Olli Dürr Society Exploding numbers of “corona deaths” since the beginning of 2023

Exploding numbers of “corona deaths” since the beginning of 2023

Exploding numbers of “corona deaths” since the beginning of 2023 post thumbnail image


After the majority of humanity has been provided with a declared corona vaccination, it was believed that the situation would calm down accordingly. After all, the vast majority is protected and the sub-variants of the virus that have appeared are no longer as dangerous. Nevertheless, the number of people officially deceased “from or with Corona” is exploding in numerous countries. Dramatic developments are currently taking place in Japan, the country with the “healthiest people” on earth.

Data on deaths in Japan seems puzzling

Corona Virus

Strange development in the number of corona deaths counted

The current development regarding the people who died in Japan as officially “in connection with” the corona virus takes guesswork. Highly praised in 2021 by the FAZ, among others, due to the great willingness to voluntarily accept the so-called vaccination, and this without any “compulsory vaccination” in order to ultimately appear as a country with one of the highest vaccination rates. At the end of 2021, the rate for Japan was almost 80 percent.

As everywhere else in the world, the vaccination campaign in Germany was accompanied by statements such as: “Vaccination protects against infections”, “Vaccination protects against transmission of the virus”, “Vaccination protects against severe disease”, “Vaccination protects against a fatal outcome of the corona infection”, etc. Such theses were released to the public in the same order after it turned out in each case that the previous assertion was not correct.

Japan got off lightly in 2020 and 2021

Japan got off relatively lightly in 2020 and 2021. The number of people who died officially as “in connection with” Corona was far lower than in most other countries. But since the beginning of 2022, the situation in Japan seems to have changed dramatically. The number of deaths skyrocketed in the first few months, then leveled off again, only to shoot up to unprecedented peaks since the beginning of 2023.

The data taken from Johns Hopkins University speak a clear language. The corona deaths currently counted in Japan have reached a new level since the beginning of 2023. This was not even remotely achieved in the so-called Corona years.

Covid dead Japan

Daily 'corona deaths' per million inhabitants in Japan

The rapid increase in the number of corona deaths in Japan since the beginning of 2023 cannot be overlooked. It must be emphasized that this figure does not include other deaths such as those caused by influenza. This massive increase, despite the high vaccination rate lauded by the media, takes all the guesswork out.

Countries with also high increases in corona deaths

In other words, the number of counted corona deaths in Japan on January 23, 2023 was 153,900 percent higher than on February 18, 2020! In comparison to the other countries a lone peak value. However, the following countries UK, France and USA also show dramatic developments in the number of corona victims.

Covid dead country selection

The countries with the highest increases in corona deaths

The number of people who died “from or with” (the truth?) Corona in Germany on January 23, 2023 was 11,257 percent higher than on March 14, 2020, while in other countries such as Albania, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Syria, Laos and Thailand Corona deceased are no longer counted at all, i.e. a decrease of 100 percent in each case.

Country comparison Germany – Japan – Thailand

If you put the three countries Germany, Japan and Thailand in a direct comparison, you might get the impression that statistically Japan has a “pent-up demand”. But this repeatedly raised the question of the meaning and purpose of the corona vaccinations. Japan’s vaccination rate is higher than that of the federal territory.

Selection of Corona dead Germany Japan Thailand

Country comparison of corona deaths Germany - Japan - Thailand

Different vaccination rates in the countries

In Japan, the vaccination rate is 304.51 per 100 inhabitants. This means that on average every inhabitant is vaccinated twice, plus a “booster”. A small proportion received a fourth vaccination. In Germany the value is 228.74, in Thailand 198.94. While the situation in Thailand has calmed down according to the data, the cases in Japan, Germany and other industrialized countries are increasing again. How can that be, or what’s going on there?

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