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Confusion about Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday

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The confusion about the rest day Saturday or Sunday on the part of the Roman Catholic Church is picking up speed. You only have to repeat a lie enough times for most people to believe it. This also works for this all-important question about the true Sabbath.

The confusion about the rest day

The confusion about the day of rest on the 7th day of the week manifests itself and with it the misleading of the (supposedly) believing Christians. The 7th day of the week was already blessed and sanctified by God directly with creation (Genesis 2:3-4). The repeated determination of the 7th day to be sanctified took place with the handover of the Tablets of the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai. This instruction to “remember the 7th day” is recorded in the 4th commandment (Exodus 20:8-11). However, the mere attempt to alter God’s commandments through the establishment of an idiosyncratic interpretation, as the Roman Catholic Church did, indicates the actual spirit behind the concern of the interpretation of the 7th day of the week.

Taking something for granted

The Catholic Magazine “Die Tagespost” is extremely adept at dealing with the confusion surrounding the Sabbath. The magazine links the justification of the 7th day of the week to the “internal squabbling” surrounding same-sex marriage. Discussions about this within the Catholic Church can be left to the actors there, since the Bible already has clear statements about same-sex intimate relationships. However, the sanctification of the true 7th day of the week concerns every human being. With this connection, this lie, which is many centuries old, is put in the light of the supposedly “God-given self-evidence”.

The Catholic Church lent a hand

confusion question mark
The confusion about the Sabbath succeeds only through persistent lying

The magazine speaks out against such same-sex relationships, but justifies this, among other things, with the relationship between God and humans. This relationship is expressed in observance of the Sabbath. However, this “Day of the Lord”, defined by the Catholic Church itself, was shifted from the actual 7th day of the week to the 1st day of the week as early as the Middle Ages. According to the calendar, this concerns the postponement of the Saturday sanctification to the Sunday sanctification. At the same time, this church defined the actual Sabbath as a specialty of the Jews. From this point on, the biblical “Saturday Sabbath” was referred to as the “Jewish Sabbath”.

Sunday is manifested

According to the Catholic magazine, there are good reasons for the rest day: “There are good reasons for a regular rest day. But does it have to be exactly the seventh day? Exactly Sunday? And every week? For non-Christians, these are unnecessary restrictions. But as Christians, we testify to our faith in the biblical Creator God, who rested on the seventh day and rose on Easter Sunday, with the Sunday sanctification.”

It is at this point that this statement is as utterly false as it is pernicious. The 7th day of the week is Saturday. The change made in Germany in the 1970s to define the 1st day as Monday cannot hide this either. The very designation of “Saturday” in many other languages ​​is a more than clear indication that the biblical Sabbath refers to Saturday.

The permanent Easter Sunday was only with the calendar change by Pope Gregory XIII. realized in 1582. A move to make the resurrection day always fall on the same day of the week at “Easter time”. According to the original Hebrew calendar, which was based on the new moon, a permanent Easter Sunday is completely impossible. The ambitions of the Easter festivities are in any case very different from what the Catholic Church pretends and, like the Sunday sanctification, were also taken over by the Protestant Churches.

Truth mixed with lies

By keeping the Sabbath, Christians testify to their belief in God the Creator, according to the correct statement by the Catholic magazine. However, this medium explicitly fixes the Sabbath on Sunday. But Catholic clergymen and also authors could do a woodoo dance inside a pentagram decorated with candles, it doesn’t change the fact that the true Sabbath falls on Saturday.

Now there’s arrogance

The church “as a religious community quite rightly adheres to Sunday observance, which is binding for all Christians“, according to the “Tagespost”.
When one speaks of “church”, then in the self-understanding of this institution it is a question of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches as daughters who have returned. But this “obligation” for all Christians testifies to the notoriously exercised pride of this church, which can be found in the Bible, among other things, with the designations “son of perdition” and “abomination of the earth”. Any Christian who does not submit to the instructions of this self-defined authority and begins studying the Bible of his own accord will quickly realize that the Sunday observance is not binding for a single person, but Saturday, as the true 7th day of the week and thus also as a true Sabbath as defined by God.

“Sunday” is to be cemented

Bible reading
Only your own Bible study reveals the truth

The Catholic magazine seems to be stubbornly ignoring the fact that the Roman Church itself made the move from Saturday to Sunday as the day to be sanctified. This change is also openly admitted by this institution with a proudly swollen chest. With this emphasis on the self-made Sabbath shift, this church tries to prove a “God-given authority”. But this fact could only have a disturbing effect on the Catholic magazine’s claim that the 7th day was Sunday.

Direction and intentions are clear. Sunday must be cemented in people’s minds by all means as a day to be sanctified. First and foremost, the church addresses “all” Christians, regardless of their denomination, and this with a “legislative tone”..

Only one supposedly inconspicuous sentence of Jesus clearly shows for whom everything the Sabbath actually applies:

“And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:”
Mark 2:27

Jesus spoke of “man” and not of “Jews” or “my followers”. The Sabbath therefore applies to all people and this is the 7th day, i.e. one day before the Roman Catholic Church defined day!

The goal is clear

The day draws near when Sunday will be proclaimed a day to be observed for all mankind. For the “Christians” it is the “Sunday sanctification” and for the other religions united under the Roman roof as well as for the atheists, it is the “climate-protecting Sunday lockdown”. With that, the final “Abonimation of Desolation” would have been set up.

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Confusion about Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday
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