Olli Dürr Society Decline in Membership – Exodus in the Church of Scotland

Decline in Membership – Exodus in the Church of Scotland

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The exodus from the Church continues to spread. In addition to the mass exodus from the large churches in Germany, the church in Scotland is also faced with a flood of fleeing sheep. There is still a (temporary) winner.

Escape from the church is widespread

The mass flight from the churches, be whether it be the Catholic or the Protestant Church, is not limited to Germany, which is becoming more and more secular, but also to other countries. In the case of the Catholic Church, the main reason for the sharply shrinking “flock” is probably the cases of abuse that are becoming increasingly known in this Church. Although there have been tens of thousands of victims of sexual abuse over the decades, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. The influx into this church mostly comes from the tradition of already Catholic families, but to a decreasing extent. Only a very small proportion of atheists “accident” by being baptized (drizzle) Catholic right away.

escape stair

More and more church members just want to get out

The reason for the mass exodus from the Protestant churches may lie in the political narratives that were taken up and represented. Instead of Gospel now “Woke”, instead of “God” (“Gott”) one now writes “G*d” (“G*tt”, gender asterisk) and the issues surrounding the climate seem more important than the real salvation of the people. The people do not receive the living Word of God preached, but pure tutelage. In addition, there are the purely financial aspects and in view of the Greens policy supported by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), people are left with less and less of it. So just get out of this club and get rid of the church taxes.

Membership decline in Church of Scotland

The church in Scotland (Church of Scotland) fares the same as the big churches in Germany. After the last General Assembly in Edinburgh, the report with the development of the number of members in recent years was published. According to this, the Church of Scotland has lost more than half of its followers since the year 2000. The average age of the remaining church members is already very advanced at 62 years. Even the average age of the clergy in this church is “very high” at over 50.

The shrinkage between 2020 and 2021 was 4.6 percent. In 2021, the church had 283,600 members. During 2022, membership fell another 4.7 percent to just 270,300. Compared to 2012, a drop of 35 percent. In the 1950s, membership in the Church of Scotland was around 1.3 million. More details on the “technical issues” can be found here.

Church of Scotland has also drifted

The appearance of the church in Scotland has changed fundamentally, as did the former Protestant churches in Germany. A fundamental “change of mind” also occurred in the once “sticky Protestant” church, which was ultimately defended with a great deal of bloodshed. Away from the gospel, towards “woken” themes and the adoption of “Romance guidelines”. Those in charge of these churches simply do not understand that the sheep finally notice when the shepherds give them only gnarled old thistles as food instead of fresh, healthy grass.

Rom rubs his damp hands

Spider web

The spider web of Rome is becoming more and more visible

The “winner” and also, with a probability bordering on certainty, the initiator of this development is in Rome. The great interest of the Church of Rome lies in the “homelessness” of the former church members. If they were once true believers, despite the erroneous teachings of these institutions, so much the better. Disoriented followers are much easier to integrate (“inclusivity”) than literal believers in what is written in the Bible. These are then denigrated as “fundamentalists” in connection with “mental violent criminals”. The goal of the Catholic Church has never been human salvation. Therefore, in principle, the Church of Rome does not care at all which way people get lost. The main thing is off to perdition (see Revelation 13, 1-10, or here).

The new, global and already visible (world) religion is dedicated to “Mother Nature”. At the top is the “all life-giving sun” and the earthly and also worshipable representative on earth is the pope (“emperor”). Pope Francis himself provided the through ball with his encyclicals “Laudato si'” (2015) and “Fratelli Tutti” (2020). Everything is going according to plan or script and this also includes the creation of further insecurities and also evils in other areas of people’s lives. “Ordo ab chao”.

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