Olli Dürr Society Dispute between religious “right and left” – prime example in USA

Dispute between religious “right and left” – prime example in USA

Dispute between religious “right and left” – prime example in USA post thumbnail image


When two quarrel, the third is happy. This applies in particular if, as a third party, you provocatively fuel both brawlers yourself. A model act by two rival religious groups is currently underway in the United States. Charismatics or “religious rightists” who call themselves Christians against self-confessed satanists, now simply called “religious leftists”.

Charismatic vs “Devil Worshiper”

In the USA, a dispute between a singer, songwriter and former leader of the “Bethel Church” and a professing Satanic congregation is currently going viral. The Bethel Church is an evangelical church of charismatics and is one of the “mega churches” in the USA. More recently, singer Sean Feucht hosted a tour called the “Let Us Worhip” capital tour, as Christian Post reported.

This charismatic music tour is now apparently taking the “Satanic Temple” community as an opportunity to start their own nationwide tour. This “worship tour” is to be titled “Let Us Burn – Satanic Planet Capitol Concert Tour”. Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves announced plans to imitate Feucht’s “Let US Worship” tour. They want to fight Feucht’s “theocracy,” according to the announcement.

Mutual Attacks


Effective clashes of rival ideologies

In the first place, however, the dispute is not about “beliefs”, but about organizational matters. Such a tour also requires the permits for the respective performances and “Satanic Temple” sees various obstacles there. The representatives of this “temple” are of the opinion that the public authorities should have no plausible reasons for putting obstacles in the way of the performances. The government must remain neutral on religious stances, one argument goes. In addition, the authorities have given permission for the “Let Us Worship” tour for an “openly Christian-nationalist event”.

In the religious sphere, however, there are also points of friction between the charismatic singer and the “devil worshipers”. “Satanic Temple” considers Feucht’s statement that God is in control of everything to be very bold and that this also makes him a “Christian nationalist”.

The “moral apostle” speaks


Charismatic Enlightenment Through ‘Celebration From Heaven’

However, the arguments of the charismatic Sean Feucht are not “without pepper”. In his element as “worship leader” Feucht asked the crowd whether they wanted God to take over the government. “We want God to be in control of everything! We want believers to be the ones who write the laws!” Christian Post quoted the charismatic as saying.
For Feucht, the Satanist community is a typical case. Like the devil, they would have no creativity whatsoever. They took everything inspired by God as a model, copied and twisted it. It was always a cheap rip off. “Whatever they’re imitating is what they’re really afraid of,” says Feucht.

People are “herded”

These two groups are separated by further opposing views and apparently some monetary questions for the financing of the planned “temple tour” are still unanswered, but the overall picture already shows clear outlines. “The good guys” versus “the bad guys”. With the two opposing groups you could also be dealing with “Conservative” and “Woke” or “Right Wing” and “Left Wing”, but all comparisons have in common that the desired “golden middle way” consists of a compromise only can be a complete mess.

Neither the charismatic mega-church nor the “devil worshipers” are on the line of the gospel and therein lies the rub. It becomes particularly dangerous when the two brawlers bang around loudly and lose sight of the essential. A possibly “friendly solution” for both (apparently) extreme parties has long been at work and has clear contours. (Hegelian dialectics)

The ominous Baha’i operates diligently

Bahai religion

The Baha’i religion aims for global unification

In any case, it is striking that the political ambitions and globally desired changes in society are almost congruent with the “creeds” and desired goals of the relatively young and little-known Baha’i religion. An organization that maintains permanent representations at the UN in New York and Geneva as well as at the EU headquarters in Brussels. In this “religion” there are significant intersections with the Hindu religion, the Catholic dogmas, Islam, the “reorientation” of the Protestant churches and the New Age philosophy. Key areas of Baha’i work include education, united religions, science, human rights, gender justice, the human family, conservation and central government. Whatever these emphases have to do with religion, at least the Baha’i also observe a 19-day Lent, and the truly religious aspect falls somewhere between the Roman Catholic catechism and New Ager “wisdom”.

Very influential organization

UN building

Influences are bigger than you ‘wished for’

This organization has its headquarters in a huge – by whomsoever financed – temple complex modeled on the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” on Mount Carmel in Israel. Anyone who knows the gospel should be familiar with this mountain in connection with the prophet Elijah and the Baal priests. The location of this temple complex was most likely not chosen by chance. The Baha’i were founded in 1844 and there is also a very clear overlap with the gospel here (theme sanctuary). A closer look at the Baha’i gives the impression that this religion stands on its pedestals, which is only apparent in the case of the “Satanic Temple” music group.

The seduction is not prominent and striking

What did Jesus Christ warn about in His sermon on the Mount of Olives? (Matthew 24:4)

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

Seduction means neither persuasion nor enticement, but deception. Seduction does not represent persuasion into a bar of chocolate, but rather the temptation of people to go astray without them realizing it. The seduction does not lie in the loud clashes between two opposing religious groups. Not at all in the “Satanist Band”, because there is no seduction here. After all, the bottle contains the contents as described on the label. Such groupings should not even be able to upset the mind. It could also directly be a satire.

The charismatics and also the evangelical groups, which are increasingly referred to as “religious right-wingers”, already have a much greater potential for seduction up their sleeves. The label says “Christianity,” but the content is very different. Some beliefs are related to spiritism and idolatry, but not to the teachings of the gospel. Ein derartiger Inhalt, wie dieser auch von den Baha’i vertreten wird. Such content as can be read in “Laudato si'” and “Fratelli Tutti” by Pope Francis. Such content as can be found in the Global Curriculum submitted to UNESCO by “World Goodwill, Lucis Trust” in the mid-1990s. Exactly such a content, as this has been implemented for some time through political channels for the transformation of society.
But those with the “Christian label” have high morals, that is, the “good guys”.

The trap snaps shut – succumb to seduction

spider trap

Seduction usually only succeeds through invisibility

Both opposing ideologies are fueled in a well-dosed manner, above all via the media, until most people can be found either in the right or in the left corner. At the same time, the circumstances have been designed in such a way that the transition to the supposed but all-satisfactory compromise only requires a small step. And that’s exactly the box in which the trap snaps shut. The result looks like a moral, peaceful, inclusive coexistence, but is opposed to the Word of God in all aspects. All of them have succumbed to seduction.

Neither “right” nor “left” – Get out!

The gospel is represented neither by the charismatic, apparently morally high “evangelical right” nor by the open “ministers of the adversary”. Both groups, along with their respective supporters, are wearing themselves out. The open display of the “Satanists”, whose ideology belongs more to the “left wing”, will drive more and more disgusted people into the hands of the “Christian moral apostles”. The once Protestant churches and the Church of Rome are already waiting there with open arms. Here it means for every serious Christian just to remain “stiff and stubborn” and to cling to the gospel, the word of God. None of the true Christians have a place in any of these groups. Revelation 18:4 warns strongly of this:

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Bible verses from King James Version

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