Olli Dürr Society Coronation of Charles III – A “real ceremony”

Coronation of Charles III – A “real ceremony”

Coronation of Charles III – A “real ceremony” post thumbnail image


With the coronation of King Charles III. it was not a costume party or a spectacle, but a “real ceremony”. A “Catholic look” at the traditional coronation rites.

The coronation was not a costume party

In a kind of obituary for the Coronation of Charles III. the author tries to emphasize the background of the very traditional rituals. “Every word, every gesture, every rite was on the one hand predetermined by tradition, but on the other hand it was meant as said or executed,” says Claudia Auffenberg, editor-in-chief of the Paderborn diocese magazine “Der Dom”. in Internet portal of the Catholic Church.

Buckingham royal seat

Coronation – Strictly according to traditional protocol

After all, the coronation ceremony was not a play or a costume film, but real. You forget that every now and then. Saying the creed is different from reciting a poem you have learned by heart.

The ritual described by the author as the most impressive was the anointing of the king. The public could not follow this, but this could trigger the fascination. It must have been an extremely intimate moment, “in which the king stood more or less alone before his God and experienced personally and physically: You, Charles, are meant, it’s really about you,” wrote Auffenberg.

The baptized are kings, priests and prophets

God is a loving God and gives dignity to human beings. This encouragement is emphasized by the fact that the church dispenses the anointing at certain stages of life. This even shows a humble God in a way. “After all, this god shares his dignity with us,” says the author. What is certain is that “all of us” were “anointed with Christ to be king, priest and prophet” in baptism. With the liturgy “we partake in the heavenly liturgy that is being celebrated in the holy city of Jerusalem,” Auffenberg quotes the statement of a council. What is meant is “what we do on Sundays”.

That’s what Catholicism is like

Catholicism in its purest form. Since the editor-in-chief of a Catholic magazine is certainly only addressing Catholic “baptism,” one might conclude that all Catholics are “kings, priests, and prophets,” accompanied by the proportional dignity of God. This arrogance is typical of this tradition-overloaded church and is also officially taught in the catechism. This statement comes very close to the second lie of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The aforementioned Catholic liturgy naturally culminates in the Sunday Mass. The constant and repeated sacrifice of Jesus Christ in “His presence” and that of numerous long-dead declared “holy”. However, if it is about the “God” worshiped by the Catholic Church, as described in Revelation 13:4, then the whole interpretation becomes an understandable construct..

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