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Holy Sunday attacked by EV church – Catholics horrified



The desperation of the once Protestant churches has now led to the “holy Sunday” being compromised. A church service can also be held on any day. The Catholic world is horrified, outraged, and does not hold back with some understandable criticism. Nevertheless, this whole drama appears to be just another move in the great game on the “Masonry chessboard”.

Softened rules for more proximity to people

A serious concern, or just a test balloon? The regional synod of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland (EKiR) is apparently trying to guarantee the right to exist of the once Protestant churches by approaching the “reality of life” of people. Whoever interprets or defines the reality of life doesn’t seem to be interested here, but rather simply people’s supposed desires and their itching ears (2 Tim. 4:3-4). Ultimately, the mass exodus of sheep must be stopped.

Own rules
EV church formulated real-life rules

“Order of life: fewer rules, more freedom” is the motto of the newly created rules for parishioners and presbyteries. The new order of life (LO) should also strengthen member orientation, as the press release states (Source). The loosened restrictions therefore include allowing all baptized people to take part in the Lord’s Supper, instead of the previously required presbytery resolution so that children who have not yet been confirmed could also take part. Grape juice is now permitted instead of wine.

The inviolable Sunday was touched

A “quiet drumbeat” followed, but the EKiR did not hang it on the large church bell. The church organization’s press release states: “The previous restrictions regarding the location for church services for official acts (baptism, confirmation, wedding, funeral) no longer apply.”
The previously binding day of worship should no longer be Sunday, but rather a day of your choice. The newspaper “WELT” reported on this project (Source) and was surprised because, after all, “the first day of the week is considered the day of worship” for Christians.

Now anything is possible in this church because a break with “millennia-old tradition” is being dared, according to the newspaper. After all, it is the second-largest church in the Federal Republic, and other churches are expected to follow. The EKiR sees itself in a pioneering role and one speaks of a “historic reform”. Ulrich Parzany, a very prominent preacher from the “conservative camp,” sees the EKiR on the verge of “abandoning the central day of Christian life, Sunday as a day of worship.” The president of the EKiR, Thorsten Latzel, explained to “WELT” that it doesn’t really matter what is done on Sundays, because “the actual service takes place in the believers’ everyday lives.”

Catholic world is horrified

The unthinkable happened – Sunday was touched

Such decisions in a large Protestant church did not go unnoticed internationally. The article from “WELT” was translated almost literally into Spanish by “Agencia Católica de Noticias” (Mexico) and “InfoCatólica” (Spain), among others, according to the Catholic magazine “Die Tagespost” (Source). The Catholic world has therefore taken notice and is outraged.

The lack of outrage over the abolition of Sunday services is evidence of “religious indifference among Lutherans,” according to one accusation. Protestants are worried about missing out on modern society. That’s why they “give away their faith,” is another accusation. It should have triggered an earthquake, but it didn’t happen.

Catholicism is defined by Sunday

It is not surprising that the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church do not exactly exercise restraint and sometimes express strong criticism. The Sunday service is, after all, the “Holy Grail” of this church. Manifested at the state level by Emperor Constantine in 321 and also established as a mandatory day of worship by the clergy of Rome at the Council of Nicaea in 325. At the Council of Trent the young Reformation was condemned as an internal church rebellion because these apostates adhered to the Sunday prescribed by the church instead of following the Saturday (Sabbath) of the gospel (Info).

The Church of Rome, Catholicism itself, stands or falls with Sunday (“Sun Day”). It is not a stretch to say that Sunday defines this church. The war against the believers who continued to adhere to the biblical Sabbath even after early Christianity began very early (Info).

Sunday must therefore be defended, whatever the cost. The Roman Catholic Church had never shown any scruples about using previously unimaginable means to preserve it’s Sunday. The representatives of the Roman mother church are not at all wrong in their criticism of the Protestant churches, which have now degenerated into a “wishy-washy institution”. The dismantling of the former Protestant churches has become a no-brainer. Whether those responsible know it or not is actually irrelevant, but they sing the “Song of Rome”, especially the song “Laudato Si'” which they sing together.

Trends Old World and New World

The trend that can already be observed quite clearly today indicates that in the “Old World”, i.e. Europe with a focus on the European Union, the Roman Catholic Church will again ostensibly set the tone, while the church clergy who still call themselves Lutherans and Protestants will perform a constant tragedy with a clown’s nose on. They fulfill their self-chosen role as daughters of Rome submissively and without contradiction (Info).

The developments in old Europe contrast with the developments in the “New World”, in the USA. The power of the so-called “Christian right” or “national Christians” is increasingly manifesting itself there. A formation of influential evangelical people who represent a completely – to put it diplomatically – crazy theology. This only has something to do with the gospel marginally, but with the pursuit of power in the full sense. But these evangelicals, imbued with “charisma,” are also the executors of Roman Catholic philosophies. Christian laws should be reintroduced and God must be brought back, according to the already audible election campaign noises. But which laws? The Laws of Rome. And here Sunday plays not just a role, but the central role.

Just stay away from it all

Acquire knowledge for yourself by reading the Bible

This procedure according to Hegel’s dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis – Info) just leads everyone involved from the rain into the eaves. The mutual antagonism between the churches can safely be dismissed as scripted theater. This also applies to the “Protestant weakening” of Sunday, which the Church of Rome defended to the point of literal blood. It is not the sole coercion of people that leads to the desired success, but rather the conviction of an “absolute necessity” that must be defended at all costs. Most people will demand it on their own. Woe to anyone who does not allow themselves to be impressed by this, but instead clings ironically and stubbornly to the gospel as it is written. He also knows that his “unpopularity” will one day become very great:

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Revelation 12:17

Bible verses from King James Version

Holy Sunday attacked by EV church – Catholics horrified
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