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German Church Day 2023 again pure political folklore



The Protestant Church Day in 2023 will take place in Nuremberg and will again offer some highlights for the “serious visitor”. Anyone who is a serious Christian, on the other hand, will find far more valuable things in the Bible at home than this political and also extremely embarrassing folklore event.

The highlighted events of the Church Day

In 2023 the 38th Church Day (“Kirchentag”) of the Evangelical Church in Germany will take place in Nuremberg, Middle Franconia. The event begins on June 7th and ends on June 11th. The online magazine “evangelisch.de” highlights some events from the variety of programs.

2,000 events in 5 days

In the five days, visitors can expect 2,000 events. Those who “have the choice are spoiled for choice”. Visitors need to be clear in advance about which event is most likely to appeal. With such a large selection of an average of 400 events per day, it will probably be difficult to pick out the real highlights of the Church Day. In general, however, these “highlights” included the opening service and the closing service. These two events are part of the standard offer.

Culinary diversity

folk music
Experience Franconian-Bavarian culture

According to the evangelical Magazin, one of the highlights is the “Evening of Encounters”. This stands for the street festival under the motto “We. Here. Now”. Visitors are invited to discover Bavarian-Franconian diversity. The first thoughts about this event describe Nuremberg sausages, Franconian “Schäufele” (local style roast pork), sauerkraut, pretzels and beer.

The focus is environmental protection

A special focus of this year’s Church Day is the topic “Preservation of Creation”. More than 100 events are dedicated to this topic over the 5 days. Here everything revolves around the topic of environmental protection.

Celebrities honor themselves

sausage roll
Celebrities add their two cents (mustard) to cultural assets

Another highlight describes the presence of numerous celebrities. The people announced include Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD, political party), Friedrich Merz (CDU boss, political party), Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder and the “cabaret artist” Eckart von Hirschhausen.

Discussions about peace ethics

The Church Day would not be a political issue if the former Interior Minister and this year’s Church Day President Thomas de Maizière weren’t present. He will be on the main podium together with the Bundeswehr Inspector General Carsten Breuer, the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Sven Giegold and the Peace Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Friedrich Kramer, discussing “boundary shifts in peace ethics”.

Exegesis by “real experts”

As every year, visitors to the Church Day can pick up a good breeze of the Bible at the beginning of each day. An event at the Church Day that now sounds like gospel after a previous selection of folkloric events. The “expertise” for the exegeses are also hired by prominent people. The Bible will therefore be interpreted by the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Manuela Schwesig (SPD), author and actor Samuel Koch and (tush) Bundestag Vice President Katrin Göring-Eckardt from the Green Party. With the “Bible specialist” Friedrich Merz (CDU), visitors to the Church Day can look forward to a special treat of enlightening gospel teaching.

Catholic Bishop at Protestant Church Day

The “official clergy” appearing at the 2023 Evangelical Church Dayinclude the Chair of the EKD Synod, Anna-Nicole Heinrich, and the Chair of the Catholic German Bishops’ Conference, Georg Bätzing.

Entertainment and major concerts

concert confetti
Church Day also offers ‘Christian music events’

Since these are apparently the only highlights regarding theological matters, the evangelical magazine swings back to culinary topics. Other highlights and also “central components” of each Church Day relate to music and celebrations. This often happens on trains and buses or on the open road. In any case, entertainment is taken care of, with large concerts in the evening. For example, Malik Harris, the Federal Jazz Orchestra and the Kyiv Symphony (Ukraine) Orchestra will perform.

Church Day a single tragedy

When listing these “highlights”, who would ever think that this was an event in the Christian sense? However, the emphasis here is on Christianity according to the gospel and not according to the ideas of the EKD and like-minded people.

Large fair declared as church day

This “highlight program” is a tragedy and revealing at the same time. The opening and closing services could be saved as a serious, gospel-following Christian, as well as all the “rest”. One can certainly define all of this today as a church day, but one should refrain from sticking any Christian-looking label on it.
There are plenty of other occasions for culinary feasts. This includes every small fair as well as the Oktoberfest in Munich at the end of September. Street parties along the lines of “We. Here. Now” would, if organized by the “wrong place”, be portrayed as the extreme right wing anyway.

Celebrities from politics and “science”

The celebrities who show up at the Church Day bring with them what the church represents today and is also committed to. With the melody sung in “Rome composed”, of course, the submissive servants from the political corner should not be missing. If Rome’s goal is to bring church and state back into fusion anyway, then the public sector should not be left out of the “false prophet” event. The announced presence of the TV comedian Eckart von Hirschhausen emphasizes the special character of environmental protection instead of the gospel. This partly tax-funded “doctor”, member of “Scientists for Future” and founder of an “Earth Health Foundation” will definitely bring very valuable gospel messages to the Church Day-goers. Not.

Bible Reading by “Full Seculars”

government dome
Biblical voices from the expertise of the government dome

A real highlight, indeed the pinnacle of mockery of the gospel, is the reading and interpretation of the Scriptures by politicians, who obviously have no use for God’s word at all, except when the opportunity arises to trample on it. Whether consciously or unconsciously, plays no role here. In any case, they are aware of the explosiveness of the topic and yet do not hold back. Be it a representative of the Socialists, the Greens or the CDU or CSU. The latter have the “C” at best in partisanship for the same reason as the occultist likes to have a cross hanging around his neck. This Bible lecture is just cheeky and reveals what is left of the Evangelical Churches in Germany: A completely apostate church.

Church Day in the spirit of ecumenism

The presence of high-ranking Catholics, such as the chairman of the German bishops’ conference, was to be expected. After all, the Evangelical Church is up to its eyebrows in ecumenism. As a “full daughter” who has long since returned to her mother, she naturally only has what “Jezebel” would like in mind.

President of the EKD is not present

One of the supposedly most important representatives of the evangelical churches is not present. The chairwoman of the EKD, Annette Kurschus, has apologized. The theologian, who spoke out vehemently for the introduction of compulsory vaccinations around two years ago, both personally and on behalf of the church, who declared this injection to be medically proven to have no side effects and described the administration of this injection as an act of Christian charity, is at Corona sick. With so much commitment, one can of course assume that at least two loads plus “boosters” were included. Well then, best wishes and good recovery.

Before you go to this political folklore event in a Christian guise, you should consider whether you should rather go as far as possible.

German Church Day 2023 again pure political folklore
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