Olli Dürr Society EV churches prove themselves daughters of Rome

EV churches prove themselves daughters of Rome

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The return of the Evangelical and Protestant churches to the mother church of Rome is unmistakable. The ambitions of the “daughters” no longer have anything in common with the gospel. The General Synod of Austria shows a current example of “church politics” according to Roman guidelines.

Nothing remains of the origin of the EV churches

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The propagated 'climate disaster' has long been the new gospel

The evangelical churches have long left their original field. Teaching the true gospel according to Scripture is long off their agenda. What the first reformers set in motion with all their conviction has long since been buried by the current actors in these churches. The national evangelical churches should actually question themselves whether they still take the position of the gospel at all and whether they have long been an executive body of the Roman Catholic church with a suspiciously close connection to socio-political affairs.

The narratives come from Rome

“Climate protection, climate justice, social justice and fraternity”, all narratives, which received their starting signal in many encyclicals of the former and the current pope. Leo XIII already caused a stir with his encyclical “Rerum Novarum” (1891). This “sensational encyclical” gave the Catholic social teaching a new coat of paint. Built on the Hellenistic philosophy of natural law, while traditionally disregarding the gospel. This was followed by the Pastoral Constitution “Gaudium et spes” (1965) with the concern “about the church in the world today”. With “Laudato si’” (2015), the currently incumbent Pope Francis initiated an expansion of the Catholic catchment area into the area of ​​climate protection, in order to then call on humanity worldwide to more brotherhood with “Fratelli tutti” (2020).

In addition to the churches and governments, these topics are also taken up by so-called “action groups” and are part of the curriculum in schools. A “fraternal humanity” with a common goal. A socially just world in which, if possible, nobody really owns anything but everyone will be happy. The joint celebration of a rest day to protect “Mother Earth” and nature. According to the churches, the focus here is of course on Sunday. In all likelihood, the highest authority in this “global unity” will direct from the Lateran.

General synod serves all guiding theses

An exemplary example of the synchronization within the associations that once stood in opposition to the Catholic Church is offered by the Evangelical General Synod in Austria. In a policy paper that has recently been adopted, the focus is on “creation belief in the climate crisis”. Now everyone is called upon to make a commitment to climate protection at all levels. A new way of life has to be found.

In order for the church to be able to maintain the appearance of a Christian institution, the gospel is also read from time to time. “And God saw that it was good,” is how the General Synod recalled the Bible’s account of creation. However, our LORD finally judged His creation as “very good”, if you take it exactly.
According to the General Synod, the earth is under God’s blessing and sees this as an orientation in view of the “climate crisis”. “Our behavior as part of creation does not have its ultimate support in us, but in the faithfulness of God, who grants the blessing to creation,” the policy statement explains.

Of course, the part of “brotherhood” must not be missing. “The prosperity that helps to cushion the negative consequences of the climate crisis is distributed extremely unequally worldwide and also in Austria”. Above all, the people who contribute very little to the climate crisis are particularly hard hit by the “life-threatening consequences of the climate crisis”.
So that political correctness is not neglected, the Evangelical Church in Austria describes itself as a “European church” and practices self-flagellation: “As the European church, we belong to that part of the world’s population that has been using far more natural resources for a long time takes than is due to him and ungratefully squanders what should be justly shared.”

The end of Protestantism is sealed

The process of bringing the “prodigal daughters” back to the Mother Church, which was heralded with the Second Vatican Council, has been completed. (see Revelation 17:5). The death of official Protestantism could not be clearer. The “beast from the earth” or the “false prophet” according to Revelation 13 takes shape.

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.”

Bible verses from King James Version

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