Olli Dürr Society Evangelical Church Hessen-Nassau clarifies the apostasy

Evangelical Church Hessen-Nassau clarifies the apostasy

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The steep gradient of the Evangelical Churches in Germany is seldom illustrated as clearly as by the representative in Hessen-Nassau. This Protestant institution itself provides the evidence of its fallen state.

Totally rejected the truth

The Evangelical Churches in Germany have completely dropped the reference to the truths of the gospel. The Bible and its contents are only understood as the writing of “dramatic-romantic” authors, whose stories are presented today as wisdom in a Proverbs calendar. Nothing is left of the way of salvation for the people. Anyone who turns to one of the evangelical churches today and asks how the goal of eternal salvation can be achieved will stand in the rainy darkness and be left alone. Instead of showing people the truth, emotionally charged stories come to light that send shivers down your spine.

Martin Luther statue

Martin Luther Predicted This Spiritual Eclipse – It’s Here Now!

There is no reason whatsoever to call the Evangelical Churches, especially those under the umbrella organization of the Churches EKD, that have not fallen. Their “gospel” consists only of politically red-green painted ideologies. The person who turns to one of these institutions in search of truth and leaves it at that was lost before, is lost and will remain lost in the end.

The Evangelical Church in Hessen and Nassau (EKHN) provides a very good example of the absolutely fallen state of this institution. Their online presence in the “Faith” section and the individual topics not only shows that the explanations were apparently created by a layman, but the actual goal seems to be to lead people looking for truth away from it, straight into darkness.

How is faith defined?

EKHN does not associate the term “faith” with the gospel at all. After all, one can also “believe” that the sun will shine tomorrow despite the weather forecast to the contrary. How does the EKHN define faith? A recorded conversation between Pastor Hans Genthe and Provost Oliver Albrecht provides the answer. Oliver Albrecht is provost for the South Nassau provost.

Pink Feelings

EKHN provost confuses faith with emotional flushes

When Albrecht was asked what faith is for him, the provost replied that faith in him was the “very deep feeling” of being loved and needed. “If I can just be there”. However, both must be balanced. “Just being needed would overwhelm me, if I were just loved, I wouldn’t have the task,” says Albrecht.

Pastor Genthe wanted to know how Albrecht got his faith. The provost replied that he experienced faith when he went where he expected God to be. “For me, faith is not the result of my effort, but the result of my relaxation. But when I tried to make a damn effort, it was nothing to do with faith,” said the “cleric”.

According to Albrecht, however, this relaxation does not come about because of one’s own strength, but “from the feeling of being loved”. “Christians lie in the arms of their heavenly Father and are allowed to tell everything as it really was”.

Albrecht was asked by Genthe what advice he would give to people who were still unbelieving. “Faith is not a possession, it grows,” said the provost. Faith is the same as in a relationship with a living counterpart. This changes from day to day.”I believe that God changes too“, says Albrecht. This can already be seen in the Bible. “Belief is not an upgrade where you reach a certain level, but a living process”.

This “faith” conforms to ecumenism

With this depiction of faith and its origin, one somehow has the image of a provost lolling on a pink, flaky, fluffy blanket, visibly refreshed and exulting at his ecstatic inner life. The provost spoke of the gospel, that is, the word of God, only once in the entire conversation, namely in connection with a “changing God”. If he believes in it, he can count on pity, but this directly contradicts what the gospel says. Malachi 3:6:
For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.
Either the provost of the South Nassau provost doesn’t know this statement, or he doesn’t believe the Bible, or he thinks God is a liar. What’s left? Confusing love with numbing emotional intoxication.

What about Jesus Christ? It is the absolutely indispensable center for man and the only way to salvation (John 14:6)! Not a word, not a syllable. For this, Albrecht presents a series of philosophies and “insights” that can only be achieved if you have looked a little too deeply into the “Spiritual Exercises of Loyola” to empty your mind. A mystical, ideological and above all hopeless construct on the level of New Age and Catholicism. Luke 11:26:
Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

What Does the Bible Mean?

fairy tales

For EKHN, the Bible is just a collection of ancient stories

The EKHN has its own ideas about “the book of books”. It contains the “doubts and longings of the authors” and these can also become “wonderful stories of hope” for the reader. The Bible can “sensitize people to discover God’s traces in their own lives”. The Bible reader can experience the “deeper truths” for his life today. People over 2,000 years ago had similar experiences in their lives and they discovered that God was speaking to them. EKHN gives the accounts of David’s kingdom as an example of the many stories in the Bible. This shows the visions that even individuals “are not crushed in the midst of the powers of the globe”. The Gospels of Jesus Christ are the “good news of God for the whole world”.

For anyone who “recognizes the doubts and longings of the authors, the texts of the Bible can become wonderful stories of hope.”
All the story writers testified that God does not want to let people or the world fall, in life or in death.

Defamation of the Word of God

The Bible is not only the “standard work” of the Christian, but the only work (sola scriptura). It is the written Word of God, it is the truth (John 17:17).

This evangelical church seems to see nothing more in the Bible than many other “books of life” for people seeking salvation, just very old and with an enormous number of editions. Also here not a word about the actual way of salvation for the people. No mention of the more than 3,000 Prophecies and their fulfillment and consequently also not a syllable about the prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, which are only a few open but red-hot.

Several thousand fulfilled prophecies obviously stand in the way of the thesis of an author driven by “doubts and longings”. The verifiable fulfillments of prophecy are proof of the truth of the gospel. The authors were inspired not by emotions but by God. This realization is obviously suppressed by EKHN.

Who is Jesus Christ?

The descriptions of the EKHN around Jesus Christ also testify to a “certain peculiarity”.
Accordingly, Jesus Christ’s existence is also confirmed by extra-biblical sources. The New Testament is the “most comprehensive and important source that provides information about Jesus,” according to the EKHN on this subject.
There are different opinions about the truth of the biblical stories and the events about Jesus, which statements Jesus really made. The apostle Paul did not begin to write down his faith in Jesus until about 20 years after Jesus’ death. “The stories about Jesus are not records of historical events, but a believing description of his work,” according to this church.

From today’s perspective, it is assumed that Jesus grew up in Nazareth. Jesus had “probably siblings”. At the age of 30 he began his work for the next “about two years”. Presumably, Jesus “first joined the movement of John the Baptist,” according to the EKHN. Later Jesus began to preach on his own about the coming of the kingdom of God. In the course of his wandering life, Jesus traveled to Jerusalem and there Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect, had him executed on the cross.

For Christians, the meaning of Jesus Christ is very different and also changes in the course of life. This depended, for example, on living conditions, needs and experiences. Nevertheless, there are some cornerstones in Christianity. Jesus Christ is God’s Son and He is the Savior of the world. Jesus died for the sins of man and he can meet God in him. After his death, Jesus was the first to walk the path of resurrection, according to the EKHN.

He’s just a “revolutionary itinerant preacher”?


EKHN first locates Jesus in a John movement

From today’s point of view, Jesus grew up in Nazareth, according to EKHN. As if the view could change again and again, but quite simply at the time when He actually grew up there. His stay in Nazareth is not an opinion, but a fact. This is easily verifiable in the Bible. This statement by the EKHN on Jesus Christ can hardly be surpassed in terms of hypocrisy. One could agree directly with the key points listed, but it is still pure lip service. In advance, the EKHN disqualified these biblical truths by presenting what was written down. As if the authors of the NT only believed it and did not report facts.

This church also proves such an attitude with the attempted devaluation of the time interval up to the first writing by Paul. The 20 years presented by the EKHN are too long to even be able to remember the details of the events. Out of ignorance or deliberate misleading, it should be left undecided. Paul wrote a letter to Timothy and there are some telling words in it, as in 1 Timothy 5:18:
For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.“.

With the first quote, Paul repeated the words of Deuteronomy 25:4. The second quote is verbatim from Luke 10:7. This means nothing else that Paul already had the gospel of Luke in his hands. In fact, the first writings of the apostles can be traced back to just a few months to a year at most after Jesus’ ascension. This means that the time between the events and the first written records is significantly shorter than that presented by the EKHN. In any case, 20 years would not be too great a time interval for more precise memories. Just as if an author wanted to reproduce the experiences of 2003 in 2023. It looks completely different with the writings of the Koran, let alone the reports about Buddha. In the case of the latter, there are a few hundred years until the first written record.
In addition, out of “sheer unbelief” it is ignored that the Holy Spirit was poured out over the apostles. As if God were unable to provide correct memories and correct words by the authors.

Jesus the “revolutionary”?

Only the EKHN probably knows what the “Movement of John the Baptist” is supposed to represent. As if Johannes, as the founder of an ancient hippie movement, traveled around to gather more followers. Jesus tentatively joined his movement? Anyone who says such weird stuff has either not read the Bible at all and simply wants to rip people off. The variant of a Jesus who wanted to change society bears the signature of the “Society of Jesus” and this troupe of “Smart Boys” also did a great job at the EKHN.

Clearly, the EKHN discredits the Bible as an archaic storybook of at most psychological value for “stressed people.”

EKHN is part of a prophecy fulfillment

end of track

The path of the EKHN leads people to nowhere

This image of “faith” and of what the EKHN believes to represent also extends to all other topics such as learning to believe, meditation, God, prayer, people, love, music, churches, pilgrims, etc., etc.
However, the EKHN, as well as all other churches under the current council chairwoman Annette Kurschus, clearly show which prophecies that were still open up to now have actually already been fulfilled.
2 Thessalonians 2:3:
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Bible verses from King James Version

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