Olli Dürr Society EV and Cath. Church substantiate their prophetic descriptions

EV and Cath. Church substantiate their prophetic descriptions

EV and Cath. Church substantiate their prophetic descriptions post thumbnail image


The EV and Catholic churches unintentionally support the prophetic descriptions in Revelation that apply to both institutions. The evangelical church racks its brains over the mass departures of their followers and the catholic parent organization is worried about their daughter. The comments made by both institutions could not have better described the fulfillment of prophecy. Almost too good to be true.

When the mother worries about her daughter

With a pinch of humour, one could view the seemingly worrying post by the Catholic Church’s online portal as satire accompanied by glee. The members of the evangelical church are running away in droves. The Catholic Church is wondering how this could have happened.

Perceived scandals

It is openly admitted that the members of the Catholic Church are also running away. However, in its usual style, the Church of Rome does not speak of actual scandals and the backlog of reforms in its own house, but of how they are perceived by the public. As if the public could also be wrong about the hustle and bustle of a completely irreproachable institution dressed in Christian robes. This trademark does not belong to the evangelical church. That’s why you’re looking for a reason for the mass departures from the bitchy, but meanwhile returned home daughter.

Mass escape from EV church


EV Church wonders about (not) fleeing their sheep

The evangelical church had to issue exit certificates to around 380,000 people from 2021 to 2022. An increase of a whopping 33.8 percent. Including the approximately 365,000 deceased and after deducting those who joined the church (approx. 170,000), mostly through child baptisms, there is a reduction of around 575,000 members. The Catholic Church is not in much better shape, but can pinpoint the reasons for the mass exodus. According to this, most Catholics justify their resignation decision with the abuse cases in the church. For the reasons of the Protestants one would have to do some research, because the question about the reasons for leaving cannot be answered that easily.

EV church does its own research

One possible explanation on the part of the evangelical church would be the mistake people have made of lumping the catholic and evangelical churches together. “As banal as it sounds, it has to be said again, the Protestant Church is not the Catholic Church,” said Konstantin Sacher in a commentary on chrismon. How could the evangelical church be responsible for the actions of a Cologne cardinal or for the “eternally yesterday’s pope”?

EV Church follows Rome

The Catholic portal took up this comment and also hit the nail on the head with a single sentence about the problem of the evangelical church. “In terms of media, it swims (not only on this topic) in the wake of the Catholic Church”. One could be directly grateful for this statement. This represents nothing other than the confirmation of the prophecy in Revelation Chapter 13.

The fact that Konstantin Sacher, who seemed almost defiant, had not yet heard the bang in the evangelical church is evidenced by his description of the understood task of his church.

“It’s not about there being a God-given church that conveys their salvation to people. For us, God-given, which means nothing other than inviolable, is only human dignity. The church is there for the development and preservation of this dignity to transport”.

The commentator also manifests this philosophy by advocating the thesis that the EV church is not a purely ethical institution, but “has to ensure through its actions that as many people as possible can live in dignity”. Humans must be given the opportunity to live as human beings, and that is what human dignity consists of. This also includes “looking for a meaning in life”.

Immanuel Kant instead of Jesus Christ

It’s amazing. In school you would say: “Missing the subject, sit down, do it all again!” You have to let this comment melt in your mouth. It is not about people’s salvation, but about their dignity and an opportunity to search for meaning in life. The evangelical church is responsible for that. His role as “false prophet” according to Revelation 13 could not have been better described.

What was prepared in 1534 and released to mankind in 1540 has completely fulfilled its declared and very own task. The Destruction of Protestantism by the Jesuit Order. Today the evangelical church takes the position of a philosopher according to Immanuel Kant instead of that of a preacher of the gospel. If the commentator, like most of his profession, had even the slightest idea of ​​the gospel, he would also know that the proclamation of the word of God would become a sure-fire success. The “politically correct” drivel from the pulpit and the “woke”, funded by church taxes, of this once Protestant church can only put people off.

EV Church IS daughter of Rome


EV and cath. Churches compete for their flock

And yes! The EV Church is completely swimming in the wake of the parent organization in Rome and they don’t even realize it. With the French Revolution came according to Revelation 11 the beast emerges from the bottomless pit and with it the whole impetus of the Enlightenment unleashed on mankind. “Learning against Learning“, such a very successfully launched program. Since then, the categorical imperative has seemed more important than the Word of God. This idea and its implementation also came from the smithy founded in 1534. The “dignity of man” according to the guidelines of Catholic social teaching.

More people will flee the EV church because their topics can also be seen on TV, print and online media every day. With such a philosophy, the EV church has become as superfluous as a goitre, and the sad thing is: The “saving hand” for collecting the disoriented little sheep is already ready, in Rome. It goes straight from the rain to the fire.

And no! It is in no way a “self-fulfilling prophecy” as described by the commentator in “woken Anglicism”, but a prophecy that is more than 2,000 years old. But you would have to consult the Bible for that.

Chance for truth

With the decimation of the EV church, there might even be another chance for the children complained about by the author, who might no longer be able to “learn the treasure of biblical stories” due to the “hundreds of thousands leaving”. What the evangelical so-called pedagogues bring to the young people, especially in the Hanover area, is spiritism according to “New Age” and cannot be more detrimental. Getting away from that is just an advantage and a chance to see the truth. This can only be found in the Bible.

A tip from the Bible

I recommend Revelation 18:4-5: “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.”

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”. (Rev. 18,2)

Prophetic Babylon according to the Book of Revelation consists of the “dragon”, the “beast” and the “false prophet”. It is about Satan, the Roman cath. Church and fallen Protestantism (particularly in the USA).

Bible verses from King James Version

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