual music”. The lyrics of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden are presented in a church in a “touching form”.

Music event of “civil law”

The “Musikfest ION” started on Friday, June 23, 2023 with the first music programs. The planned final concert will take place on Sunday, July 2nd, 2023. This music event, founded in 1951 as the “International Organ Week Nuremberg” (ION), was renamed “Musikfest ION” in 2019 as part of an “artistic transformation”. This festival is a foundation under civil law. The founders of the foundation are the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria, the city of Nuremberg and the “Freundeskreis der ION e. V.” This foundation is sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria, the district of Middle Franconia and the city of Nuremberg, i.e. with tax money. There are also church subsidies, i.e. from church tax funds.

“Sacred Music” is the focus

Heavy Metal

Heavy metal songs are moving into evangelical churches

Musikfest ION stands above all for “sacred music” within a church setting. At least that’s the original orientation. A concert is scheduled for July 1, 2023, which will give the “spiritual orientation” of this whole event a new character. The performance of an a cappella group from Croatia is planned. The group “Metaklapa” makes their “spiritual” contribution based on songs performed by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, but in a “sensitive form”, as evangelisch.de reported.

Band is aware of the explosiveness

The group is therefore very aware of the explosiveness of their chosen pieces of music. Band member Davor Capkovic knows about the “critical assessment” of the heavy metal music performed by the Roman Catholic Church. But he believes that the Protestants are “a little more relaxed and open”.

The main reason why the band Metaklapa uses songs by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden is that their music translates well into “klapagesang”. With Iron Maiden, the songs were heavily based on the vocal melody.
The a-cappella-Grubbe had called their first album, which was released in 2022, “The Choir Of Beasts”. Also included on this album are Iron Maiden songs like “Fear Of The Dark”, “Blood Brothers” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name”.

The church wants to open up


Evangelical churches have finally rejected the gospel

With their performance in the St. Egidien Church planned for July 1st, the band Metaklapa will be giving their third concert in such an environment. Before that, the Croatian group performed at a “heavy metal service” in Wacken. Capkovic reiterates that many of Iron Maiden’s songs dealt with “spiritual themes”. ION director Moritz Puschke is also impressed by the a cappella band. After all, Iron Maiden’s lyrics covered themes like “death, grief and confidence”. This should “particularly interest and touch the audience,” says Puschke.
The artistic director not only wanted to organize the ION music festival for believers, but also to address people who would not otherwise come by opening the church interior.

Open satanism is coming into the churches

That’s what “spirituality” can also be called, of course. The director could have put it more briefly with “Satanic music”. Iron Maiden is not a “blank slate” and released the song and album “The Number of the Beast” back in 1982. An open “homage” to the adversary in reference to Revelation 13. This wasn’t a one-off slip, as 1988 released “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” along with other albums before it. A so-called concept album in which the individual songs are related. All build on the teachings of Satan.

The apostasy of the EV churches is evident


Official Protestantism has been buried. The False Prophet.

This band is now represented by the Croatian choir group in a music event organized by the evangelical church and this is also inside a church building. In fact, Capkovic is right that the Protestant Church is not so particular about the “spirituality” direction. The fact that this church and its top performers have long since left the path of the gospel is not even an open secret, but obvious. On the other hand, the fact that this “spirituality” is now also openly expressed in spiritism and satanism is a new quality.

The Protestant churches are done, done and fallen, fallen.

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