Olli Dürr Society EV Churches & Climate Protection – Theologian criticizes “word clouds”

EV Churches & Climate Protection – Theologian criticizes “word clouds”

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A theologian demands that the evangelical church must be more specific with its position on climate protection. No pure “word clouds” may be carried to the public. In connection with Bible prophecy, however, this “scribe” himself walks in the dark.

Everything revolves around the climate

As is well known, the Evangelical Church in Germany has long been committed to the issues of migration and climate protection far more than conveying the gospel to the people. If one claims to speak of the true gospel, then the evangelical church can no longer be associated with it. Apparently, the “leader” of this church on the subject of climate protection are content with repeating given narratives instead of exerting their own competence. So-called climate protectors are invited for publicity, such as at the end of 2022 at the synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). There, a “climate protector” received a standing ovation after her speech.

Committed to climate protection

word cloud

Woke word clouds characterize Protestant churches

Instead of presenting technically well-founded arguments or even counter-arguments, the listeners and readers only get hit in the face with well-worn buzzwords. It was a “mixed together pleasing cloud of words”, according to the criticism of theologian Michael Roth in an interview with the “Evangelische Pressedienst” (epd), as evangelisch.de reported. However, theology did not speak of a fundamental misconduct on the part of the church. He only complained about the supposed lack of understanding about this “word cloud” outside the church and demanded that this topic be left within a synod.

In Frankfurt, Germany, at the synod of the Hessian-Nassau regional church, Roth showed understanding for the “last generation”. Their commitment is “justified”. According to the theologian, this commitment stands in the biblical tradition of eschatological thinkers and of Jesus himself. However, the form of the protests of the “last generation” must be questioned.

Fumbling in the dense fog

The theologian “finds it incredibly difficult to connect the biblical texts with the current ecological situation”. Existing parallels between climate activists and biblical prophets are at best formal. Nevertheless, according to Roth, hardly anyone disputes the need for climate protection. Even among the drivers, “who have to be stuck in traffic because of the action, no one wants climate change to be as brutal as possible,” according to the rather constructed argument of the theologian, who holds a chair at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz for systematic theology and social ethics.

Roth is of the opinion that it is undisputed that the Protestant Church must make a contribution to climate protection, just like everyone else, of course. It doesn’t make sense if the church “limits itself to the statement ‘Woah, awesome, full like Jesus’ for a differentiated discourse in society that is committed to reason”.

When the blind want to lead the blind…

Freely based on Matthew 15:14: If a blind man wants to put the blind on the right path, then this ends in disaster.
So Roth has problems connecting the texts and prophecies found in the Bible with the current situation and developments. That is perfectly understandable. Because just as someone on the supposed career ladder only recognizes from a sufficient distance that he is actually in a big hamster wheel, a “theologian” who is so entangled in the narrative would also have to think outside the box in order to recognize the truth. As long as one is part of the “false prophet” oneself, one’s view of the truth naturally remains completely clouded.

The prophecies are actually clear

climate religion

Climate Religion – When creation is placed above the creator

The only formally existing evangelical church implements the specification of the “beast out of the sea” and thus sets up the image of the beast (Revelation 13). All developments relating to climate protection and “Mother Earth” correspond to the announcements and demands of Roman Catholic social teaching and the “climate script” Laudato si’, the encyclical of Pope Francis. All indications point to a unification of all still existing religions under the roof of Rome in the course of the advanced ecumenism. The topic of climate protection also takes the atheists into the common boat of nature worship.

There is only one right way

The united “human family” in corporate rebellion against God and His statutes. The evangelical church is right in the middle and is described in biblical prophecy as the “false prophet”. Only one thing remains for all actors within the entity “Babylon”:
“Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4). A real theologian (Theos = God, Logo = Word) should actually know this and point it out to people.

Bible verses from King James Version

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