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Faith in the Word of God has been massively undermined



True faith is inextricably based on the Word of God, the Bible. The Church of Rome’s campaign of destruction against Scripture has failed. On the other hand, the strategy of reshaping people’s faith in the Word of God was successful. Apostasy and therefore unbelief are very widespread today even among “Christians”.

The Bible – Word of God or just fables?

Anyone who wants to exchange the truth for the lie must destroy, or at least suppress, the source of truth available to us humans. The Bible describes truth in three aspects. The Word of God is the truth (John 17:17), Jesus Christ is the truth (John 14:6), and the laws of God are the truth (Psalm 119:142). Every word in the Bible is inspired by God, as stated in2. Timothy 3:16:
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:“.

Mark Bible
Faith in the words of the Bible has shrunk

It is therefore obvious that the Bible, i.e. the word of God, with the laws of God it contains and the teachings of Jesus Christ is the truth. The Roman Catholic Church has not succeeded in destroying the Holy Scriptures over the many centuries. Although this church forbade any “layperson” to own, let alone read and interpret the Bible, under pain of even the death penalty, this did not eliminate the existence of the Word of God. A revival of writing and its accessibility to the general public came about with the invention of printing and the Reformation that followed just a few decades later.

The Counter-Reformation began the work

However, the fight against the truth did not end there; it only really flared up with the Counter-Reformation led by the Jesuit order. Since the aim of this order was to completely reverse the Reformation, this automatically also affected the Bible being made available to the people. People should be brought back to Catholicism. However, eradicating the now widely used Bible seemed hopeless. If this plan had not been successful over the centuries before, then even less so at this point in time. There was therefore a change in strategy.

Bible must be made unbelievable

Fake news
Many people see the Bible as just a collection of fables

If the Word of God cannot be eliminated, then the credibility of the Bible must be undermined. The concept therefore focused on education and science. New theories that emerged, declared to be man’s reason, should question the truth of the Bible. However, this has to happen in people’s minds and the best place to start is in educational institutions.

Proof of the success of this strategy are the numerous “liberal theologians” (Info) today who can no longer do anything with the Word of God, but only build themselves up by building the biblical statements using scholastic standards on a foundation of quicksand.

Apostasy would never have happened with faith

Protestantism can now be considered to have been wound down (Info). Of the former churches that grew out of the great reformers of the 16th century, nothing more than a hollow, dead skeleton remains, filled with the pagan dogmas of the Church of Rome. This would hardly have been possible if faith in the truth of God’s words had been maintained.

Unbelief already predominates among “Christians”

The majority doubts the truth of the Bible

The former Protestant churches from countless splinter communities naturally serve as role models for their community members and also as a point of reference for people outside the churches. It is therefore not surprising that belief in the truth of the Bible, let alone in the present Word of God, has now reached a low point. As of 2022, only 20 percent of Americans are convinced that the Bible is the literal word of God. Five years earlier the proportion was 24 percent. In 1980 and 1984 it was just under half of all Americans, according to the consulting firm Gallup. (Source).

Fewer people take the Bible literally

The proportion of people who are convinced that the Bible is a collection of “fables, legends, stories and moral principles recorded by humans” was 29 percent in 2022. A new high. In 2022, the majority ratio between the proportion of Bible believers and the proportion of fable believers has reversed for the first time. Almost half (49%) of Americans believe the content of the Bible is partly God-breathed and partly humanly inspired.

Among people who call themselves Christians, the proportion is 58 percent who see the Bible as a word inspired by God, but not everything should be taken literally. A quarter (25%) take the Bible literally and 16 percent describe the Bible as a collection of ancient fables.

Unfortunately, there is no distinction here as to whether the “literal” interpretation is about doubting individual statements or the difference between historical reports and prophecies. The representations of prophetic statements cannot actually be understood as literal, but rather as symbols. But there is no need for extra-biblical sources when interpreting symbols, as the Bible itself provides explanations for this in other places. The Bible interprets itself (Info).

Only a few take Christianity seriously

Read the Bible yourself
Read the Bible yourself and examine the statements of the churches

Only 9 percent of American adults see themselves as so rooted in the Bible that they base their lives on the Word of God even outside of Christian traditions.
Among Protestants, the proportion who view the Bible as literally true is 30 percent. Among Catholics the proportion was only 15 percent. Almost two thirds of Catholics see the Bible as the inspired word of God, but not everything should be taken literally.

Even among Americans who describe themselves as born-again, the proportion who believe the Bible literally is less than 50 percent. Within the entire U.S. population, only 20 percent now see the Bible as the literal truth, word for word.

As an important aspect, Gallup describes the Bible as an important basis for moral decisions and values ​​for Americans. However, the latest survey shows that the literal interpretation of the Bible as a basis or justification for social policy positions only appeals to a shrinking minority of the overall US population.

Counter-Reformation achieved its goal

The trend is clear to see. The credibility of the Bible as the true Word of God has declined massively in recent decades. A large part simply wants to recognize old fables in the Scripture, and another large part simply “cherry-picks” in order to find (their own) truth. Overall, the Bible is outdated and contradicts the spirit of the times (Info).

In fact, in many cases the Bible only serves to quote isolated verses in a contemporary manner that seem to support one’s own theses. The context is completely ignored here. With such an attitude, the door is open for “false prophets” to mislead people using fantasy teachings in the sense of a false sense of security.

At this point, the Counter-Reformation, which has been going on since 1540, has already achieved its goal.

Important literal truths

The prophecies of the Bible cannot be taken literally as they stand. If Daniel 7 speaks of animals coming out of the sea, and Revelation 13 speaks of an animal with the body of a leopard, the legs of a bear, and the mouth of a lion, then these animals do not really exist. They represent symbols. However, there are certainly passages that sound “adventurous” and seem unbelievable to our everyday imagination, but which should definitely be taken literally. This particularly applies to a major event that is yet to come.

It is about the event of the return of Jesus Christ. Just as surely as the Savior will return, humanity is also certain to face a preliminary deception. The events surrounding the event of Jesus’ return are described in the Bible with a few points (Info). If even one of these descriptions does not apply, then it can be assumed with certainty that the “appeared” cannot be Jesus Christ.

The faked event will not be a minor event, but will probably involve a lot of effort and “effects”. But this spectacle will not be able to fulfill the Bible’s descriptions of the true return of Jesus Christ. At this point it is highly advisable to believe the Bible word for word. Because this pseudo-Christian will probably introduce new “rules”, all of which will be directed against the statutes and commandments found in the Bible.

Bible verses from King James Version

Faith in the Word of God has been massively undermined
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