Olli Dürr Society Dignitas infinitas – A slap in the face for the Woke faction

Dignitas infinitas – A slap in the face for the Woke faction

Dignitas infinitas – A slap in the face for the Woke faction post thumbnail image

“Dignitas infinita” counts! The Vatican’s highest religious authority gives a clear rejection of the Woken faction’s favorite topics, gender reassignment, gender theory and multi-genders. The initiation of the announced change of direction on the way from the original rain directly into the eaves.

The express dignity of the human being

The “voice of reason” has spoken. On Monday, the Vatican published the previously announced “Declaration on Human Dignity” called “Dignitas Infinita” (Source). This means that it is nothing less than “Infinite Dignity”, recognized or recognized by the highest religious department of this church (Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith). The head and therefore the highest inquisitor of this department is the Argentinian Víctor Manuel Cardinal Fernández.

Accordingly, every human being has dignity because they are created in the image and likeness of God. This cannot be lost because “if human dignity were bestowed on a person by other people, then it would be conditional and alienable.”

A rude blow to left-wing ideology

Hammer Strike

Rough awakening from rainbow-colored dreams

The camp of the rainbow-colored faction and supporters of fictional realities such as multi-gender, “gender reassignment” and advocates of gender theory will certainly feel hard hit. Here Fernández displayed a whole package of rejection from the Roman Church. Any intervention to change gender regularly carries the risk of violating one’s unique dignity. Gender theory attempts to deny the greatest possible difference between living beings.

The Vatican makes a similar ruling on the issue of gender reassignment. “The dignity of the body cannot be considered less than that of the person as such,” the letter said. Creation precedes us and must therefore be received as a gift. At the same time, we are called to protect our humanity. This means accepting and respecting yourself as you were created.

Human being and human person

In the introduction to this letter, the reader learns that every “human person” has an “infinite dignity, which is inalienably grounded in their being.” “Thanks to the voice of the popes,” the Church has endeavored to formulate even more clearly the fundamental dignity of the “human person.” On this point, Paul VI said that “no anthropology can equal that of the Church on the human person, even when considered individually, as to his originality, his dignity, the inviolability and richness of his fundamental rights, his holiness, his educability, his aspiration to completeness development and its immortality.”

Don’t let yourself be led onto black ice

The crux lies once again in the details. We are talking about the God-given dignity of human beings, but the concessions or restrictions by the Church concern “human persons.” With people and human persons it is similar to a person and a picture with the face of the person concerned. Man, God’s creature, is the reality, the reality, and the person is a fiction (person = subject = subject to law) within a legal circle. In this case within the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church.

This is clearly expressed in the Code of Canon Law, Can. 96:
By baptism one is incorporated into the Church of Christ and is constituted a person in it with the duties and rights which are proper to Christians in keeping with their condition, insofar as they are in ecclesiastical communion and unless a legitimately issued sanction stands in the way.

So when the church speaks of people on the one hand and the human person on the other, then these are two completely different things. They are not identical, there is only a fictitious reference here. The consent of the person concerned is required here, be it voluntarily or through implied action (usually due to ignorance). That is just the good, old, traditional “Roman law”, on which, for example, the good, old German Civil Code (BGB) is based.

Woke faction should be horrified


Loud advocates of tolerance are likely to react very intolerantly

The clear positioning of the Roman Church against the motley hustle and bustle of the left-green-woke ideology of gender theory and gender juggling is hard on many left-green-woke Protestant churches. Just like the entire rainbow scene, which is in the minority but extremely loud thanks to cooperating media. “A voice of reason” can be heard here from Rome. A sweet whispering sound that may seem like gentle music to some contemporaries who are now very annoyed by the Woke activity.

While the return to “moral values” in the “Old World” is predominantly openly demanded by the “Holy See”, in the “New World” the “Christian Right” or “National Christians”, which have now become more vocal, are apparently taking the initiative into their own hands . The so-called evangelicals in the USA have formed a bulwark against the rampant “woke” and are just waiting until the ballot papers are counted in the next presidential election. The plans are already in place, especially when it comes to “Christian values”. (Info).

Constellation has long been announced

Revelation 13

Ignoring Revelation 13 doesn’t help

Surprising development? Not really. The now visible shift from left-green ideology to “Christian reason” is a logical development in accordance with the conditions predicted in Revelation 13. The beast from the earth (USA with fallen Protestantism) will become the beast from the sea (the papacy). Erect image”. In other words, the long-destroyed Protestantism of the US military power will play the music long composed in Rome (Infos).

As usual, the Roman Church, washing its hands in innocence, remains discreetly in the background, preferring to sing a Marian hosanna in public with a ring of lights over its head. Entirely in keeping with Jezebel’s intrigues and consequently also her imminent and surefire, inglorious end.

This is the word of the LORD, which he spake by his servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying, In the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel:
2 Kings 9:36

 … und so kam es auch …

Bible verses from King James Version

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