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Francis: Fear is the greatest danger to faith

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Fear is the greatest danger to faith. Pope Francis once again did his best to tell people about the peculiarities of Catholicism.

The gospel turned on its head

Pope Francis has once again seized an opportunity to turn things around the gospel on their head. During his general conference on Wednesday, in the audience hall modeled on a snake’s head with the hideously ugly sculpture (Info), the pontiff spoke about the faith received at baptism and about fear as the greater threat to faith than reason or intellect (Source).

Faith through baptism?

Here Francis conveys the traditional Catholic teaching that faith comes with baptism. This even applies to those being baptized in infancy. As is so often the case, the Gospel describes the exact opposite of what the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church like to convey. In fact, faith is a prerequisite for baptism. It wouldn’t be so bad if they spread these exclusive dogmas solely in the light of Catholicism, but in a notorious way these clerics repeatedly associate their church with Christianity.

Once taken by surprise by reason

Revolutionary Army

Napoleon put an end to the papal activities

There is a compulsive emphasis among many people that reason is opposed to faith, said Francis. The pontiff seems to have missed the fact that it was proclaimed “reason” that removed his “apostolic predecessor” Pius VI from the papal apartments in 1798 (Info). The Pope removed and symbolically exchanged with a naked prostitute who was proclaimed the “Goddess of Reason” by the French revolutionaries at Notre-Dame Paris. The political monopoly power was thus withdrawn. A violent wound inflicted on the Church.

You can tell anything to the frightened person

While the head of the Roman Catholic Church argues that fear is the greatest threat to faith (which faith?), actual faith in the Word of God can eliminate fear with the stroke of a pen (Info).

Faith, true faith in the gospel, drives out fear. This applies in particular to the fear of the current drastic changes that can no longer be denied and, in particular, the fear of the “great unknown” that is still to come. Because the Gospel explains very well what this “unknown” actually represents, who is behind it and what the actual goals are (Info).

Rather, the fear that has been created among people in their unbelief or (Catholic) misbelief is able to tell these frightened people something and they believe it too. The Pope’s motive is most certainly not to lead people to the true Word of God, but to a “theology” that is completely opposed to the Gospel.

The motive is clear


Isis – The “Mother of God” in Catholicism

However, the signs of the times justify describing reason or intellect as a lesser evil than faith, or possibly no evil at all. The intended goal of the ongoing transformation of society is to move away from individual, rational thinking towards inclusivity within a collective mass. After all, the Church of Rome, for which it actually secretly stands, also wants to impose itself on humanity (Info).

Bible verses from King James Version

Catholicism is Mithraism in the guise of Christianity – Info

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