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Evangelical bishop calls for the abandonment of Protestantism



An evangelical bishop calls on Protestants to rid themselves of “innate criticism of the church” and instead suffer in solidarity for the disfigurements of the church caused by their own failures.

One should not criticize the church

The assimilation of the Protestant churches in Germany with the mother church of Rome is apparently already manifested in such a way that such tones can already be heard in one’s own cause, which one is actually used to from the “Church Law” of the Roman Catholic Church.

Bishop criticizes church critics – Critics should refrain from criticizing

One should “not speak disparagingly about the church,” warned Bishop Karl-Hinrich Manzke of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany. If “we” want to maintain the community and “renew it effectively”, “love for our own church is urgently needed”, said Manzke in front of the assembled synod of the national church, as evangelisch.de reported.

Evangelical bishop responsible for Catholics

This warning from the bishop, which acts as a déjà vu, is not surprising either. The regional bishop is “Catholica representative” of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany (VELKD). In addition to the regional church of Schaumburg-Lippe, this association also includes the regional churches of Bavaria, Braunschweig, Hanover, Saxony, northern Germany and central Germany.

Overcoming innate criticism of the Church

Manzke criticizes the Protestants, who are often critical of the Church. This is a legacy of Martin Luther’s fundamental criticism of the Roman Catholic Church. The bishop called for this “innate criticism of the Church” to be overcome. It is “no virtue to talk down about your own church”. The evangelical magazine quotes the bishop and emphasizes that these words come from the speech manuscript.

Bishop calls for more dedication to church

Don’t criticize, just sympathize (and keep silent)

The Church, as a community, deserves “all the affection and devoted support.” This is the only way to be of service to people and to correct undesirable developments. “The baptized and believing Christian rejoices in the church and suffers with it when it is disfigured by their own failures.”

Bishop asks for identity surrender

The regional bishop calls on the Protestants to do nothing less than to give up their identity as Protestants and to submit to the “untouchable” ecclesiastical hierarchy according to the Catholic Curia. Finally, Manzke himself emphasized that criticism of the Roman Catholic Church was the spark that laid the foundations of Protestantism. But the bishop ignores the fact that this “protest”, composed of “pro” and “testare”, describes the confession of the gospel and only the gospel. As the sovereigns expressly explained to Emperor Charles V in Speyer in 1529.

The Bible doesn’t know Catholic hierarchy

It is clear from this gospel that the church, better known as a congregation, describes neither a building nor a hierarchical structure, but the community of those who bear the testimony of Jesus. In this community one encounters one another on an equal footing and structures with a Medo-Persian touch, such as the overseer (bishop) and the cardinals in the Roman mother church, are completely foreign to the Bible.

Apostate teachings must be criticized

In fact, it is the duty of every church member to directly address, question, and even criticize doctrines that are contrary to the gospel. The Protestant churches in Germany prove it almost every day that their right to exist is no longer based on Scripture, but on pure self-preservation and as the mouthpiece of the mother church.

A constant criticism of this church that cannot be ignored is therefore not virtuous, but more than just appropriate. Anyone who actually reads the Bible will quickly realize that the evangelical church has long been an apostate institution.

Everything spills over from overseas

chess pieces
The church is infallible – autocracy in the genes of institutional churches

As usual, the United States has gone a step further in formulating the daughters who have meanwhile returned to Rome. A joint statement was made between the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelicals in 2015 with the “Declaration on the Way”. This happened through the Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The desired autocratic nature, entirely of the nature of the Roman mother church, can be seen in point 9 (page 11) of this letter:

Catholics and Lutherans agree that the church on earth is indefectible, because it is and will be preserved by the Holy Spirit in all its apsects essential for salvtion. They share the certainty of Christian hope that the church, established by Christ and led by his Spirit, will always remain in the truth, fulfilling its mission to humanity for the sake of the gospel.

The evangelical churches have thus joined the arrogance cultivated by the Catholic Church for many centuries.

Did the mother provide the manuscript?

manuscript writer
Apparently an ‘ordinary’ manuscript writer was at work

The bishop took his words from the present manuscript, so the emphasis of the evangelical online magazine. This allows the assumption that Manzke submitted the submission to “unknown third parties”. This was also revealed by his reference to an already defaced church. Probably more of a “blow with the elbow in the ribs” by the author of the manuscript than a confession of the bishop. The style of revenge and bad night kicks can definitely be assigned.

Serious Christians must draw conclusions

As urged in Revelation 18:4, there is only one way left for all serious Christians who remain in the self-styled Protestant churches:

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Also the very important requests to all people according to Revelation 14.

Bible verses from King James Version

Evangelical bishop calls for the abandonment of Protestantism
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