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Faith Gospel and Eucharist wears off – It’s going according to plan



Belief in the gospel and the descriptions it contains has continued to decline in recent years. Even among Catholics, conviction in the “miracle of the Eucharist” continues to wane within the Church of Rome. A development which, however, takes place “according to plan”.

Faith in the gospel is fading

Belief in the true gospel, i.e. the “simple” written word of God in the form of the Bible, has already declined extremely. In the meantime, the general belief in God in any form has also dropped and this also applies to areas of the special teachings of many churches that are only presented as gospels. This applies in particular to the Roman Catholic Church, which, with its catechism, put its own invented doctrine on paper, which was far removed from the gospel, as evidence.

God – Devil – Angel – Heaven – Hell

The “average American” believes less and less in God in general and the images associated with it, such as “hell” or “heaven”. In their study conducted in July 2023, pollsters from “Gallup” found that the religious aspect within US society has continued to decline. The last study was created in 2016.

The question of faith asked included the key words “God, devil, angel, heaven and hell”.

Republicans more religious than Democrats

Republican Elephant
More devout Republicans than Democrats

According to the current study, only 74 percent of American adults still believe in God. In 2016, the proportion was still 79 percent. In 2001, 90 percent of Americans still believed in God. The decline of 16 percentage points within two decades is remarkable. The decline in belief in a “devil, angel, heaven and hell” was even more pronounced.

According to this, only 58 percent of the Americans surveyed believe in the devil. 59 percent believe in hell. Heaven is believed to be true by 67 percent of respondents and 69 percent are convinced that angels exist.

Among regular churchgoers, 98 percent believe in God, while 92 percent believe in heaven.

With regard to the political orientation, the respondents had very different attitudes. Among Republicans, the proportion who believe in the five keywords ranged from 78 to 87 percent. Among Democrats, the proportion ranged from 56 to 66 percent, and among Democrats, less than 50 percent believe in devil or hell.

Less faith in Eucharist

The Eucharist is a ritual of blasphemy

According to a survey conducted by “RealClear”, members of the Catholic Church showed a pronounced disbelief, as (CNA) reported. Here, however, the focus is not on the areas queried by Gallup, but on the Eucharist. Accordingly, only half of Catholic voters believe in a real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. A third of the Catholics surveyed do not go to confession. Citing a study conducted by Pew Research, CNA bemoans the small proportion of one-third of US Catholics who witness the true presence of Christ in body and blood, fulfilled in the bread and wine, during Mass.

The information in the gospel

Bible texts
The Bible gives clear information

What does the gospel say about the keywords asked?
The queried keywords “God, devil, angel, heaven and hell” are definitely parts of the Bible. However, there are always significant differences to the interpreted properties. There is one living Creator God. Equally certain is the existence of Satan. Heaven is confirmed countless times, including by Jesus Christ. There are also angels, but one third of these are devoted to the devil (demons). However, hell as commonly understood does not exist. The term “hell” does appear in the Bible, but it does not mean an eternal fire for the excruciating torment of every damned soul. This horror tale owes its existence to the fantasies of the “Church Fathers” of the Roman Catholic Church (more info).

Conservative clerics appalled

The conservative clerics of this church will certainly be bitterly upset that the proportion of devout Catholics in the stories about the miracles at the Eucharist is so small. After all, the sacrifice of Jesus is at the center of the defined sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. Added to this is the lack of desire on the part of Catholics to whisper their spiritual life to the pastor or priest through the thin wall.

Apostasy from Catholic dogma is no harm

The increased disbelief in these specialties of the Catholic Church can certainly be seen as a positive aspect. Neither confession to a priest nor eating Jesus in the flesh and drinking His true blood has anything to do with the gospel. Both aspects belong to the vast repertoire of blasphemies of this Church of the Adversary, and the Eucharist represents a sinister climax.

Catholic Church remodels

Construction site
Church of Rome undertakes internal remodeling

The growing disbelief among the populace is not surprising, nor is it really unwanted by the Church of Rome. At this point, the points of friction within this church also become visible. While Pope Benedict XVI. and the clergy of his kind still had the traditional rites according to the catechism on their flags, Pope Francis seems to be the great rebel in the Vatican. The “staff” was appropriately rearranged by Francis from the beginning of his pontificate, and his rearrangement continues to this day. Conservative minds are discarded. (Titular) archbishop Georg Gänswein, former secretary of Bendedikt, was able to experience this up close and now he ekes out his existence without “special tasks”.

Jesuit Cross
Jesuit order is its own catechism

Apparently, the fact that Francis is a Jesuit is repeatedly ignored. The orientation and decisions of this order are based less on the dogmas sanctioned by the conservative Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and more on the “enlightenments” during the spiritual exercises according to their main founder Loyola. Although the Order is subordinate to the decisions of the Pope and is also accountable to him, the supreme Church leader has never had any influence on the ways and means used by the Order. Francis is now the first pontiff from the same club. The possible differences of opinion are thus minimal.

It’s “going according to plan”

A look at the gospel, specifically at Revelation Chapter 11, shows exactly that not despite, but because of the apostasy, everything “goes according to plan” within the churches as well. The events of the French Revolution as revealed in Revelation 11 (The 2 witnesses) will be repeated on a global scale. In the course of the revolution, the Gospels from the Old Testament and the New Testament were not only banned and burned, but also banned. The Pope was deposed (1798).

New “reason” will be proclaimed

Gospel superfluous – again only reason counts

After the pulping of the gospel, only “reason” counted according to human moral standards. Human rights were proclaimed, even a prostitute was crowned and worshiped as the “goddess of reason”. In the course of current developments, this “reason” of that time will be called out again. Specifically, this “reason” affects the living space of humans, in the form of “climate and nature protection” and “preservation of creation”. This time, however, this historical repetition will not only take place in France and other parts of Europe, but worldwide.

People’s “beliefs” will be a mix of New Age, indigenous religions, and pantheism, just not gospel truths. The life-giving sun as supreme authority and the birthing mother earth will be worshipped. Whether areas of the traditional doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church are also affected by the apostasy is completely irrelevant to the desired end result, a peaceful human family united in “faith” with recognition of the “divine” giver of morals and his seat in Rome.

Faith Gospel and Eucharist wears off – It’s going according to plan
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