Olli Dürr Society Francis serves up whole package of evidence for Bible prophecy

Francis serves up whole package of evidence for Bible prophecy

Francis serves up whole package of evidence for Bible prophecy post thumbnail image


Pope Francis once again clarifies the characteristics of the adversary described in the Bible. During an audience with a delegation from Jordan, the pontiff delivered a package of confirmations of Bible prophecy.

Meeting with Jordanian delegation

According to the Vatican, ecumenism must be pushed forward at full steam. For this purpose, all means are justified, because “the end justifies the means”. Not the opposites connect, but the similarities. So it is also all too logical in the sense of the global unification of religions that Pope Francis particularly emphasizes the found or constructed similarities between Christianity and Islam.

Focus on similarities

St. Peter's modesty

St. Peter’s Basilica – As modest and humble as Jesus Christ exemplified?

On Thursday, the pontiff granted an audience at the Vatican to a delegation from the “Royal Institute for the Study of Faith” in Jordan, sa Vatican News reported. The joint dialogue must also contain the differences between the two religions. But it is more important to focus on what we have in common, “that is, on what unites us, both on the religious-spiritual and on the ethical-moral level,” Pope Francis said to the representatives from Jordan.

Worship of “one God”

The commonalities stressed by Francis are fasting, prayer, pilgrimage, compassion, sharing, caring for the disadvantaged and suffering, and worshiping “the one God.” Christians and Muslims shared the belief that death does not end everything, “but that there is another, eternal life in which we give an account of our deeds to God and receive a reward or punishment,” the Pope said. That is why “we” work together for a good life: “a life that gives glory to God and brings joy to the people we meet on our earthly pilgrimage.”

The “center” of the earth

Something that seems self-evident must be questioned again and again. Who is visiting whom, under what circumstances and, most importantly, whose “grace”? People from politics, corporations, the film business and religions are all looking for the Pope. Whatever the gathering, even with a whole group of leaders from different religions, the pontiff is always at the center. Everything goes to him, everything revolves around him. Is that really so self-evident, or does the “ominous one” come to light according to Revelation 18:3?
“For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.”

The full package

Babylon mini skirt

The miniskirt was already a trademark of whores in ancient Babylon

The Pope’s explanations contain the full package, which is also expected from the “beast out of the sea” (Revelation chapter 13). The lie about the immortal soul, the lie about righteousness through good works, and the lie about the “one God” of Christianity and Islam. Since the “God” of the beast from the sea (Rev. 13) is clearly described, the question arose again as to who the Pope is actually talking about when he mentions “God”.

The gospel clearly speaks of a mortal soul. The gospel clearly speaks of righteousness by grace based on faith. And the gospel describes Jesus Christ is the son of God, who is explicitly excluded in Islam and dismissed as a “silly thing” of Christians. So it cannot be the same God.

The Roman Catholic catechism not only ignores the gospel messages of salvation, but teaches the three lies of the serpent (in the Garden of Eden) as official Catholic dogmas!

But the developments around Rome and ecumenism fit seamlessly into the prophecies and descriptions of the Bible and the world just looks on in amazement. Revelation 13:3:
“and all the world wondered after the beast.”

Bible verses from King James Version

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