Olli Dürr Society Code of conduct in Catholic Church Australia – protection against abuse?

Code of conduct in Catholic Church Australia – protection against abuse?

Code of conduct in Catholic Church Australia – protection against abuse? post thumbnail image


The Roman Catholic Church is introducing a further package of measures after the chain of abuse cases that have still not been broken. In Australia, a code of conduct for those responsible is now intended to provide further protection against attacks.

A code as prevention against abuse (?)

The Roman Catholic Church in Australia has adopted a new package of measures against the abuse of those under its protection. Now a developed code of conduct is intended to ensure that the responsible employees in this church behave correctly and prevent attacks on those entrusted to their care.

Ahead of the EV churches with measures

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This church eagerly awaited the abuse report from the Protestant churches in Germany and, in view of the catastrophic conditions (Info) within the former Protestant churches, it was almost believed that they could see a kind of reassured Catholic Church, since they are no longer in the field of notorious abuse cases stands alone for a long distance. This was quickly followed by explanations of how much the Roman Church was now concerned about preventive measures, while the Protestant daughters were still lamenting their completely tattered salvation.

A code of conduct now ensures order

One such preventive measure is the Code of Conduct for Catholic dioceses in Australia. Adopted by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (Source). This code is now intended to prevent such offenses. The aim of the new guidelines is to guide, shape and strengthen the behavior of employees. One of these rules states that violations must be dealt with “as part of complaint management.”

The bishops reiterated that the code of conduct drawn up corresponds to “national Catholic safeguarding standards”. In doing so, the church wants to promote the “culture of protection” and achieve a “change in mentality” in the church sector.

A question of mentality?


Abuse – A question of mentality?

In doing so, the episcopal leaders of this institution have probably said exactly what one could previously only assume. It’s obviously a question of mentality. This type of mentality in relation to the sexual abuse of those under protection has already been attested to be a mafia-like structure (Info).

This “code of conduct” cannot therefore be taken seriously. A deadlocked structure will not be broken if a new code simply prescribes putting on a friendly face when committing an act. Rather, it is another popular alibi measure as part of exemplary action in the “preventive competition” with the still “shocked and unable to act” Protestant churches.

Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Matthew 25:40

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