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CSD in Berlin probably drove it “too colorful” – new phase in the Hegel game



The Christopher Street Day, CSD for short, was particularly “colorful” last Saturday. A few red lines seem to have been crossed and this was probably what the initiators wanted. The tide now seems to be turning and increasingly coming from the “conservative Christian” corner. A thoroughly desired development, because the “Hegel game” is entering a new phase.

CSD has probably driven it too colorful

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, the “Christopher Street Day” (CSD) event was held in Berlin again. As expected, it was much more than just motley and, above all, loud. The gathering of “queer” people was highly motivated in bright sunshine.

CSD event
CSD not only colourful, but also very ‘imaginative’

But as it seems, the already very wide field of “tolerance” and “anti-discrimination” of trans, homo and queer people has finally been left with this event. Apart from the fact that the “problem of discrimination” in Germany actually only got a real boost when it was formulated as a problem and the multitude of possible genders was set in the minds of many people, a threshold was probably crossed this Saturday. The Blog “Philosophia Perennis (PP)” also showed some excesses of this CSD event using video recordings. However, such reports do not appear in the very “left-green” oriented mainstream media. They still talk about this “great tolerance” towards those who think differently and are different, which is expressed by this colorful event.

Everyone who dares to even begin to question this hustle and bustle, let alone criticize it, notices how limited this tolerance (= endure something) of this “queer” movement seems to be. Tolerance yes, but please only within the marked area.

Open anti-Semitism

Unabashedly, let’s just say an extremely queer group appeared at CSD, shouting slogans at the top of their lungs to make the state of Israel’s right to exist disputed. As usual, the thesis on the liberation of Palestine serves for this purpose. But the fact that Israel is the only state in this region that accepts “queer” and everything that goes with it seems to have escaped the attention of the screamers, as does the fact that the Palestinians are predominantly Muslim. As is well known, their tolerance towards multicolored, queer, gay and homo is a very short chain.

It is maxed out to the breaking point

The previously propagated permissiveness and vastness of the “erotic playing field” no longer seem to be enough for the “model tolerant”. At this CSD event, the focus was increasingly placed on children and the subject was addressed, as was demanded by representatives of the Green Party years ago.
Nor is pedophilia classified by medicine as a mental health disorder. But the definition of this health disorder was already given a different definition in queer circles. “This is just a sexual orientation like any other”. The intention behind it, presented as logic: this must of course be tolerated by society, otherwise it would be discrimination.
This CSD event in Berlin also claimed the title “family-friendliness” in this regard.

The wind changes direction

Colorful Munich City Hall
The public sector plays the game on the side of the CSD and Queer

PP speaks of a “turning point” and the author is probably correct. With such completely exaggerated and sometimes repulsive actions, views and demands of these colorful troops, they have gone too far. Human tolerance has a pain threshold and this may now have been reached. PP also brings the voters’ willingness to vote into play and sees a connection between the outlandish excesses of the motley representatives of the queer scene and the flow of support for the AfD. The (supposedly) conservative “blue party” is a party above the 5 percent hurdle on this issue, alone and abandoned on the political stage. The great rest claps and cheers for the rainbow events with great glee. On the occasion of the CSD event at the government building, the federal government raised the rainbow flag in the air.

Evangelical church completely on the CSD track

queer dressing
The churches, deserted of all good spirits, condition their followers

The evangelical church also took part in the CSD event with enthusiasm and pride. For the first time, this former Protestant institution provided its own truck. Despite the CO2, the nitrogen oxides and the fine dust, the evangelical church probably financed its own vehicle with funds from the church tax and participated in the motto shown: “For self-determination. Against hate!” However, this required self-determination does not apply to one’s own body when it comes to injecting almost unexplored, novel gene therapies. On this subject, the evangelical churches have been at the forefront of calls for compulsory vaccination. The Chairwoman of the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD), Annette Kurschus, was particularly vocal. She did not take part in the Church Day 2023 due to a Corona disease.
On the eve of the CSD day, the evangelical church held a “multi-religious service” on the occasion of this event in the Marienkirche on Alexanderplatz.

Control and dose media

Social Media
The media pull together on the hip strand

It is very difficult to estimate how widespread sympathy for this CDS activity was and is within society. The “united” media always make the theses they hand down appear like an overwhelming majority opinion. Dissenting voices are either concealed or silenced. True to the motto “what isn’t written about can’t exist”, a large part of society lets itself be fooled as it pleases. In addition, there is active discrimination against “those who think differently”, although the fight against any form of discrimination is one of their own flags. Demand for tolerance but total intolerance against everyone who doesn’t share the same view of what it should look like. But when the time is right, even the mainstream can hear tones that can surprise. Here the dose plays a role, which appears to be suitable at the time.

Calculated departure from CSD and Co.

The fact that society, no matter how blinded and misled it may appear, still has a pain threshold is purely a calculation here. This crossing of a limit is not an accident, but a desired development.

Can anyone imagine the majority of people standing behind the Pope in Rome to have him tell them their morals and values? Completely unthinkable 20 years ago and this was also the case until 2013. In contrast to his predecessor Benedict XVI. alias Josef Ratzinger, however, Pope Francis is today considered more of a nice guy, peaceable and also very reasonable. He interferes in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as someone who would like to make peace. He still stands for the classic family picture, as well as for the clear separation between two sexes. Francis also has his “pains” in blessing same-sex couples. The pontiff speaks out against the killing of unborn children (“abortion”) and also promotes nature and climate protection.

The Pontifex as “ultramontane reason”

Pope Francis
Francis – The ‘Nice Pope of Reason’

In principle, the pope is directly opposed to the CSD and queer people with his values ​​and world views. He seems to be the voice of compensating reason. The only intersection to be found with the “rainbow organization” is nature and climate protection. And this is exactly where the focus of the entire game according to Hegel lies. The Church of Rome, as well as their daughters from former Protestant churches, simply call this “care of creation”. This is the same as climate protection and nature conservation, but with a “Christian label”. While the protection of creation churches align their constituencies, atheist politics are pushing the same area in what is currently half the rest of society. All that is needed is a merging of church and state and society can already enjoy the legislation tainted with “Christian values”. Such ambitions have long been up and running, as the meeting at the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing proves.

The USA play an important role here

Germany is not the umbilical cord of the world and therefore one should also look beyond one’s own nose to the “rest” of the globe. Social, ecclesiastical and political developments on the subject of Christian values ​​are particularly prominent here. The calls for “Christian laws” can no longer be ignored, and the US Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of an employee who wanted to have Sunday off for his day of rest and worship. The Supreme Court of the United States, a state founded with Protestant roots, is predominantly made up of Catholic judges. Protestants no longer appear in it.

The opposite pole cultivated according to Hegel

What the Republicans represent in the USA corresponds to the AfD in Germany. Such demands for “conservative Christian values” are also increasingly present in the ranks of the “blue party”. They stand in contrast to the CFD and queer hustle and bustle and thus also represent the catchment basin of the majority of society disgusted by the extremely colorful hustle and bustle.

“Only” the catastrophe is missing

All that was missing was another “irregularity” like in the years 2020 to mid-2022. A package of adversities leading to a vigorous upheaval within society in a way humanity has never experienced before, especially on a global scale. Desperation, hopelessness, fear and terror are spreading.

The euphonious tones from Rome will then reach every human being from among the ranks who represent such reasonable “conservative Christian” values. This also to protect our living space. The rulers, who had wholeheartedly joined the queer movements, can no longer be trusted. The hand stretched out from Rome will therefore be gratefully received. And with that, humanity goes from bad to worse. The morally Christian values ​​as represented by Rome have absolutely nothing to do with the gospel, in fact they are diametrically opposed to it.

Not dropped out of the blue

Blue sky
CSD and AfD are not random phenomena out of the blue

The mutual playing off and rushing at each other, which led to the multi-division in society, which is very visible today, has a much longer development phase behind it than it might appear. The beginning was the Roman Catholic Church, especially after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. The highest priority was the return of the once Protestant churches to the bosom of the mother in Rome. This has already been achieved. In the “Charta Oecomenica” from 2001 alone, the Catholic Church is recognized as “the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church” by the Working Group of Churches in Germany (ACK). This document also stipulates that the remaining differences should be overcome with “all possible means”. A special focus was also placed on the “preservation of creation”.

The trap will snap

Anyone who plays the game will almost inevitably end up in a trap

The trap is already set up and pretensioned. The central point will be, as very few people suspect, in addition to the disregard for other statutes of God, especially the traditional sanctification of Sunday instead of the biblical Saturday. While one could voluntarily do without the ideas of the Catholic Church on its social teaching based on Greek philosophy, observing Sunday will become a compulsion. So the CSD event on a Saturday (Sabbath) was certainly well received by the pontiff in Rome who was supposedly on the opposite side.

CSD in Berlin probably drove it “too colorful” – new phase in the Hegel game
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