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Host – Potato chip advertising in Italy outrages Catholics



There is huge outrage in Italy. A food manufacturer dared to stage a commercial for potato chips with the ritual of the Eucharist. Instead of a flat wafer, a crooked, crunchy snack. One might think that people are now stacking wood and collecting brushwood again.

Wafer isn’t the same as potato chip?

What do hosts have to do with potato chips? Nothing, according to the loud opinion of numerous protesting Catholics (sounds somewhat ironic) in Italy. A manufacturer of snacks and chips has distributed a commercial in Italy in which a nun is shown taking communion and receiving a potato chip instead of the slice of bread declared as a host. The echo now increased to a massive foghorn.

Catholic inspired moral authority

The Italian Association of Radio Listeners, AIAR, spoke out loudly about this “scandal”. The association, founded in 1953, declares that it is inspired by Catholic principles. The aim is to guide radio listeners and television viewers and their families to think responsibly and critically. AIAR sees itself as a watchdog to educate and protect the Christian message in a competent and passionate manner.

The AIAR president is outraged

Mini protest
Organized protest against potato chips

This passion of the Catholic-inspired association for the protection of families can certainly be seen in the protest note published (Source). The association calls for the new “Amica Chips” commercial to be stopped immediately. This advertising violates “the religious sensibilities of millions of practicing Catholics.” At the same time, the “sacred particle” is “outrageously trivialized” by comparing it to the potato chip. AIAR’s national president, Giovanni Baggio, describes the commercial as “painful” and an attempt by the company to revive itself through blasphemy.

We, said the AIAR President, appeal to political correctness. This commercial for Amica Chips is a lack of respect and creativity and a sign of the incompetence of the producers. They depend on symbols that have nothing to do with consumption and crunchy food. “The violation of the religious feeling of any denomination is an indicator of a lack of respect for users, their cultural and moral identity, their dignity as a person.” It’s just humiliating. The commercial, including the objections of many AIAR members, is blasphemous.

It’s just art

The person responsible for this commercial, Lorenzo Marini, quoted the popular advertising producer Bill Bernbach after a previous inquiry: “Advertising is seduction and seduction is an art form” (Source). On the subject of seduction, whether consciously or unconsciously, Marini has hit the mark with the Roman Catholic Church.

Practiced culture of outrage

Potato Chips
Potato chips – snack of the toast

You can only get away with the “art and satire” arguments in other areas if it hits the “right person”. What is permitted for one person does not necessarily apply to another. In this case, the “wrong person” was clearly hit. The artistic streak that Italy’s model genius, Leonardo da Vinci, possessed was ultimately almost exclusively devoted to paying homage to Roman Catholic paganism.

However, the practiced culture of outrage seems much more important here. “Hurtting the feelings of others,” even if it is simply because of criticism of their religious beliefs, is a no-go, an absurdity, a breaking of a taboo. The Roman Catholic Church plays a leading pioneering role here, but it is no longer alone in the long run. The members of the Association of Christian Churches in Germany (ACK), for example, also recognize such a violation of the “dignity of the person”. Predominantly evidenced by so-called evangelical faith communities. “Tolerance and understanding” is the motto that has been declared inviolable. If a religious community that claims to be Christian practices idolatry and points out the fatal error based on biblical guidelines, this taboo has already been broken. Outrage is spreading.

Reaction as a yardstick

This incident with the commercial and the potato chips instead of the wafers called hosts is an excellent example of the current state of society. This applies to Catholic believers as well as to members of a Protestant community. Here people randomly asked themselves which God these little sheep actually believe in and in what position these protesters who shout “blasphemy” see themselves. Is their God really incapable of answering a blasphemy against himself? In a completely helpless situation, does he need his bleating sheep to get justice? Sinners condemned to death bleat about the supposed blasphemy of others, as do sinners condemned to death.

Complete misjudgment

Monstrance worship
The celebrated sun symbol par excellence – monstrance with wafer

Loudly protesting Catholics, or rather Catholic Protestants? Somehow an irony of history. There really isn’t much to say about the sacrilege of the so-called Eucharist (Info). Whether it’s a flat disk of dough or a crooked potato chip, it only concerns a fiction of pagan origins and the ego of the followers who believe in trivialities. Where the cries of outrage are getting louder and louder, the burning pyres are getting closer and closer.

Anyone who believes in the God of the Bible and looks into the Gospel instead of the Roman Catholic catechism also knows about His actual characteristics, intentions, plans and, above all, abilities that He has revealed. So, keep your feet still, don’t rage so loudly and certainly don’t play the big judge as the accused!

For the LORD shall judge his people, and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left.
Deuteronomy 32:36

Bible verses from King James Version

Host – Potato chip advertising in Italy outrages Catholics
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