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Searches: EKD shows solidarity with “Last Generation”



The EKD shows solidarity with the concerns of the “last generation” and describes violations of the law by this association as “difficult”. A statement by the council chairpersons and thus representative of the entire evangelical church in Germany.

Much dust around search “Last Generation”

Much dust has been raised with searches of the homes and offices of “Last Generation” activists. On May 24, 2023, the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office conducted a search of the premises of this “activist group” in seven federal states. The accusation is “formation of a criminal organization”. The votes for supporters and protesters were weighted roughly equally. Depending on the medium read, seen or heard.

EKD knows “advice” on everything”

volcanic eruption
A lot of CO2 and no soot particle filter – have ‘climate stickers’ ever been sighted there?

However, one voice particularly stands out and that is that of the Council President of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Annette Kurschus. The evangelical theologian explained to the Evangelical Press Service (epd) that the search campaign against the “climate activists” was disproportionate. She warned against “unreasonably criminalizing the protests and denouncing the protesters as a terrorist group”., so in “evangelisch.de“.

Such raids do not serve the purpose of legal peace and the “climate protection, which should be the actual goal of all efforts,” are certainly not promoted by these searches, according to Kurschus. For the EKD chairperson, the urgency given by the younger generation is immediately understandable. “They have us by her side.”

You shouldn’t stigmatize

The EKD Council Chair calls for these “activists” not to be stigmatized, but in the course of her Pentecost message she explains that people who insist on the truth are in danger of becoming “fanatical fundamentalists”. With her as head of the delegation traveling to Brussels to clarify questions about migration, supply chains and the Ukraine crisis, together with the EU and NATO(!), the EKD has already officially entered the political, i.e. state, terrain as a church. The evangelical church only fulfills its intended role for spiritual matters as an alibi in a manner reminiscent of imposture.

EKD just wobbles around

anonymus mask
Hiding behind the mask of ‘Guy Fawkes’

The fact that the chairmen of the evangelical churches in Germany have nothing to do with the laws of God is easily proven by this institution based on its day-to-day business. It is therefore not surprising that Kurschus apparently also has problems with understanding worldly laws. If the law is clearly broken, says Kurschus, and “where we are dealing with actions that severely hinder other people,” then it will be “difficult.”
Here’s a resounding no! When laws are broken, then it is a criminal act and the perpetrator or perpetrators are pure and simple criminals and not “difficult people”. This is not stigmatization, but written law. If the initial suspicion of “forming a criminal organization” exists, then there is a suitable paragraph in the Criminal Code and the public prosecutor (who is bound by political instructions in Germany anyway) must act accordingly.

But how else should Kurschus have put it? Simply to describe the actions that violate the law as criminal and at the same time stand shoulder to shoulder with the perpetrators and their “noble intentions”. And that even if the “formation of a criminal organization” is on the paper of the public prosecutor’s office. Of course it shouldn’t be phrased like that.

“Cobbler, stick to your last”, one almost wanted to exclaim, but even the profession of cobbler has long been a dying breed.

Searches: EKD shows solidarity with “Last Generation”
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