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Church of Rome and its theses on the baptism of Jesus Christ

Katholische Jesu-Taufe


The Roman Catholic Church has its own ideas about the baptism of Jesus Christ and the context behind it. As long as she disseminated this as part of her catechism, it could be recognized as such, accepted or even rejected. But this church sells its theses as Christianity and thereby misleads countless people.

Brief excursion into Catholic performances

In a short article in the magazine “Die Tagespost“, the Catholic priest Guido Rodheut tries to explain what the baptism of Jesus Christ was all about as part of a “catechism podcast”.

Catholic Jesus Baptism
Catholic view of Jesus’ baptism

Accordingly, the “great, important phase of Jesus’ life” began with his baptism by John in the River Jordan. The people back then were able to experience his work as contemporary witnesses. According to Rodheut, John intended to prepare Israel for the Messiah. “You come to the Jordan to let it symbolically pour water over you, so to speak, so that you can go towards the Savior with a free and undisguised heart,” said the priest.

But the question still arose as to why Jesus Christ, who was to take away the sin of the world, mingled with sinners to be baptized. The baptism of Jesus means the connection between heaven and earth, said the priest. Man himself is separated from God through sin. Jesus symbolically restored this separation through his baptism. Where heaven opened after Jesus submitted to the will of God.

A concentrate of Catholicism

Sausage Mustard
Catechism only adds its own two cents

This brief and concise description contains only the teachings of the Roman Catholic Catechism. As always, our own traditionally held views are mixed with Christianity. For this purpose, the Church of Rome borrowed people, backgrounds and also actions from the gospel in order to misuse them to clothe their own theses based on paganism. The result is that this church calls it “Christianity” and practices with a justifiably assumed intent as the escort for the hopeless downfall of the unsuspecting people.

Baptism as an opener of heaven and a bridge builder?

As usual, the Catholic priest’s statements miss the clear identification of Jesus (the) Christ. Instead just “Christ” or “Jesus” again.
In fact, John the Baptist was the one announced in the prophecy who paved the way for the Messiah, that is, Jesus Christ, who would follow shortly thereafter. The parents of Jesus Christ and John were also related. John had received the Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb (see Luke 1:15) and was six months older than Jesus Christ.

Baptism serves an entirely different purpose

John was in the Jordan when Jesus Christ came to be baptized. The Baptist was very surprised at Jesus’ intention to be baptized by him. John asked and Jesus answered, as stated in Matthew 3:15:
“And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him.”

At this point, Jesus Christ spoke of justice and neither of the opening of heaven’s gates, nor of any connecting bridges between earth and heaven, let alone according to a “Pontifex Maximus”.

The principle, meaning and purpose of baptism is already described many times in the Old Testament, based on the furnishings of the tabernacle or the temple. In the forecourt, the first place after the entrance (east) was the sacrificial altar and immediately afterwards the washbasin. The courtyard, altar and basin symbolize the return or conversion to God, the confession of sins and repentance. The sink is used to cleanse oneself from sins and at this point one is at the baptism symbolized by it. Before baptism, a person should first have confessed their sins to God, repented and asked for forgiveness. Baptism only makes sense with this belief, because lip service when asking for the forgiveness of sins is neither a sign of repentance nor does it lead to forgiveness.

The reason for Jesus’ own baptism

Real baptism
Biblical baptism involves immersion (baptizo)

Now Jesus Christ was free from all sin. Turning around and also remorse and penance were never necessary for him. Hence the big surprise with Johannes d. Baptist. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ was baptized to “fulfill every righteousness.” Baptism, i.e. the cleansing of sins and the resulting rebirth of the person, is extremely important. This is how Jesus Christ himself explained it in John 3:5:
“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

But now it is also known that one of the criminals who was crucified with Jesus Christ was declared righteous by the Savior. Jesus promised that he would go to paradise with the criminal nailed to the cross. It is hard to assume that the condemned man had the opportunity to be baptized before his death. Rather, his legs were broken so that he would meet his end even more quickly. But how does the justice awarded fit together in the absence of baptism?

Precisely because Jesus Christ himself was baptized. Anyone who surrenders their life to Jesus Christ, lives spiritually in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ lives spiritually in man, then the (formerly) sinful man receives the righteousness of Jesus. Because Jesus Christ himself is righteous and can therefore also bestow it. The same for baptism. Anyone who is in Jesus Christ is also baptized through the baptism of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is independent of this. He began His ministry after Jesus Christ returned to heaven.

No traces of a heavenly gates opening according to the Roman Catholic catechism.

Jesus Christ is not a liar

The truth is in the gospel, not in the Catholic catechism

Baptism according to the gospel does not consist of dousing, sprinkling, or sprinkling. A baptism according to the Bible is performed by immersion and emergence. This process alone can symbolize dying with Jesus Christ and also the resurrection together with Jesus Christ. Death because of sin through immersion, cleansing under water, and re-emerging as the new birth. A few splashes over the head and forehead of an (underage) infant have pagan backgrounds through and through. More information about correct baptism.

The fact that Jesus Christ opened the gates of heaven with His baptism and thus abolished the separation from God is already outrageous enough. The consequence of this would also be the superfluity of Jesus Christ for the connection to the Father and thus also the invalidity of His important statement in John 14:6. The remarks of the Catholic pastor present Jesus Christ as nothing less than a liar. However, the Church of Rome still has some of this kind in store (Info).

Some “hair-splitting” is permitted

There can also be problems with the details

Furthermore, John the Baptist did not prepare Israel for the arrival of the Messiah, but rather the rest of the former Israel, i.e. the Judeans. The entire State of Israel heard as early as 931BC. BC came into existence. Then there was until the year 721BC. two separate states, namely Israel (north) and Judah (south). From 721BC. Israel no longer existed after the Assyrians under King Sennacherib had destroyed the capital Samaria. Since then only Judah and its inhabitants, the Judeans, have existed. Some of Israel’s former “northern states” were from a point onwards the Samaritans, who were so hated by the Judeans, based on the former capital Samaria.

It is hard to believe that the Catholic pastor spoke of a “spiritual Israel” because, first of all, this does not correspond to Catholic doctrine (Catholic specialties) and secondly, the aspect or knowledge of spiritual Israel only came into play with Jesus Christ himself. This means only after the baptism of Jesus Christ. Today, however, the aspect of a literal, physical Israel has to serve again. A similar inconsistency within the misunderstood, as the Pharisees once demonstrated.

Bible verses from King James Version

Church of Rome and its theses on the baptism of Jesus Christ
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