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Greasy book from the Chief Inquisitor, probably representative



Another “scandal” in the Roman Catholic Church. The current chief inquisitor Fernández once wrote a “dirty book”. A literature that obviously contradicts neither morals nor dogma within the church, but rather reflects the philosophy within.

A book excites the mind

Once again, a fact in the Roman Catholic Church makes you think about what kind of association this institution actually is. The current Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, Víctor Manuel Fernández, published a dubious book a good 25 years ago. This spiritual outpouring of today’s cardinal is currently under discussion.

Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith is the successor name for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and this name was already a simple renaming of the “Holy Inquisition”. The Argentinian Fernández is therefore the head of the Inquisition, just as Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, alias Benedict XVI, once was. A church institution with an unprecedentedly bloody past. Very “careful” that the church’s religious dictates were adhered to to the decimal point and also concerned that chronic deviants from Roman Catholic dogmas were eliminated from life as quickly as possible.

Therefore, one could assume that the superintendent of the doctrine not only insists on compliance with the catechism, but also practices it himself. You should therefore actually be able to assume that you have the appropriate qualifications for the position of chief inquisitor.

“Corpus Delicti” – The theme of “passion”

Passionate about the mother of all hookers

In 1998, at the age of 36, as a young priest, Fernández published a book with the seemingly innocuous title “La Pasión Mística. Espiritualidad y sensualidad” (“The Mystical Passion. Spirituality and Sensuality”). Spirituality, sensuality and mysticism are nothing special in the Roman Church. But the spice lies in the area of ​​this sensuality, which the Greeks would definitely call “erotomanía”. Fernández connects God’s plan with erotic pleasure, educating readers about male and female anatomy and illustrating his “expertise” on sexual satisfaction, sexual desire, pornography and orgasms. As a Catholic priest committed to celibacy, he is a luminary in this field. A true representative of modern, faith-based science.

Papal knowledge

It remains to be seen whether an opponent of the Chief Inquisitor pulled this book out of the annals in order to be able to dismiss it because of a public that was sensitized by the countless cases of abuse in this church. If that is the case, then this was just a very short and completely unsuccessful stone throw. Pope Francis was apparently aware of this “outpouring of spirit” before appointing his top candidate as supreme inquisitor.

“Old hat,” one might now object, but an institution that claims “divine legitimacy” and “infallibility” on questions of faith should actually have very few irregularities in the course of its history. This is particularly true for the sometimes very flexible memories of history, which even today correspond to how it actually took place in the unchangeable past.

The Church of Rome is what it is

St. Peter's Square
The Obelisk – The representation of a body part of Osiris

Without going into too much detail, given Pope Francis’ (Jesuit) acceptance of this “slippery literature” and the author’s current position as the highest “defender of the Catholic faith”, one can assume that Fernández’s book satisfies the spiritual point of this church touched. The experience of Christ depicted in the book in the form of a mystical passion of a 16-year-old girl also fits in with this. So a minor. In honor of the upright obelisk in St. Peter’s Square.

The Church of Rome is just what it is. This Roman Catholic institution only uses as a model for the spread of its teachings and the practice of the rituals of the Gospel what the book covers of a Bible represent. It only says Christianity, but there are around three quarters of paganism in it. A toxic mix of Egypt, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Hellenism and ancient Rome. Mithraism practiced and this was rubbed more and more blatantly under the noses of a puzzled-looking (Revelation 13:3b) crowd (Info).

Of course the good daughter remains silent

Where is the justified and long overdue protest of the Protestant churches here? None and total failure! The former protest was buried at the requiem celebrated together with the Catholic mother church on October 31, 2017 (Info).

Even when Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis appeared to be competing in the past to top the greatest indulgence of all time, there was no longer even a frown in the corner of the former Lutherans. A mass indulgence, the trigger of the Reformation, no longer causes any itch. Therefore, the Roman Church distributes its indulgences among humanity with increased enjoyment. Today the “Word of God” is clearly expressed in the daughter who has returned to Rome in a suggestion for a morning prayer given by “evangelisch.de”: “God, I want to trust you. More and more. At some point more than my cell phone ” (in German, 17.01.24, Facebook).

The high representatives of the former Protestant Church are simply practicing self-realization within ecumenism with Rome as the mother at the top. As in any normal family, the mother takes charge and the daughters have to follow. A career in the daughter church with a thoroughly biblical character, as the false prophet (Info).

The genes of this church are unchanging

Mysticism & Sun – Birthplace of the Church of Rome

In its history, the Roman Church offers a whole armada of spiritual acrobats with the special ability to make the completely practiced paganism appear Christian. The most famous figures are Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas and Augustine of Hippo. Many “saints” were particularly notable for their “Christianization” of Hellenistic mysticism. Indeed, presenting ancient Egyptian deities, Babylonian doctrines, Persian structures, and Roman pantheism as the biblical Word of God requires intellectual effort.

This program assumes people’s ignorance of the truth and this church succeeded in doing this until the Reformation. This event marked the start of the meteoric career of another mystic, this time from the Basque Country, Ignatius of Loyola, the main founder of the Jesuit order. The primary agenda of this papal association founded by Loyola, Xavier and Faber, the destruction of all the achievements of Protestantism, has now been completed, so thoroughly that the churches that still call themselves Protestant even offer the “spiritual exercises of Loyola” to their followers as “contemplative meditation”. Good daughters.

Roman grass grows faster than bamboo

The brief overview will soon be corrected again

So the whole drama around the church of Rome continues. The “incident” about the book by the obvious mystic and supreme inquisitor is not a “scandal” at all, but rather just a calculation by his opponents (Source). So this publicly presented smear theater is brought to a quick conclusion in the “Ignatian way”.

Who should rebel against this? The obviously “flashed” followers, the incense-addled clerics, the subsidized media, suicidal politicians or any other institution hanging on the coattails of Babylon? A few more days and then this “brazen attack” on the Argentine cardinal and beneficiary of the Pope will be forgotten again. With the motto in the cardinal’s coat of arms “in medio de tu pueblo” (“in the middle of your city”), the cardinal has a rock-solid seat in Rome. Back to the agenda, until the grand finale.

For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.
Revelation 19:2

Bibelverse aus Schlachter 2000

Greasy book from the Chief Inquisitor, probably representative
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