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Saving Democracy – Roman Church appears to be politically inexperienced



The Roman Catholic Church has shown itself to be shy and inexperienced in political matters. Since democracy is under attack and needs to be saved, Rome now feels called upon to lend a helping hand. For the good of humanity, of course.

Democracy – A valuable asset

Democracy is a valuable asset in our society. The right not only of co-determination, but also the per se right of the people of a country to determine their own rules and laws was by far not present in the greatest period of human history. An achievement that only began with the founding of the United States of America and the French Revolution.

Rust Crown
Democracies replaced monarchies

At the official level, the monarchies as the ruling class have been shelved. But even at this point, democracy was far from being a given after the upheavals. While some countries introduced democracy, the rebellion leaders of other countries took a completely different view and followed the ideals of the frontmen Marx and Engels.

The democracy we fought for is crumbling

Today, democracy seems to be at risk again in many countries. Attacks on democracy can be seen everywhere, especially from the “right”. At least that’s the perspective of those who are far to the left of center and count the book “Das Kapital” as one of the standard works they read.

Whether “Old Hegelians” or “Young Hegelians”, both play an important role in the machine of mutual friction. “What matters is what comes out at the back,” as an equally important German chancellor once put it.

Skillful distraction is half the battle

Eyes must be diverted from the truth

The tried and tested recipe “Stop the thief!” is also used extensively in everyday political life. With all the fingers available, people are pointing at the declared enemy of democracy and are doing their best to dismantle this political system at every turn, or, to put it in cooperative jargon, to dismantle it.

Anyone who plays even a small active role in this evil game will ultimately have a problem, because the game according to Hegelian dialectic ultimately only knows losers in both groups, while the actually declared enemy can be found somewhere else entirely (Info).

Catholic Church – “Democratic Veteran”

A joke in history is that today the greatest defenders of democracy are those who have been completely alien to the democratic principle since birth. Self-inherent totalitarianism, outwardly governed in a totalitarian way for a good 1,700 years and all dissenting views were persecuted with totalitarian means and eradicated with all conceivable cruel measures.

Politics is a challenge

You don’t have to believe every story – especially not from the father of lies

The master of meaningless empty phrases and also Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, is concerned about democracy. At an international peace meeting in Berlin in September 2023, the Catholic clergyman stated that he saw democracy under attack (Source). According to Marx, democracy is not a sure-fire success.

He called for religions and churches to be integrated into a democratic society. “This is also a challenge for my church,” said the cardinal, who appears to have completely forgotten history. It was not a stand-up comedy event, so one has to assume that Marx was serious about this.

1,700 years of political dominance in an official position and since then working in the background do not exactly reflect a certain inexperience at the political level. However, if Cardinal Marx emphasized his church’s inexperience in democracy, his sentence could have made sense. But not like that.

There is Medo-Persia in the church of Rome

The Roman Catholic Church, with its vertical hierarchy, its organizations of brotherhoods of different orders, monastic life, the priesthood right up to the bishop and the pope at the top, are certainly not an implementation of the ideas from the times of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, but a copy of the priestly organization of the Medo-Persians and their variant of Mithraism. A philosophy of paganism that extended into the Roman Empire and culminated in the papacy that followed.

The lived “democracy” of the church

Democracy – When the votes end up on the floor

The Church of Rome is indeed experienced in politics, but certainly not a specialist in practical democracy. Pope Francis has now once again demonstrated the remoteness of any democratic structures. As Bishop of Rome, he is traditionally the chief shepherd and also the chief overseer of the entire church. If he doesn’t like something, he doesn’t bring it up for debate in a “Vatican Parliament” for a vote, but he simply eliminates the nuisance.

Fallen out of favor with the Pope

The Pope recently made the US Cardinal Raymond Burke “posthumously” one miter shorter. The archbishop, who has already retired, was the cardinal patron of the Order of Malta until his resignation. From 2003 to 2009, Burke was the archbishop of St. Louis. His resignation as Cardinal Patron of the Order of Malta took place on June 19, 2023, succeeding Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda. A Jesuit who was once the rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, the “educational center” of the Jesuit order par excellence.

The Pope’s initiative to radically transform the Order of Malta (Info) was also the reason for the replacement of Cardinal Burke. He did not hold back in his criticism of Pope Francis and also the initiative of the world synod that had already taken place. However, critics of the Pope are numerous, but only a few have such an influential position as the now ousted Cardinal Burke. A Grand Cross Knight of the Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and a former Cardinal Patron of the Order of Malta are quite a number.

Pope Francis acts “undemocratically”

Pope from behind
There is something absolute about disfavor from the Pope

The retired cardinal made a name for himself when he and other cardinals submitted questions known as “dubia” to the pontiff.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is using other means to silence Burke’s “loud mouth.” With immediate effect, the archbishop emeritus will be deprived of his right to a subsidized apartment and a salary in the Vatican, as the magazine “America – The Jesuit Review” reported (Source). Burke is a source of “disunity” in the church, according to the justification for the measures.

Apparently these steps were initiated after a hint from Francis, because Burke had no prior knowledge of them.

A thoroughly undemocratic process. But that’s just how this church works. It’s in her nature, a gene from her birth. An internal democracy also prohibits its internal structure of a monarchy, the “Holy See” and the Vatican as the constitutional state system.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

The concern for democracy shown by Archbishop Marx with the face of an inexperienced, one-year-old lamb and his suggestions for how to counter the current “bombardment” merely describes the steady creep of this Church toward the position it once held. Anyone who denounces the enemies of democracy ultimately has to wear the garb of the strongest democracy supporters. Just as much democracy as the Jacobins once demonstrated with their Phrygian caps.

No matter how empty Marx’s words may be, he works well in his role as cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

The transition to “power number eight”

Gospel study
The Bible explains history and the future

After the experimental phase of democracies, socialism, communism and other dictators and the common goal of distancing people from the truth of the Gospel, the transition slowly follows into the final phase. A transformation of the democracy to be “protected” into an official political playing field for the Church of Rome and its pontiff at the top. The book of Revelation in chapter 17 describes this emerging power as form of government number eight (Info).

The governments that are still sitting in their “high chairs” today have already become drunk on the sweet poisonous wine of the whore and will have to suffer a terrible hangover when they wake up. But it’s too late.

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
Revelation 17:16

Bible verses from King James Version

Saving Democracy – Roman Church appears to be politically inexperienced
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