Olli Dürr Society EKD proves their maximum distance from the gospel

EKD proves their maximum distance from the gospel

EKD proves their maximum distance from the gospel post thumbnail image


Reformation Day is used by the Evangelical Churches in Germany to spread their political agenda hidden in a Christian garb. The distance from the gospel cannot be better demonstrated by referring to the French Revolution.

Reformation Day as an occasion

On Reformation Day, many “evangelical clergy” feel called to say something special. One might actually expect at this point that Martin Luther, his insights into the gospel, his life’s work and, in particular, the accessibility of the Bible for ordinary people in the local language would be honored. Martin Luther completely tore down the wall of the Roman Catholic Church that the Bible (Vulgate in Latin) could only be understood and interpreted by clerics. From this point on, ordinary people were able to recognize the innumerable differences between the Gospel and the dogmas of the Roman Church.

EKD council chairwoman politicized


Evangelical churches are poaching in politics

The Chairwoman of the Council of the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD), Annette Kurschus, has something else in mind on the occasion of the important day, the beginning of the revelation of the Gospel. It emphasizes the proximity of a church of the Reformation to something “holy” of the “trinity of democracy”. According to Kurschus, this was: “Freedom, equality and fraternity” (Source).

According to Kurschus, however, this presupposes the belief that Christ frees us from fear for ourselves and also frees us to love our neighbors. Another prerequisite is the knowledge that no human being is holier than another and that every human being is endowed with an inalienable dignity, “that he was brought into life in the image of God.” Ultimately, one must be convinced that we should live together like brothers and sisters in God’s world. “And we can do it!” said the council chairwoman.

Her personal wish for Reformation Day, in view of the required service to fellow human beings, is to preserve the courage to “undauntingly stand up for freedom, equality and fraternity.”

The EKD vice-president steps up

In her sermon in the Wittenberg Castle Church, the deputy chairwoman of the EKD Council, Bishop Kirsten Fehrs, asserted the “longing of those who hope” is necessary for “our democracy”. It is the power of change of those who yearn, their felt pain and their knowledge “that things should be different.” In everyone there is the power of good and reconciliation. These people believe that only love has the power to change circumstances. Now democracy is dependent on “prudent, compassionate, active people”.

A proclamation of revolution

The slogan “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity” propagated by the EKD Council Chairwoman is clearly borrowed from the call of the French Revolution “Liberté, egalité, fraternité” (freedom, equality, fraternity)”. Since 1958, this exclamation has been part of the constitution of France, the “eldest daughter of the Church [of Rome]”.

It is probably due to “postmodern” feminism to “neutralize” brotherhood. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation sells a book with the same title under the subtitle: “Beauvoir and the liberation of women from male domination” (Source). Wouldn’t a note of protest against the encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” (fraternity, brotherhood) published by Pope Francis in October 2020 be appropriate at this point?

Maximum distance from the gospel

Jacobin Square

Jacobins were organizers of the French Revolution

Nothing can be further from the Gospel than the French Revolution. An event that is even described in typos in the book of Revelation, chapter 11 (Info). While the Roman Catholic Church achieved the spread of the truths of the Gospel through oppression, the French Revolution resulted in its total destruction. Public burnings of the Bible took place, and religion as a whole was banned. Only after morality, particularly in Paris, with the “spiritual center of fornication, Notre Dame”, was out of control, was religious freedom restored after three and a half years of ban in the wake of the Declaration of Human Rights.

EKD mixture is like iron and clay

The EKD council chairwoman does not take a position on Reformation Day and its achievements, but rather takes a purely political stance. The mixing or interference of the churches in the day-to-day business of politics not only became visible at the 2023 Church Congress in Nuremberg (Info), but is even on the agenda at the political level (Info). Politics and church together in the same boat demonstrably ended in a catastrophe for the people. The terror spread by the Church of Rome over the centuries is historically unique. History is obviously destined to repeat itself. But the structure will be as “solid” as the feet made of iron and clay and will also have the same end Daniel 2:34:
Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.

It is not what is written, be it the law books of civilizations or the written Word of God, that counts anymore. Now all that matters is the feeling, the pain and the morale. The statement of the EKD vice-president provides impressive evidence of this route. It doesn’t matter if the theses put forward are completely contrary to the teachings of the Gospel. Lostness and the desire for power and influence have never been good advisors.

A memory on the sidelines

Reformator Luther

Martin Luther sparked the Reformation

In this report, the EKD editorial team reminds us of the occasion of Reformation Day. It was the beginning of the Reformation, with Martin Luther’s 95 Theses against the Roman Catholic sale of indulgences posted on the gate of the Wittenberg Castle Church on October 31, 1517. With his criticism of the church, Luther initiated the changes in his time, later led to the Protestant Church.

However, it is no longer this church that was built immediately after the Reformation. But Martin Luther was also wise enough to foresee this recurring darkness. He had simply underestimated the time it would take to complete this apostasy. The so-called Protestant churches today sing the song composed in Rome, but not the message of the Gospel (Info). And the “sermons” of the EKD representatives prove this once again.

Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.
Isaiah 1:5

Bible verses from King James Version

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