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DIALOP – Common goals Christians and socialists

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Completely opposing ideologies are working together to find a common denominator under the accompanying leadership of the Vatican. Christianity and socialism work towards common goals with DIALOP.

More bridges need to be built

As the “supreme bridge builder” (“Pontifex Maximus”), Pope Francis is clearly trying to build common ground within a society torn apart by different ideologies. Francis wants to recognize a common mission within the different worldviews of Christians, socialists, Marxists and communists. To this end, he called on the “Marxist-Christian dialogue group DIALOP” to have a joint conversation, as “katholisch.de” reported. On the surface, approaches must now be found to overcome what divides us. What is required are discussions conducted with an open heart and listening to one another.

Sunflower sun

Brave new world under the beloved sun

Everyone involved should not give up on the dream of a better world. Finances and markets should not be left to dictate the laws, said the Pope. Now the ideals of freedom, equality, dignity and fraternity must be upheld. Systems that cause inequality must be purified. This can only be achieved through a “radical change of perspective in the distribution of challenges and resources between people and peoples,” said the pontiff.

DIALOP born in the Vatican

The organization “DIALOP” sees itself as a “transversal dialogue project” to encourage “good-willed” people with religious and secular backgrounds to work together. This organization works closely with universities and other formal and informal educational institutions. The goal is to develop a social ethic that applies the principles of “Marxian social ethics” and the “social teaching of the church” in equal proportions.

The birth of this dialogue project was on September 18, 2014 during a private audience between Pope Francis and Alexis Tsipras, Walter Baier and Franz Kronreif. Francis called on the visitors to start a transversal dialogue that includes the entire spectrum of society and, above all, young people. This meeting was the start of numerous other meetings with representatives from the Christian and left-wing scenes.

Laudato Si’ is finished

What belongs together comes together. The fusion of all religions under the roof of Rome, which is sought within the framework of ecumenism, also applies to non-religious people. This also includes the scene of the so-called left. With the topic of nature conservation, which is already officially emphasized as being based on “faith-based narratives” (Info), a common denominator for religion and atheism was defined with the keywords “climate protection” and “preservation of creation”. This would concern the area of ​​the encyclical “Laudato Si'” written by Pope Francis. (2015, Info).

Fratelli Tutti is still a work in progress

The focus of the organization DIALOP, which was founded “at the behest” of the Pontiff, is clearly on the encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” (2020), which was also published by Francis. While the “environmental encyclical” Laudato Si’ describes a crime against the vulnerable “Mother Earth”, Fratelli Tutti highlights the injustices within society. The “Social Encyclical” published in 2020 is in principle a new reappraisal of “Rerum Novarum” (Pope Leo XIII) and an excerpt from the compendium of Catholic social teaching placed in the modern context.

DIALOP was obviously founded so that opposing positions, such as “left” and “Christian right”, could also find a common denominator in the field of “social justice”.

Scholastics at work


Reason and philosophy – frying snowballs as a goal

ABC’s position paper DIALOP clearly shows that the term “Christianity” actually refers to Catholicism and its social doctrine based on natural law. They are looking for a common future in solidarity. The motto is: “Only together will we be saved“.

The common denominator of this motto was achieved by interpreting two different aspects. On the one hand this means that you have to be saved from something (Christian aspect) and the other variant is that you can only be saved through a joint effort (socialist aspect). After all, the cards are being played openly, because according to the position paper, all efforts are based from the start on the dialogue between representatives of the Catholic world and the “diverse” world of socialism. A dialogue that was started immediately with the direct invitation of Pope Francis. This is what the paper says:
Therefore – as requested by Pope Francis and motivated by many social, ecological and peace-oriented movements – we have begun a Christian socialist dialogue with the aim of contributing together to this transformation.

Immediate impact of Rome visible

The Vatican’s direct influence on the nature and climate protection movement on a religious and political level has long been obvious. Even though it may always seem that the papacy was always just chasing trends that “fell out of the blue”, the actual direction and script creation can no longer be overlooked. DIALOG is a prime example of the work of the Roman Catholic Church in the context of the transformation desired in society. The Jesuit order has had the issues of climate protection, migration and youth at the top of its task list for years.

Gospel only superficially present

Gospel study

Only a few scraps of verse were misused as prosthetics

From the perspective of the gospel, the motto that salvation is only possible together is complete nonsense. But that is in the nature of this church and is therefore understandable (Info). The “Christian touch” of this dialogue movement is gained from simply quoting individual snippets of verse and placing them in the desired context. Therefore, according to the position paper, a further link with socialism can be created by attributing a socialist ethos to the Gospel of Luke. Ultimately, the “mighty are dethroned and the lowly are exalted” and “the hungry are filled with goods while the rich go away empty.”

Commonalities already discovered

DIALOP’s position paper highlights the “astonishing similarities in the present” between Christian (actually Catholic) and socialist worldviews. There is fundamental agreement that Pope Francis’ thesis that “this economy kills” brings about the final unification of both ideologies. There is already agreement today that we can only be “saved together” if the following goals are pursued together:
– an economy of life
– a community of caring
– a politics of solidarity-based transformation
– a world in which there is room for many worlds
– the dignity of every individual in a rich world of common goods and for a coexistence of peace.

None of these positions are consistent with the gospel.

For such ambitious goals initiated and promoted by the Vatican, a separation between church and state is no longer possible, but rather requires fusion (as in the Middle Ages). This objective, which is completely alien to the gospel, already describes in broad strokes the desired result. The broad masses remain in a state of socialism, led by a norm setter from politics and business to the highest level (“public private partnership”, fascism) and everything is led by the supreme, all-overseeing “emperor of this world” in Rome. This “top level” is already taking a structured form with the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism”. (Source).

For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
Revelation 18:3

Bible verses from King James Version

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