Olli Dürr Society Controversy over celibacy – Rule of Mithraism questioned

Controversy over celibacy – Rule of Mithraism questioned

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One of the central points of contention between the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the “Synodal Way” is celibacy. The priests should be able to marry, according to the demands of the “liberal” theologians. But we are not dealing here with the themes of Christianity, but with Catholicism. A religion close to Mithraism but not to the Word of God.

Theologian defends celibacy

The so-called “synodal path” within the Roman Catholic Church, which already looks rather frayed, has secular marriage for the priesthood on the “wish list of modernizations” alongside the ordination of women. A protest which is vehemently rejected by the “hard-established” clergy in this institution overloaded with its own traditions. “Where would we end up there?” could possibly be heard from a pulpit in a Bavarian church.

Abolition of celibacy a “bad idea”

Bishop Vatican

Catholic clergy must remain celibate

Celibacy appears to be sacred to the Catholic Church. The marriage of a Catholic cleric seems completely impossible. Celibacy is a “strong testimony to the reality of God’s love,” according to the unfounded argument of theologian Marianne Schlosser from Vienna. The abolition of “compulsory celibacy” is a bad idea. The “Die Tagespost” magazine published an excerpt from the supplement of the upcoming daily mail issue “Welt&Kirche”.

Married for the sake of the kingdom of heaven

A life of voluntary celibacy is “for the sake of the kingdom of heaven” and not from a natural disposition. Therefore, celibacy is more than just words. It is “strong evidence that God really ‘is love’, that we are immeasurably loved by him,” says the Catholic theologian. This even in the present world, “full of twilight and shadow”. Only God is “the ultimate fulfillment of the human person”. That is why God is worthy of “forgoing marriage for love of Him”.

Celibacy is evidence of faith

The Viennese describes the desire to abolish celibacy as a symptom of the crisis of faith. The “reality of God’s love” was not an “unreal consolation”. For the theologian, the arguments already put forward to justify the abolition of celibacy are illogical. She gives the example of the difference between the old and the new covenant. Accordingly, one cannot compare the married priests of the old covenant with the situation in the new covenant. In the new covenant there is only one (high) priest, “Christ, whom those ordained to the priestly represent sacramentally.” According to the theologian, the celibacy of the priests is not based on the ideas of “cultic purity”, but corresponds to “the decisive way of life of Jesus”.

No valid arguments whatsoever


Tabernacle and the Priesthood in the Old Testament

It may well be that the arguments for Catholic celibacy are intended to be substantiated when presented by a woman. But even this does not hide the fact that the views of the Catholic Church are far removed from the teachings of the Gospel.

The priests, all of the tribe of Levi, during the old covenant could have wives. A prominent example is Aaron, the brother of Moses. Aaron also fathered several sons.
But the theologian’s argument that celibacy is a “strong testimony to the love of God” is just as unsound as the statement that today’s Catholic priests represent Jesus Christ and are therefore obliged to live a celibate life.

It may be very difficult for the Catholic Church to recognize that there was no longer a priesthood with the first Christian community, not even after the ascension of Jesus, but within this community there were deacons (congregational helpers) and they were very well allowed to marry enter. But here the emphasis is on only one wife, as in 1 Timothy 3:12:
“Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.”

There was no priesthood in the church


New Testament knows no Christian priests

The New Testament is riddled with mention of priests. But all of these were the declared opponents of the (true) church of Christ. In addition to the highly learned priests, it was the high priests in particular who accused, persecuted and even executed parts of the Christian community.

With the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, He simultaneously eliminated the sacrifices (ceremonial laws) and thus also the priesthood. While the theologian rightly mentioned that Jesus Christ is the only High Priest, the reinstatement of priesthood on the earth plane is an idea exclusive to the Roman Catholic Church. There is none of this in the gospel. Thus, the question of whether priests were allowed to marry in the New Testament became superfluous, since they simply did not exist in the Christian community.

Church of Rome reintroduced priesthood

It is the Roman Catholic Church itself that instituted its own priesthood simply to declare them as the vicars of Jesus’ quality of high priest. But even that was not enough for this church. According to the Catholic definition, God has to submit to the judgments (e.g. absolution) of the Catholic priests and obey them. As unbelievable as it sounds, this is official teaching penned by the “teacher of the church” and “saint” Alphonsus Liguori. He also put forward the thesis that Jesus Christ did not die for our sins, but for the establishment of the priesthood. More scorn and blasphemy is hardly possible.

Catholic priests sacrifice Jesus Christ

Monstrance Worship

Monstrance with ‘sun disk’ in the middle

In the Old Testament, a priest had the task of offering the offerings of the people. Even today, the Catholic priests stand at the sacrificial altar and celebrate with their “Holy Mass” a sacrifice of Jesus (Eucharist) and this even in the bodily sense (transubstantiation). These priests then tempt the believers standing around to eat the body of Jesus Christ. Since Jesus Christ himself was the one-time and final sacrifice, the question naturally arose as to what purpose this blasphemous ritual of the mass actually fulfills and whether it even reaches a climax in Corpus Christi.

Celibacy goes together with Mithraism

Mithras killing the bull

‘God’ Mithras kills a bull

As one might expect from the Roman Catholic Church, the arguments for maintaining celibacy are also at odds with the gospel. But when looking at this church and its customs based on the ancient mystical Mithraism, these “theological” arguments fit together seamlessly.

Mithraism is the religion practiced in the Roman Empire to the end. One of the main figures is Mitras, also equated with the Hellenistic sun god Helios.

Peculiarities of Mithraism and parallels with Catholicism

The pagan religion of Mithraism has some peculiarities that can certainly be recognized in Catholicism.

  • Emperor Constantine led in 321 AD. the Sunday rest in honor of the sun god Mithras (Sunday = Sun Day)

  • In Mithraism women were absolutely excluded (celibacy)

  • The birthday of the sun god Mithras is December 25 – Christmas

  • Mithras, like Helios, was depicted with a sun disk behind his head

  • Mithras came up out of a rock, or was born (rock in Greek Petros)

  • The isosceles cross, which often appears in the sun disk behind “saints”, is a symbol for the sun god in Mithraism.

  • Mithras is often depicted wearing a Phrygian cap (e.g. like Jacobins in French Revolution, also included in US Army emblem)

  • The Mithras Crown is identical to the crown of the Statue of Liberty in New York City

  • The highest level of the Mithraist priesthood (7th level) entitled to be called “Father or Papa”, wearing a ring (garnet or ruby), chasuble, encrusted robe with metal threads, wearing a Miter and holding a shepherd’s staff

  • The chief priest in Mithraism corresponded to the deity Saturn

  • The water god Okeanos is also depicted on some Mithra reliefs

  • Members of the Mithra cult were sworn to absolute secrecy. The oath before the goddess Fides (symbol index finger in front of closed mouth) served for this purpose.

Pseudo Jesus Mithras

Pseudo Jesus with sun disk and sun god symbol

It is particularly interesting here that Pope Francis used Saturn and Oceanus as an appropriate comparison during his first speech at World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon in front of a political-economic delegation.

Without Mithraism, bishops would be naked


The highest priest in Mithraism – 7th level

If you take away all the parallels between Mithraism and Catholicism, then the bishops alone would be standing around completely unadorned and stark naked. If you strip away the Mithraic observation of Sunday, the Christian world today would still keep the God-given Sabbath (Saturday). If you take away all the parallels between Mithraism and Catholicism, then the sun disks would disappear behind the heads in all the illustrations.

If one exchanges the individual designations “Jesus” or “Christ” (very rarely mentioned together) for Mithras, which is very often used by Catholic clergy, then the theological statement in this connection finds a home in Mithraism, while it is completely incompatible with the Gospel.

From ancient Egypt to today


Osiris (Ra) – Maintained under different names to this day

The parallels in the numerous gods (pantheon) across the ancient world empires are no coincidence. The origin can be found in ancient Egypt. Among the most prominent representatives of Egyptian polytheism are Osiris (Ra), Isis and Horus. These gods were passed on to Medo-Persia via the kingdom of Babylon. It then went on to the Greek Empire and then to pagan Rome. The political-religious power that followed not only gave the traditional gods a new name, but also gave them additional identities. They simply took the elements of the gospel and embodied, for example, the originally Egyptian goddess Isis as Maria. The pagan festival of Easter, based on the resurrection day of Jesus Christ, is also appropriate.

Rome’s successor is easy to identify

Vatican City

Phallus of Osiris in the center of the 8-pointed Anus star

For this reason all individual statements of a “Christ” are to be treated with caution. Because the name “Christ” is actually a title and means the “anointed one”. This can represent anyone, including Kyros, Mitras, or Helios. It should not be difficult to identify this religio-political successor to the Roman Empire. It is the papacy or the Roman Catholic Church. Part of the team of three, which is also referred to as Babylon in the Book of Revelation.

There are countless people in the Roman Catholic Church who have genuine faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. Whoever does the will of God and also bears the testimony of Jesus belongs to the people of God. For those who have still surrendered to the Legislation (CCC) of the successor organization to pagan Rome, Jesus Christ gave important counsel, Revelation 18:4:

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

This also applies to the true believers who are involved in one of the former Protestant churches that have long since returned to Rome.

Bible verses from King James Version

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