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EKD confirms leaving the “Week for Life”



The Evangelical Church in Germany has now confirmed its withdrawal from “Week for Life”. A final joint meeting will take place in 2024.

EKD spokesman confirms exit

As long as the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) did not confirm the reports of the Catholic media, it was a highly simmering rumor mill. But now the EKD has confirmed that it is leaving the “Week for Life” group. A spokesman for the EKD told the Evangelical Press Service (epd) that the German Bishops’ Conference was informed on Tuesday that they wanted to withdraw from this ecumenical round.
In the future, the EKD wants to organize its commitment to protecting life “in other formats”. The last joint meeting will therefore take place in 2024.

EKD is dissatisfied

exit sign
EKD is leaving on its own initiative

According to the EKD, the “Week for Life” round has been organized differently and “very partially” in recent years. However, the Evangelical Church does not want to end its commitment to life with the exit and remains of the utmost importance to them.

The “Week for Life” was founded in 1991 by the German Bishops’ Conference and the Central Committee of German Catholics. From 1994, the EKD also took part in the annual meetings.

Now that the EKD is leaving this institution and had already excluded the association “Aktion Lebensrecht für Alle” (ALfA) for the Church Day 2023, it will be interesting to see how this umbrella organization of the Protestant churches will define their “life protection”.

EKD confirms leaving the “Week for Life”
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