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Excessive liberalization – abortion rights in the constitution



History has been made in France, an EU member state. The right to “abortion” comes from the Constitution. Excessive “liberalization” and the Vatican acts “horrified.”

“Right to abortion” in the Constitution

France is now the first country in the world to include the right to abortion, i.e. the killing of unborn children, in the constitution (amending Article 34). On March 5, 24, this step was passed in a special session of both chambers of parliament with a clear majority of 780 to 72 votes. The supporters of this regulation, who have often been on the streets with signs like “Mon corps, mon choix” or “My body, my choice”, are likely to cheer this latest decision.

Cheers and hilarity

French Revolution
This is the result of human ‘reason’

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal welcomed this decision by the MPs and senators and reiterated that this was a clear message to all women. Your body belongs to you and no one can make decisions for you, “Deutschlandfunk” reported (Source).

When the vote was announced at the Palace of Versailles, loud cheers broke out with sustained applause, the New York Times reported (Source). This vote was accompanied in advance by an inscription “My body, my choice” attached to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Senator Mélanie Vogel said that the French Republic now solemnly recognizes that abortion rights are no longer just an option. This right is a prerequisite for “our democracy”.

Around 630 “abortions” every day

Abortion protesters
My body – My Choice – Does this also apply to men?

In France, an average of 230,000 unborn children are killed every year. That’s around a quarter of all pregnancies and corresponds to around 630 so-called abortions every day. In France, prenatal infanticide is legal up to the 14th week of pregnancy. Up to the 7th week, this can also be done by taking so-called abortion pills.

Laws are still inadequate

For women’s rights activists, this decision to include so-called abortion in the constitution only has a symbolic value. This does not “improve” the situation for those “affected”. Only around three percent of gynecologists and midwives in France carry out such an “abortion” and they are already overloaded. There is also the problem that you still have to travel abroad, such as to Spain, Great Britain or the Netherlands, in order to be able to legally carry out an operation up to the 22nd week of pregnancy.

President Emmanuel Macron had already reacted to the restrictions on prenatal infanticide in the USA in 2022 and announced corresponding easing in France. Surveys carried out in France have shown that 86 percent of those surveyed supported full liberalization of “abortion”.

Selective validity only

In this case, the enforcement of the narrative, “my body, my decision” applies exclusively to women anyway. Men are left out to benefit from this requirement (woke here, woke her, doesn’t change that). However, if it is an injection based on genetic material that has hardly been tested or has not been tested at all, then completely different “liberal values” apply. In this case, there can no longer be any question of the unhindered provision of a free choice. This was particularly evident in 2021. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal should actually still be able to remember when, as government spokesman, he trumpeted the mandatory injection for certain professional groups in France.

Hypocrisy that cannot be overlooked

Vatican St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican – The center of hypocrisy

The Vatican expressed dismay at this decision in France. “A black day for the protection of life”. This process is an “act of unprecedented legal and political significance” (Source). No further critical tones can be heard, let alone a reference to the Gospel or anything that this church has declared to be of equal value. How about preaching morality, according to the gospel? After all, the Church of Rome is, as it claims, the “body of Christ” on earth.

How about questioning the title given to France by the Church of Rome, “eldest daughter of the Church”? A legacy from the beginning of the 6th century, when the Merovingian and Frankish King Clovis gave a helping hand to the Church of Rome for the complete political power. Clovis was named “eldest son of the church.”

The protection of life has never been one of the competencies and, above all, the core concerns of the Roman Catholic Church. The protection of life would be completely against their nature (Info). The artificial posturing of sheer horror is merely an expression of their genetically determined hypocrisy, while constantly washing their hands in the purest innocence. Revelation 13:2 (the beast from the sea) already describes it:
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Short version:
Panther, symbol of Greece (Daniel 7), Church of Rome’s Hellenistic philosophy (natural law).
Bear, symbol of Medo-Persia (Daniel 7), church curia according to the Persian model
Lion, symbol of Babylon (Daniel 7), Babylonian teachings (= ancient Egyptian, = Mithraism)
(Babylon – Info)

Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:
Matthew 5:21

Bible verses from King James Version

Excessive liberalization – abortion rights in the constitution
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