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The Church of Rome can’t help it – until the bitter end



The Roman Catholic Church will continue to pursue the path it has followed for around 17 centuries until the “bitter end”. Old, medieval dogmas were never withdrawn, new ones were added. The bishops as “divine messengers” have been newly confirmed. All that is now missing is the Vatican’s fully re-established second foot on the platform of state exercise of power.

The Church of Rome never changes!

“Cockiness is rarely good,” goes a well-known saying. Humanity has felt the core of truth in this saying for around 1,700 years, thanks to the Roman Catholic Church. A hubris in the form of self-importance, arrogance and chronic blasphemy. Over the course of history, people have suffered damage in the billions, with a conservative estimate of around 100 million people losing their lives. Anyone who does not understand this must have already succumbed to widespread historical forgetfulness.

Vatican Basilica
The Vatican – Historically assured unchanging character

“The church has changed,” is one possible argument, especially from those who are committed to ecumenism according to the Charter Oecumenica model and thus automatically recognize the papacy as head (Info).

From the outside, this claimed “reflection on a demonstrated holiness” may well be true. But what has ever changed about the dogmas and goals of this church? Was any of the doctrines adopted at the numerous councils of the Middle Ages ever rejected? Let alone those who were called out of the episcopal see (ex cathedra) in the self-imposed “infallibility”? It is obvious that the only difference today from the age that historians call the “Dark Ages” is the still (relatively) limited exercise of power.

The Renaissance is in full swing

The Vatican now has almost both feet back on the platform of exercising political power. It is simply not yet as openly practiced as it was during the time of the fiefdom principle and the heads crowned by the Pope. But even this reluctance that was still practiced is visibly disappearing, as recent years have shown, particularly with the cooperation between heads of state and especially the World Economic Forum (WEF). (Info).

The Francis Revolution: Over the past 10 years, the pope has recovered the church’s true power“, was the headline of the Jesuit magazine “America – Jesuit Review” in spring 2023. (Info). It is the “association” from which Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, also emerged.

“Unscrupulous impudence wins”

The ‘one-eyed philosophy’ of this church cannot deliver the promised salvation

The “simple” clerics in its priestly caste already show how this church views the Gospel message of salvation. “Father” John Anthony O’Brian was considered a “progressive Catholic scholar.” He left humanity around 40 books about his lived religious world within the Church of Rome. In “The Faith of Millions – The Credentials of the Catholic Religion” from 1938, O’Brian explained to the non-Catholics he addressed what the “Holy Mass” was all about (6th edition, page 270). :

When the priest pronounces the tremendous words of consecration, he reaches up into the heavens, brings Christ down from His throne, and places Him upon our altar to be offered up again as the victim for the sins of man. It is a power greater than that of monarchs and emporers. It is greater than that of saints and angels, greater than that of Seraphim and Cherubim. Indeed it is greater even than the power of the Virgin Mary. For, while the Blessed Virgin was the human agenc by which Christ became incarnate a single time, the priest brings Christ down from Heaven, and renders Him present on our altar as the eternal Victim for the sins of man – not once but a thousand times! The priest speaks and lo! Christ, the eternal and omnipotent God, bows His head in humble obedience to the priest’s command.

The Roman Catholic Church offers more than enough other “calibres” of this kind (Info). Now one could assume that this represents the individual opinion of a spiritually lost person, but the current views of this church are also very close to the ideas of this church representative O’Brian.

Bishops are “divine messengers”

Bishop ceremony
Certainly a messenger – Certainly not the God of the Bible

“When bishops are literal angels,” is the title of the Catholic magazine “Catholic.com” from February 5, 2024 (Source). For this thesis, which seems daring at first glance, one uses a (new) interpretation of the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation 2 and 3. John is supposed to write a message one each to the churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Each letter begins with a similar sentence such as: “To the angel of the church of Ephesus write:”. Now it just depends on how the word “angel” is interpreted.

In Greek, “angelos” or “aggelos” (“αγγελω”) means angel and means messenger or simply messenger, or in context a pastor. The angels described in the Bible, such as the angel Gabriel, are also messengers. Just those as ambassadors from heaven.

Some “advertising” for his book

The author of this story, which appeared in Catholic Magazine, is Joe Heschmeyer. A contribution obviously not without self-interest. In his article he presents his book “The Early Church Was the Catholic Church”, which can also be ordered for $17.95. The author presents different interpretations of the word “angels”, but favors “reading the angels as bishops” as the best interpretation. After all, he makes it clear that they cannot be literal angels. This could be seen because Jesus warned these “angels” of possible imprisonment and what appeared to be spiritual lukewarmness.

The author creates the connection between the “angelhood” and the “priesthood” in the form of a bishop based on a crucial error. He quotes Malachi 2:7 (here the King James Version):
For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts.“.

“Caught!” – A Gnostic source

The author quotes the verse from the Septuagint. Very similar in wording (English) and identical in content. But he refers to the basic text and there the author finds the Greek word “ἄγγελος”, i.e. another angel. The Septuagint (LXX) is a Bible with an Old Testament written in the period around 250 BC. was translated from Aramaic-Hebrew into Greek in the Alexandria area. Alexandria was the stronghold of Gnosticism.

The scribes of that time were thoroughly influenced by Hellenism in their teaching, lifestyle and philosophy. The number of Jews living in the area around Alexandria was many times greater than the number in and around Jerusalem. This edition proves in itself how far removed the Septuagint is from the original writings. The story of how the Septuagint came into being alone reads like “1000 and 1 Nights”. (Info). But for the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church the Septuagint is a delight and a playground like Alice in Wonderland.

A Gnostic Septuagint Problem

There is also a discrepancy when you look at Malachi 2:7 in the Masoretic text, i.e. in the traditional original. Here the word priest appears in Hebrew as “ko-hane'” (“כֹהֵן”). That means nothing other than “priest” – one is amazed.

The Hebrew says “priest”, the Gnostics conjured it up to mean an “angel” and the Roman Catholic Church clings to it like a sloth on a hanging branch. From this, the dogmatists of the Inquisition create their own world, which others have to believe in.

Only this mistake in the Church of Rome’s structured approach to Gnostic sources allows this construction of a connection between Catholic priests and angels. So the role of the bishop as a “legitimate divine messenger”. The astonishing thing is that there are people who still believe this kind of stuff from the mouths and pens of Catholic clerics and theologians.

The communication of such nonsense only works if you do not take the gospel into your own hands in order to determine for yourself that the earthly priesthood was abolished with the death and resurrection and subsequent ascension of Jesus Christ. The writing in the book to the Hebrews is sufficient (for starters).

The Church of Rome will see it through

The path of this church leads into darkness

But the Roman Catholic Church will never, ever deviate from this path. It is determined that way in their genes and is also impressively described as such in the Bible (Info). Because around three quarters of paganism in their teachings and traditions do not even allow any proximity to the gospel. This began with the end of the first great persecution of Christians by the Romans and continues until literally the “Judgment Day”.

Since late antiquity, the Church of Rome has fought against the Gospel using every conceivable and previously unthinkable force (Info). The primary goal, everything “geopolitical” around it is just a means to an end, is the persecution of the remaining faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ, who also want to keep the commandments of God and not the statutes of the papacy. Revelation 12:17:
And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Until then, there is still time to simply pull yourself together, pick up the Bible yourself, and read the Word of God with your own mind, praying for the Holy Spirit. It is definitely worthwhile to be able to share in the former celebration.

For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.
Revelation 19:2

Bible verses from King James Version

The Church of Rome can’t help it – until the bitter end
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