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Federal judge confirms slurred term “Christianity”

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The term “Christianity” has already degenerated into a general-purpose designation. One need only hint at any belief to relate it in some way to Christian belief. The President of the Federal Court of Justice shows this clearly with her attitude.

The main thing is “Christian”

Not everything is really Christian that says Christian on it. The Roman Catholic Church is almost “world champion” when it comes to mixing the gospel with teachings completely unknown from the Bible. The Church of Rome calls this mix of individual excerpts from the Bible and pagan rituals and customs their tradition and places it above the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Packaged in the Catholic catechism and everything that does not follow these Roman dogmas is summarily declared as a heretic. Before 1798 such “heretics” still had to fear for their lives. Since then, this church has (still) lacked the political power to hand over the execution of this “delinquent” to the public authorities. But all of this was and is brought into the light of Christianity.

As a judge, there is no place for faith

Justicia without a blindfold

Has Justicia already ‘bared’?

How far the term “Christianity” can be blurred is shown by the conversation between the President of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), Bettina Limperg, and the newspapers of the publishing group “Bistumspresse”, which was published by the Internet portal of the Catholic Church in Germany. According to Limperg, there is no scope for belief in her work as a federal judge.

There is no higher justice

As a judge, she doesn’t believe that at some point everything will be fine or that there will be a higher justice in which everything will dissolve. The federal judge affirmed that her personal faith has no place in court. “As a judge, I am bound by the law,” says Limperg, “my Christian values ​​cannot be the yardstick for my actions in court.”.

God shouldn’t do that

In her professional life, the judge had to experience a lot of desperation and desolation. However, these cannot be “prayed away”. Nevertheless, her faith and prayer would help her to endure the situation. However, Limperg rejects the idea that everything will end well later in heaven. “I wouldn’t expect such a perspective from a tortured creature,” said the judge. This sounds like an excuse “to make things easier in the world.” On earth it is the task of man to ensure as much justice as possible. “We can’t leave that to God.” For the federal judge, justice is a process and not a precision landing.

Her “faith” is enough for ecumenism

The federal judge spoke of “belief” without the specific reference to Christian faith, but in 2021 she was the Protestant President of the third Ecumenical Church Congress in Frankfurt, Germany. She was clearly qualified for an ecumenical event. It can therefore be assumed that Limperg referred to Christianity or at least suggested it.

State and church are to be separated. One can only agree with the federal judge when she emphasizes that in her practice as a judge there is no leeway to base judgments on her beliefs. Because in Article 97, paragraph 1 of the Basic Law, which is treated as a constitution, it is written in a nutshell: “The judges are independent and only subject to the law.”
Only the Roman Catholic Church has a problem with this separation between church and state. After all, it is her heart’s desire to regain political power from before 1798. The gradual process of (re-)takeover has long been underway and is already well advanced in the USA.

Certain beliefs required?

Supreme Court

Supreme Court USA – Roman, encircled by the sign of Anu

In view of the prevailing structures, it would have to be questioned whether a “religious qualification” has to be taken in a specific direction in order to even have the chance of a high position in the public sector. The “faith” indicated by the federal judge is always sufficient for the ecumenical movement, but not for the conviction of a true Christian faith. The fact that God has to keep out of justice on earth and should leave this to the people shows more of an attitude that rejects the gospel than of a Christian attitude. The general trend towards a blurring of the term “faith” can also be seen in the subtle adaptation of a title for King Charles III.

Pontius Pilate, who is in a high position, was once allowed to be enlightened on this topic. Can be read in John 19:11:

“Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above”

That should actually be known to a convinced Christian.
This raises the legitimate question of which faith the federal judge is actually speaking of.

Bible verses from King James Version

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