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Derailments of an “artificial intelligence” – morality?



If you find it too strenuous to use your own thinking apparatus even for the simplest everyday things, you would prefer to use “artificial intelligence”. Morality and reason play a subordinate role here. After such an AI clearly went awry, outraged voices caused consequences. Still.

A hyped phenomenon

Artificial intelligence (AI), like the “great achievements” of technology to date, is intended to make people’s lives easier. The hype created around AI is apparently intended to completely deprive people of their ability to think independently. Without a smartphone, only a minority dares to leave their own four walls and if they only go to the neighboring town by car, the navigation device often takes over.

A virtual world or a fictional reality – it doesn’t matter

Many companies have already gathered around this “intelligence” and want to turn the programs they developed for this purpose into cash.

There are numerous apps available to users in which they can spend their time, which is not used otherwise and, above all, sensibly, with “intelligent bots”. Role-playing games with virtual conversation partners seem to be a hit.

Chai Ai with strange “views”

The Chai Ai app also offers such a role-playing game. This app was made available for download in 2021. Until a few days ago, this app was still available in the Apple and Google Playstores. They have since been removed and the reason for this is understandable. This (temporary) withdrawal of the chatbot did not happen immediately, but rather required further anomalies. Around five million people use this app.
The London newspaper Times tried this “intelligent” chat AI and found very strange things.

Incitement to theft and murder

Last March, a Belgian man committed suicide after his plans received support from Chai AI. In a recent study, “artificial intelligence” encouraged users to steal from others and even kill them. In one case, this chatbot thought sex with 15-year-olds was completely acceptable, and Chai AI threatened a user with rape in a role-playing game.

The five authors of this Chai AI app are all graduates of Cambridge University. A so-called educational establishment with a higher reputation.

Your own brain has become insignificant

Mechanics brain
Let your own brain atrophy for virtual worlds

Be it the simple supposed conversation with people who don’t know what else to do with their valuable time, or on behalf of the pastor who doesn’t want to bother with “enlightening speeches” on top of his lack of interest in the gospel (Info). Humanity relies too much on newly created fictions on its path to “making life easier.” An “artificial intelligence” has neither morals nor scruples and is only as smart as it has access to databases.

Such bots only receive supposed reason through their programmers, whose level must first be questioned. The bottom line is that it is (still) up to each individual whether they want to switch their own thinking apparatus to standby or whether they want to dispose of it completely.

Derailments of an “artificial intelligence” – morality?
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