Olli Dürr Society Culture War: Value-Conservative preachers ban Bible

Culture War: Value-Conservative preachers ban Bible

Culture War: Value-Conservative preachers ban Bible post thumbnail image


The “culture war” between “woke” and “value conservative” is entering the next round, and with a big surprise. Bible ban not by “non-Christian” groups, but at the instigation of the so-called preachers of morality.

The “binary” society is clashing

In the fueled split between “woke” and “conservative,” the rifts are getting wider and deeper. Not everyone is comfortable with minority-led issues like LGBTQ and queer. The violence and also penetrance of the theses of the social construct of the numerous genders supported by the media eventually leads to just as violent reactions from the opponents of such fictions. Now, with the help of media and political support, the pioneers of these campaigns for “non-binary” connections are leading to a thoroughly “binary” society. Either someone is found in the “woken” group or in the “conservative” camp. A desired state.

Actions and Reactions

fight before sun

Culture War of Spirits in the Light of the ‘Sun’

Many US states have already reacted to the excesses of the LGBTQ and gender reassignment campaigns and put this movement in its place. In addition to the ban on hormonal treatment of minors in preparation for a gender reassignment, this also includes the ban on relevant literature in the educational establishments. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis plans to ban schools from teaching children and adolescents of all ages about sexual orientation and gender identity. The ban currently applies to kindergartens up to the third grade.

Access to the Bible is restricted in Utah


Censorship – ban is still the easiest way – justification almost irrelevant

The reaction to the LGBTQ movements has now gone so far that in the state of Utah schools are having to remove all Bibles from the shelves, as e.g.n-tv reported. The reason is parents who want to recognize offensive topics in the Bible as well as in the relevant LGBTQ books.

According to the argument, children would encounter “obnoxious and violent content” in the Bible. In 2022, the state of Utah passed a law banning films and books with “pornographic and indecent content” in schools. The committee in charge of the recent Bible targeted case, while concluding that the Bible did not violate existing law, decided to restrict access to the Bible in high schools. The call for a ban was cited with the argument of content found in the Bible such as “prostitution, oral sex, genital mutilation, incest, masturbation, rape, dildos and infanticide”.

Synthetic overreaction?

Anyone who would have called for the Bible to be banned 5 years ago would certainly have been called “not quite right in the head”. In the course of the LGBTQ movement, one would have expected much more that this group of convinced “non-Christians” would have demanded a ban on the Bible. The real surprise, however, is that it is now the so-called Christian “value conservatives” themselves who (for the time being only) want to restrict access to the Word of God.

It was actually to be expected that the list of “objectionable content” in the Bible was not in context. However, none of the topics mentioned are described in detail in the Bible, explained, let alone recommended with the help of pictures and instructions. All of the above examples are condemned in the Bible as reprehensible and even as abominations. The only endorsement is for sexual acts in marriage between a man and a woman only. That’s all!

Preparation for “Roman substitute religion”


Calculation and preliminary planning – Rarely does something happen by accident

Both opposing groups are at each other’s throats and one of the measures declared necessary by the so-called value conservatives is, in all seriousness, the restriction to the Bible. FA very desirable development for the already available “substitute religion” from “Roman pen”. It’s the same pen that gave birth to LGBTQ and various circles of value conservatives.

In this sense, a brilliant move by the pioneers. But all this does not happen by chance, but within the framework of the so-called Hegelian dialectic. Suppressing the Word of God, or leading people away from the truth, is the real goal, so that the pagan substitute religion can be installed more carelessly. The hustle and bustle surrounding LGBTQ and the reactions of the so-called value conservatives it provokes is merely a means to an end. And “the end justifies the means”.

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