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Evangelical church with occult baptismal formula?

Okkulte Sonnenanbetung


The Evangelical Press Service explains baptism and delivers such a false and bizarre baptismal formula that the theses of so-called “theosophists” of the occult scene come to light here.

Baptisms often outdoors again in summer

Now, in the summer of 2023, some baptism ceremonies of the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD) are to be held again. These “Sprinkles to Go”, known as baptisms, often take place outdoors at water bodies during the summer season. Another reason for the Evangelical Press Service (epd) to remind you what the purpose of baptism is, as evangelisch.de reported.

Baptisms of infants and adults

Pseudo baptismal font
A typical basin for pseudo-baptisms

Accordingly, baptism is one of the fundamental rituals of the Christian churches. It applies to small children as well as to adults. As a rule, children are already baptized, but other churches prefer the baptism of adults.

The water symbolizes the “purification and renewal of life through Jesus Christ”. Baptism is an expression of God’s companionship of man throughout his life.

Sprinkle and baptism formula

The head of the person to be baptized is poured with water by the pastor or the whole body is immersed in water. In this course the pastor speaks the formula:

“I baptize you in the name of God of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”

The Bible has handed down that Jesus Christ, who was baptized by John the Baptist, gave this example for baptism.

Jesus Christ’s guidance ignored

After all, the Evangelical Press Service correctly states that Jesus Christ himself specified the type and formula for baptism. One wonders, however, why the “editors” of this service do not simply look into the Bible in order to be able to report the whole process truthfully.

Nowhere in Scripture is there anything about sprinkling or just water over the head. Baptism is invariably performed with immersion. Nowhere in the Bible is there anything to be read about the baptism of children or even infants. The baptism of the adult or responsible person always takes place. The baptism itself symbolizes the death of Jesus with the immersion in the water and the resurrection of Jesus with the emergence from the water. The new birth of man in Jesus Christ. A process that can never be reproduced with simple sprinkling.

Symbolism of baptism misinterpreted

Occult Sun Worship
EV churches practice occult and ‘sunny’ all salvation rhetoric

A baptism in the sense of the epd certainly does not guarantee the constant companionship of God, whatever these “evangelicals” mean by that. Before baptism, it is a prerequisite that the person has confessed his sins to Jesus Christ and asked for forgiveness. Another prerequisite is that the person wants to hand himself over to Jesus Christ and confesses him publicly or bears the testimony of Jesus. Something little children and infants can never accomplish. More information about baptism according to the Bible can be found here .

A “pseudo-god” above the father?

But the “bomb” is this quoted ominous “baptismal motto”. The actual baptismal motto given by Jesus Christ can be found in Matthew 28:19 and reads:

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:.

The baptismal motto given by the epd begins with: “I baptize you in the name of God of the Father“!
Who is this “God of the Father” supposed to be?! Even if a comma is missing after “God”, this saying still doesn’t fit at all. Why isn’t this all-important phrase simply adopted one-to-one from Jesus’ instruction? So there would not even be misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Theologians or theosophists?!

Occult Underground
Occultists might understand the epd baptismal motto

However, this baptismal motto quoted by the “Evangelical editors” always fitted in with the philosophy of the Baha’i faith community, which was founded from scratch in 1844, and the explanations of the so-called “Theosophists” (Satanists) such as Helena Petrovna Blavatzky and Aleister Crowley. Without going into detail now, however, for these self-confessed followers of the adversary, there is definitely a higher authority over the “father”. What is the purpose of this formulation in the baptismal motto of a so-called evangelical institution?!

The evangelical church has actually already fallen, fallen.

Bible verses from King James Version

Evangelical church with occult baptismal formula?
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