Olli Dürr Society Fighting Biblical Truths – The Church of SDA as a Target

Fighting Biblical Truths – The Church of SDA as a Target

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In the fight against the truths of the Bible, two connections are still of particular importance today. The first statement of the Bible concerns the anti-Christian system and the second statement relates to the sanctification of the Sabbath or the “alternative” Sunday. Since these two statements, which can certainly be verified on the basis of Holy Scripture, are only supported by a tiny minority, the constant attacks are also concentrated on a specific religious community. The Seventh-day Adventists.

Reformation put a damper on the Church of Rome

It is almost logical that the knowledge of the first reformers about the “Anti-Christ, man of sin, son of perdition, abomination of the earth and mother of all harlots” described in the Bible, was very soon adopted by the then “monopoly church” in were attacked. The reformers successfully overcame the suppression of truth based on the general ban on the Bible outside the reach of the Roman Catholic Church. A real dilemma for the Church of Rome. Because the Bible, also translated into the language of the common people, was now available to the masses. The Bible in an understandable and comprehensible form. The printing press, which had already been invented, enormously accelerated the spread of the true gospel. The truth was now also visible to “normal” people and with it the ongoing deception of the Roman Church.

The Anti-Christ was recognized early on

Martin Luther

Martin Luther triggered the Reformation and recognized the Anti-Christ

It wasn’t just Martin Luther and William Tyndale who identified the Roman Catholic system as the “son of perdition” described in many passages in the Bible. Around 100 years before the beginning of the Reformation, the Bohemian preacher Jan Hus recognized the numerous inconsistencies between the official teachings of the Roman Church and the teachings of the gospel. However, Hus was murdered at the stake in Constance in 1415 at the behest of the Catholic Church and also because of the betrayal of the German Emperor Sigismund. However, shortly before his death, Jan Hus announced a future “swan” that could neither be fried nor boiled (Infos). After Martin Luther, a number of theologians recognized the true nature of the Roman Catholic Church or papacy. And unanimously(more Infos).

Counter-Reformation began almost immediately

With the founding and activation of the “Society of Jesus” (Jesuit order) in the years 1534 and 1540, the fight against the knowledge of the reformers really started. The truth had to be suppressed by any means (“the end justifies the means”) and church authority restored to its original state. The Counter-Reformation was born. Banning the Bible from the hands of the public seemed impossible in view of the numerous “apostate” sovereigns. A first stage victory for the Jesuits was the so-called Augsburg Religious Peace in 1555. From then on, the motto was “cuius regio, eius religio” (“whose region, whose religion”). It was agreed that citizens and serfs would be obliged to follow the same religion as the local prince. Thus, only the local ruler needed to be “catholicized” again in order to bring all his subjects along the desired line. As usual, the Roman Church made use of the power of the state, which was an easy game for particularly zealous intriguers.

Jesuit fantasy teachings spread

Bremen Town Musicians

Jesuits invented new prophecy stories

But that wasn’t enough. Since the Bible and its truth could no longer be got rid of, the “Jesuit elite teachers” set their pens to biblical exegesis without further ado. As early as the 16th century, the Jesuits Francis Ribera, Robert Cardinal Bellarmine and Luis del Alcázar were particularly active. The first two friars invented the thesis about a future anti-Christ, with all the embellishments in the details. The Anti-Christ would rage in the future in the Temple of the Lord, and all in literal Jerusalem. The thesis of an advance rapture of the Christian community was also added, which would then be followed by the tribulation, including the appearance of the Anti-Christ.

Alcázar created his own story about an Anti-Christ who had long been up to mischief on earth. This led to speculation about the Greek ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes or Emperor Nero as the Anti-Christ. Both variants, the so-called Futurism and the so-called Preterism, were trumpeted by the Jesuits to the world at almost the same time. Today these fantasies are circulating widely in the community, especially in many small churches, without them being aware of the origin of the Jesuit thought patterns. These theses are supported by Hollywood films such as “Left Behind”.

Both variants, futurism and preterism, have something for every taste. In principle, it doesn’t matter whether someone chooses the first or second variant. Both are pursuing heresy and thus the actual goal of getting the Church of Rome, identified as Anti-Christ, out of sight has been fully achieved. A method that was later refined and formulated by the philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Hegelian dialectics). Because if the Anti-Christ was already there according to these future or past versions or will only come in the future, then the Church of Rome, which is clearly recognizable in the Bible as the Anti-Christ described, could not be the right candidate at all be.

Church of Rome would have to worry about ecumenism

Vatican City

Vatican needs lying mush, not the truth

To this day, clear recognition of the true nature of the Church of Rome has largely been pushed out of the minds of the Churches and parishioners. It is not spoken about and those responsible for these churches directly advise against studying the prophecies in the book of Daniel and in the book of Revelation. I wonder why? This would also overturn the intensively promoted ecumenism, the merger of all churches and other religious communities under the roof of Rome. Who would want to openly close ranks with the institution that is the earthly representative of God’s adversary in spirit and also in action, that not only seeks common ground but also accepts it as a superior authority?

Indication of faithfulness to the Bible: Target of the attacks


Look where the attacks are aimed

In fact, there are very few denominations left that have not yet rejected the teachings of the Reformers and still see the Church of Rome for what it really is. One does not even need to sift through the individual creeds or teachings of the churches, but it is sufficient to look at the Christian communities, which are particularly frequently exposed to permanent attacks. While things have become very quiet around the churches that have been represented as full members in one of the ecumenical associations (e.g. ACK) for some time, things are still very different with the fellowship of the Seventh-day Adventists. In addition to the insidious subversion of this denomination carried out from the head, sites have recently appeared on the Internet that have specifically targeted the Seventh-day Adventists.

These include in particular nonsda.org and nonegw.org. There are also online magazines that have the term “Adventists” in their names, but still admit that they are not members of this religious community. Above all, the online magazine “Adventist Today“. Other websites of this type can also be found in social media, including on Facebook. There are forums posing as Adventists but, like Adventist Today, their sole purpose is to discredit and defame Seventh-day Adventists based on the issues they cover. Anyone who has dealt with this community of faith to some extent, which in its (official) teaching is fully based on the gospel, will quickly discover the true intentions of these pseudo-pages.
Is there such effort among Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Calvinists, other evangelical churches or even Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Declared target: Seventh-day Adventists


The Church of the SDA is at the center of the attacks

One of the main characteristics of the Seventh-day Adventists (SDA), in addition to the representation of the biblical Sabbath (7th day of the week, Saturday) and the heavenly sanctuary (Infos), is the emphasis on the earthly adversary of God described in Scripture and the church of Rome associated with it. Precisely the knowledge that the reformers gained very early on, after they had begun to study the Bible themselves without “church leadership”.

Although some regions of the SDA denomination within Germany are already full members of the ecumenical association ACK, the structure of this church does not have a vertical hierarchy. What the individual communities in one region decide is by no means binding on the communities in other regions. Certainly there does not exist in this religious community a determining head whose monopoly decisions have to be followed down to the base. The Seventh-day Adventists have an official and worldwide unified creed. If a congregation drifts away, this can be compared to separating the wheat from the chaff, but a generally valid deduction concerning the whole church is not possible here.

SDA insights go against the grain


The remaining light of truth shall be extinguished

Just as the original goal at the beginning of the Counter-Reformation was the annihilation of Protestantism and its realization of the true nature of the Church of Rome, so this still applies today. Official Protestantism has indeed already been buried, the daughters of Rome have returned to their mother, but the “non-spirit” of the recognized and thus already active anti-Christ is still buzzing around on this planet. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not recognize the Roman Catholic Church in the Anti-Christ or modern Babylon (more Infos), although according to their own writings at the end of the 19th century they certainly did (e.g. “The Time Is At Hand”, 1889, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, pages 293 and 296). The Jehovah’s Witnesses may not have followed in the footsteps of the Jesuits Ribera, Bellarmine and Alcázar on the subject of anti-Christ, but they are also groping in the dark with their version of a diffuse anti-Christ in the form of an apostate society.

Attacks while avoiding the Bible

Just as the biblical and thus true Sabbath (more Infos) must be fought with all might, the fight against the still living knowledge of the Church of Rome as the destroyer on earth is also valid.
However, the permanent attacks against the SDA are not aimed at the statements that can be proven by the Bible, but especially at the writings of Ellen Gould White. Within the SDA congregations that have remained true to the lineage since the founding days, E.G. White regarded as a prophetess, as they are also announced in Scripture for the last church of God.

For opponents of the SDA, E G White naturally offers a welcome target for attack. It’s easy to accuse the SDA of listening to a charlatan and having other sources of faith besides Scripture. In addition, E G White suffered a serious head injury when she was young and therefore her statements should be treated with “great caution” anyway.
But whoever puts forward such theses must also be able to prove them. At least one of them is to have at least read some of the very large number of writings and books by E G White. He should then notice very quickly that none of White’s statements deviates from the teachings of the gospel or even contradicts them. It would need proof and obviously it cannot be provided.

Which prophet has ever had an easy time?


Prophets have always lived very dangerously

Who of the prophets mentioned in the gospel has ever been received with open hearts by the general public? It’s getting very tight there. Even the prophet Elijah, the last of only 7,000 faithful within a completely apostate Israel, knew about the “rough” treatment of the prophets, as in 1 Kings 19:14:
“And he said, I have been very jealous for the LORD God of hosts: because the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.”

Jesus Christ himself denounced the rejection and persecution of those sent by God without euphemism, as in Luke 11:47-48:
Woe unto you! for ye build the sepulchres of the prophets, and your fathers killed them. Truly ye bear witness that ye allow the deeds of your fathers: for they indeed killed them, and ye build their sepulchres.

Why should these conditions be completely different at the end of time?
It is therefore very convenient to place a prophetess, who is very difficult to convey today, at the center of the attacks, instead of trying to refute the statements of the Bible. Since this is not possible and this approach would also draw people’s attention to the areas that one actually wants to cover up, one concentrates on E.G. White. Finally, the extremely important connection with the so-called “mark of the beast” also depends on this. E.G. White is particularly emphatic, but “unfortunately” this is also so clearly stated in the Bible. For example, in Revelation chapters 13 and 14 (3 Angels Message).

The evidence for Rome’s nature according to the Bible

Bible Book of Daniel

It is written clearly in the Bible

The papacy as a successor to the ancient Roman Empire and also as God’s adversary on earth, as well as the associated mark of the beast in the form of “Sunday instead of the Sabbath”, can also be documented in a quick run through the prophecies of the Bible, which have been chronically neglected in the churches.

Prophecy Daniel 2

In the book of Daniel chapter 2 a succession of the world empires (the then known world) is shown by means of a statue. Babylon (gold) was followed by Medo-Persia (silver) and then Greece (bronze). From Daniel 2:39 the iron is described in the statue and history shows that Greece was followed by the Roman Empire. This iron goes into a mixture of iron and clay in the feet and also in the toes of the statue. It is the last system of rule to be found on earth. Finally, a stone is set in motion “without human intervention” and this completely destroys the still image. God will establish His everlasting kingdom.

Prophecy Daniel 7

In the book of Daniel chapter 7 four consecutive beasts are described. Greece is described as the third animal to appear, a panther. This is followed by the fourth and last animal (actually a monster). From this grows a small horn and this is getting bigger. This horn will also be a system of rule that will last until the end of time. In the end, the “Holy Ones of the Most High” will receive the Kingdom. This will last forever and ever. As described in Daniel 7.

Prophecy Daniel 8

In the book of Daniel 8, a small horn also appears after the fall of ancient Greece. And here too it is stated that this growing horn will endure to the end. Finally, this horn will be destroyed “without the action of a hand”.

It is evident from all three of Daniel’s prophecies that the successor power of Greece must be ancient Rome. This political power also played an immense role throughout the New Testament. Even up to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. under the commander Titus. Daniel 7:21 explains that this power will also persecute God’s people. Daniel 7:20 also says that this power will blaspheme God. In Daniel 7:25 the horn is described as “seeking to change times and laws.” In Daniel 8:11 the “little horn” is described as rebelling against the “prince of the host”.

If the rising power after Greece is not Rome, then the proponents of another thesis have no answer. However, this must be blasphemous, persecuting Christians and also wanting to change the times and laws of God.

The previous descriptions are contained in the Old Testament. Clear descriptions of the adversary are also contained in the New Testament, in the last book, Revelation.

Prophecy Revelation 13

The beast rising from the sea has seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns on them. There is also a “name of blasphemy” on their heads. The beast looks like a panther (see Daniel 7, Greece), has feet like a bear (see Daniel 7, Medo-Persia), and the jaws of a lion (see Daniel 7, Babylon). The beast receives power, throne and authority from the dragon (Satan). This beast blasphemes against God and the other denizens of heaven. This beast wages war against the saints and will overcome them. This beast has power over all peoples and nations.
All of these are also the qualities that are ascribed to the last earthly power in Daniel 7 and 8. That power that grew out of the ancient empire of Rome as the “little horn”.

In the second half of Revelation 13, the “mark of the beast” appears, which is to be given to all people of all walks of life. Without this mark, people will not be able to buy or sell. This is executed by the “beast from the earth” and this beast does what the beast from the sea dictates.

Prophecy Revelation 14

The SDA Church holds that the mark of the beast is the Sunday worship or sanctification prescribed by the Church of Rome. However, it must also be mentioned here that the Roman Catholic Church caused the biblical Sabbath to be moved to Sunday, and this without any biblical basis whatsoever. A fact that the Church of Rome not only openly admits, but also vigorously defends itself(more Infos).

Revelation 14 warns against receiving the mark of the beast. Whoever accepts this mark will be lost, no ifs or buts. That’s how it’s written.
The basis for this is the fourth commandment according to Exodus 20:8-11.

The Church of Rome instituted Sunday as a sign of her authority, as she herself describes it. God instituted the Sabbath to seal His authority, the only true God and Creator. Only God the Creator deserves exclusive worship. Therefore, anyone who worships “one” God on Sunday instead of the Sabbath (Saturday) is dealing with the pseudo-God represented by the Catholic Church. This also applies to all other churches that have simply stuck to the Catholic tradition of Sunday observance to this day.

The Bible would have to be refuted – Not E.G. White


The Bible – The word of God for man

Until then it was the writing alone, i.e. without further explanation from E.G. White, who describes Rome as the successor power to Greece. History also clearly shows that it was the Church of Rome that took the scepter in the smooth transition. This institution eventually calls itself the “Roman” Catholic Church.

This church sought to change times and laws. Here it is the shifting of the Sabbath to Sunday, which today is only taken for granted as a tradition. And as far as the laws are concerned, this church has also lent a hand and reinterpreted the commandments of God according to Exodus 20 or Deuteronomy 5 in their own version (more Infos). The calendar reform (Gregorian calendar) carried out by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 appears here only as an anecdote, as does the coat of arms with a red dragon led by the same pope.

Final Pursuit – Actually a horror story?

Another point of attack against E.G. White is her warning of the coming persecutions of those who keep the Sabbath (7th day, Saturday) holy as the day ordained by God. This is completely unthinkable and springs from the fantasies of a completely confused woman, or something like that.
This supposed impossibility can also be easily refuted on the basis of Scripture. What happened to none other than Jesus Christ Himself when He healed the people on a Sabbath? In Matthew chapter 12, Jesus Christ healed a man’s withered hand. The Pharisees saw this and wanted to confront Jesus Christ? No! They plotted to kill Him (Matthew 12:15). Also in John chapter 5 Jesus Christ healed the people, again on a Sabbath. Here, too, the Pharisees and Judeans wanted to kill the Savior (John 5:16).


The tradition of the Eucharist is a ritual of blasphemy

A distinctive feature of dogged traditions of human ideas. Jesus Christ healed on a Sabbath. Yes, He even “dared” to pluck the ears of wheat together with some disciples. A circumstance that is used today to supposedly prove that Jesus thereby abolished the Sabbath. But where in the entire Bible does it say that healing or plucking of the wheat is not allowed on the Sabbath? Nowhere. This was an idea of ​​the Scribes and Pharisees and this tradition was made into law (more Infos). A man-made tradition and its transgression should be paid for with life.

It is exactly the same with the traditionally held Sunday. Introduced as the resurrection day of Jesus Christ, but still only by man. This day has not yet been unleashed by law on mankind for obligatory observance. But the potential for “defending” and “sanctioning” non-compliance with such regulations is definitely there. The “health crisis” between 2020 and 2022 alone showed what means people, neighbors and family members can be willing to take.

Even for the proof of the explosiveness and also the underlying potential around the Sabbath or Sunday, it was not necessary to quote the writings of EG White. The Scriptures and the prophecies and reports contained therein do this all by themselves.

But one shouldn’t just study prophecies today. Otherwise you could come up with “stupid thoughts and insights”.

Bible verses from King James Version

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