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Creation Report as a Children’s Story – Evolution vs. Bible



Contrary to what some clerics claim, the Bible’s account of creation and the theory of evolution are in complete contradiction. Nevertheless, the theory of creation between the Big Bang and the present, which has not been proven to this day but only postulated, is already being drummed into the little ones.

A fictional dialogue between grandpa and grandchildren

An article in the Catholic magazine “Die Tagespost” shows how children are led away from the truth and exposed to the ideas of many contemporary philosophies, in which creation is explained to the children based on a fictional dialogue between two questioning children and their grandfather. A prime example of mixing biblical truths with the thoughts of those who would love to plunge humanity into the abyss.

A “wise” grandfather explains the creation

children's stories
A children’s story should explain creation to the children

“The creation of the world” is the title of the article. God is the creator of heaven, earth and human beings, that is the completely correct introduction. Equally correct is the indication that God loves His creation and also wishes that He be known by us humans. Which, however, required an initial recognition at least.

In this dialogue, the children Lilly and Bob meet their grandfather. They want to explain a game to their grandfather and he uses the rules to remember the world-famous picture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, which can still be admired today in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. It is the picture “The Creation of Adam” in which God, with a visible effort, extends His finger towards the finger of Adam, who appears very relaxed. While Adam looks rather bored in his comfortable position, God apparently has to hold on to the (Catholic) inhabitants of heaven in order not to fall headlong from the kingdom of heaven into the abyss.

There is something divine in man

After Grandpa talked about the picture, Lilly asked why there was still a gap between the fingers of God and Adam. Grandpa thinks he knows the answer. God, the creator of man, is very close to his creation, but there is still a certain distance between the two. Every human being is a so-called “image of God” and therefore there is also something “divine” in human beings, according to the words the author put into grandfather’s mouth. Nevertheless, every human being must be aware that his life is an “absolute gift from the Creator”.

The Catholic Catechism instead of the Bible

Already at this point the Catholic heresy of the “divine” in man comes to the fore. But man, himself only from the dust of the earth, alive only by the breath of life of God, and therefore as a living being the soul itself, has neither anything divine in him, nor does he possess an immortal soul. The Catholic Church knows very well that the Old Testament, like the New Testament, describes the living human being as the soul as a whole and that man has no soul. (Read in New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 13, from page 335).

But this church doesn’t care about what is in the Bible, but does its own thing and declares man to be “divine”, with “own reason” and also equipped with an “immortal soul”. According to Catholic teaching, this soul separates from the body after death. So the full program of Hellenistic philosophy and by the way the three big lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. An official teaching of this church according to its catechism. In other words: The Church of Rome represents the serpent doctrine.

“Saints” are always a good fit

In order to substantiate this thesis, the fictional grandfather uses a Catholic “saint”, namely Augustine. This is again a typical feature of the Roman Catholic Church, which is completely foreign to the Gospel. The dead are defined as “holy” and also worshiped. An instruction to address the prayers to the “saints” can be found in the Ignatian Exercises of Loyola (main founder of the Jesuit order and their first superior general). Of course, these visions presuppose the heresy of a surviving soul. Furthermore, the worship of so-called saints is a blatant disregard of the First Commandment.

Jesus Christ doesn’t even come up

It’s true what the fictional grandpa says, that God created everything out of His unselfish love. But the assertion that God does not need our praise is again very daring. The Catholic Church has also simply removed the Second Commandment regarding “relic” worship according to their official teaching. No wonder, because it says also: “for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God”. “Praise” can also be expressed in the words “reverence”. Jesus Christ is not mentioned at all in the entire post. Amazing, for He Himself, the only begotten Son of God and the Word of God, was the Creator of all things (see John 1:1-3). And after all, it also says in John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Creation, the fall of man and possible salvation are inextricably linked. It’s amazing that Jesus Christ is completely lost in this “story about creation”.

Divine Inspirations from another “Saint”

Instead of bringing Jesus Christ into the necessary connection with creation, a “saint” can serve again. This time a certain “Teresa”. According to Catholic tradition, this is said to have heard the voice of God, with the indication that God wanted to create the whole world again, “just to hear from us once that we love him,” says the fictitious grandfather.

The contradiction follows immediately

This statement, after only “a few breaths”, is in stark contrast to the previous statement that God does not need our praise. Now God wants to recreate the world, which implies a prior destruction, just for the praise to be heard in the form of expressed love. So it can’t be all that unimportant, according to this contradictory account.

Anyone who takes the Bible into their own hands and reads the processes described in the books of Daniel and Revelation will quickly realize that the earth will actually be destroyed. However, not because of the hope of reciprocated love, which is a matter of course according to the “criteria” on the new earth anyway, but because of the godlessness, paganism, the complete moral decay, i.e. the complete sinfulness of people. At the end of time it will be like Noah’s time. A clear statement.
It may well be that this Teresa heard a voice. But since the message heard in it is in contradiction to the unchangeable God, the “spirit” has already been checked and can confidently be rejected.

Creation consists of 2 narratives

The fictional grandpa now comes directly to creation. He tells Lilly and Bob how, according to the Bible, God created today’s world in 7 days. However, how two narratives can be coined from the unified story of creation remains a mystery. At least the grandfather places the creation of man, ie Adam and Eve, in a second narrative. Both were created on day 6 during the 7 days of creation.Presumably the fictional grandfather wanted to avoid addressing the 7th day as the day blessed and sanctified by God (Genesis 2:3-4). After all, this 7th day is the Sabbath and is still valid today. But the Catholic Church also has its own ideas, which will most certainly remain a point of conflict until the final end.

Biblical account of creation is only allegorical

creation story
Science is above biblical statements – Word of God only ‘stories’

Little Lilly digs deeper, because she has obviously had to learn that today’s world is said to have developed over a long period of time as part of evolution. That would be in contradiction with the creation report and the 7 days. But the fictitious grandpa has an answer here too. It confirms the evolution that has taken place over many millions of years. The authors of the Bible also didn’t want to “write a scientific account of the creation of the world,” according to Grandpa. The theory of evolution does not contradict belief in God at all. The so-called “Big Bang” is considered by many scientists to be the beginning of the world and, according to Pope Francis, this does not contradict the divine plan of creation.
In this context, the “wise” grandfather proudly mentions the originator of the Big Bang theory. That was the Catholic priest Georges Lemaître, a Belgian.

Grandpa’s science is even outdated

With the more precise explanation that the world was compressed into a tiny space around 14 billion years ago, the fictitious grandfather uses an outdated “state of knowledge”. This version is long outdated. So-called science has long since realized that this tiny point could never exist due to physical laws (entropy). In this embarrassment, the “scientists” have long since formulated a new thesis. So the current version is not “tiny dot” but “the nothing”.

With the “impossibility” of the big bang thesis follows the complete impossibility of the theory of evolution. Regardless of the creation story in the Bible, the described course of evolution is completely excluded. This is not for philosophical reasons, but for tangible Arguments of Science itself. Therefore, the fictitious grandfather’s statement, “Nevertheless, the question of whether a creator designed our planet or whether it came about by chance can never be answered scientifically” is grotesquely wrong.

The source of the ideas alone is suspect

In relation to the creation account, Pope Francis declares the Bible (the Word of God!) to be unbelievable and God to be a liar. What the “Grandpa” failed to mention is that Georges Lemaître was a Jesuit, as was the current Pope. An order that has made it its mission not to aspire to high offices or positions. But: “The end justifies the means”.

With the acceptance of the theory of evolution as his personal faith (this is nothing else) not only the creation account of the Bible is rejected, but also the Sabbath, the fall, the way of salvation and the meaning and purpose of Jesus’ sacrificial death. In such a case, this will come to a bitter end.

Jesus warned urgently

Jesus Christ suggested another use for millstone

There is still agreement with a statement by the fictitious grandfather: “It’s always a question of faith”. Is correct. Either I believe the theory of evolution or I believe the Word of God.
However, the “hard-core” Catholic faces a dilemma here. The Roman Catholic Church defines itself as “the Church of God on earth” and, in addition to countless other blasphemies, also raised the catechism about the Bible. According to Church law, every believer is obligated to absolute obedience to the Church, subject to appropriate sanctions. What consequences this could have, especially in the “Dark Middle Ages”, should actually be widely known.

Nevertheless, there are still two statements from the Bible, even if these may seem irrelevant to the Catholic.
Paul wrote a letter to the church in Rome with the reference in Romans 1:20:

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

Jesus Christ, who was not mentioned by a syllable in the entire “Creation Report” presented by the Catholic magazine, issued an urgent warning regarding the teachings addressed to children, as in Matthew 18:6:

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Bible verses from King James Version

Creation Report as a Children’s Story – Evolution vs. Bible
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