Olli Dürr Society Conservative shift in the USA also in the Catholic Church

Conservative shift in the USA also in the Catholic Church

Conservative shift in the USA also in the Catholic Church post thumbnail image


In the United States, there is a shift toward conservativeness not only in many evangelical churches, but also within the Roman Catholic Church. A logical development given the impending “team work”.

More and more Catholic priests are becoming conservative

There has been a shift towards conservatives in the Roman Catholic Church in the USA since around the mid-1980s. The Catholic University of America prepared a study for the development within the orientation of priests and presented the results last Tuesday (Source). For this purpose, the priests were asked which category they would place themselves in if they were divided between “very progressive” and “very conservative/orthodox”.


Conservative orientation is given more weight

While the proportion of priests who classified themselves as either “very progressive”, “somewhat progressive” or “moderate” in the early 1980s was just under 80 percent, the most recent evaluation only showed a proportion of less than 20 percent. No priest has now classified himself in the “very progressive” category. Conversely, the proportion of priests who consider themselves either “conservative” or “very conservative” has risen to over 80 percent.

The distribution of Catholics living in the USA is very uneven. While in the state of Alabama the proportion of Catholic residents is approximately 3.3 percent, in the state of New Jersey 41 percent, in Massachusetts 42 percent and in Rhode Island almost 60 percent of the residents are Catholic. In the fundamentally Catholic state of Maryland, around 15 percent of the residents are baptized Catholic.

A move to the conservative

The constant shift in the direction of clergy in the Catholic Church would certainly fit into the overall picture. There has also been a clear shift towards conservativeness on the part of the evangelical churches in recent years. This can certainly be seen as a reaction to the “woken” movements, which are sometimes very aggressive. The calls for more “morality, decency and Christian values” can be heard particularly loudly in the USA. The “national Christians” or “Christian right” have positioned themselves for the eventuality of the next US president from the Republican camp. “Christian laws” are the ideas of the “conservatives” (Project 2025 – Info).

Rome and USA – A close-knit team

Washington Monument

Washington and Rome share the same symbolism

In the USA, the “repatriation” of the daughters of the evangelical churches to their mother church in Rome has been formally completed. The renewed ideological fusion was sealed in 2015 with the jointly written letter “Declaration on the way” (Info).

The recently decided definition of “preservation of creation” as a matter of faith and therefore as a new religion (Info) requires combined forces for its implementation. The mother church of Rome defines the goal and the ideologically aligned daughters pave the way for it. The beast and the false prophet ultimately work as a close-knit team (Info). The prophet Daniel already knew it. The “North King” will one day overrun the “South King” politically, religiously and economically (Info).

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
Revelation 13:15

Bible verses from King James Version

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