Olli Dürr Society EV Church in Memmingen celebrates GAIA philosophy

EV Church in Memmingen celebrates GAIA philosophy

EV Church in Memmingen celebrates GAIA philosophy post thumbnail image


The Protestant churches have adopted the GAIA philosophy and now celebrate the replacement religion “Care for Creation” prescribed by Rome. An earth model is currently hanging in a church in Memmingen for “admiration”.

Nature religion and Earth Gaia

Gaia mythology

Ancient Greek Mythology – Gaia the Bearer

The replacement religion “care of creation – nature worship” is progressing. Really initiated by Pope Francis with his encyclical “ Laudato si’“, this pantheistic religion has long since reached the slave daughters of the former Protestant churches. After their final disposal of the gospel, they now represent the new nature conservation religion with all zeal. At the center of this substitute religion is the “adorable” sun as the highest authority.

Atheistic science also knows Gaia

The first preparations and conditioning for the future “nature religion” were already made many years ago for the non-denominational people. Entirely in line with the New Age, the Church of Rome revived the ancient Greek mythology of the deity “Gaia” for modern times and gave her back the living form of the earth. Just a comfortable home game for the Roman Catholic Church and its social doctrine based on Greek philosophy.

Earth Gaia

‘Science’ – Earth as a living biotope

The “priests of atheism”, the scientists, took on this topic as early as the mid-1970s and formulated the “Gaia hypothesis” based on mythology of Hellenistic origin. This “fantastic thought experiment” looks at the earth and its biosphere as a living being. Such observations make the heart of every fan of the “Avatar” fantasy flick a la Hollywood beat faster. Among the scientists was the well-known biophysicist James Lovelock.

Evangelical Church Memmingen exhibits GAIA

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria is obviously passionate about this natural religion. In the St. Martinschurch in Memmingen an embodiment of the earth Gaia is now on display.

sun over sea

The ‘supreme god’ is in the sun – EV churches are in on it

This 1 in 1.8 million scale Earth model is Luke Jerram’s “artwork” GAIA. In addition to “admiring” the Gaia model, interested visitors can look forward to a regular program of an event. In addition to the cinema and children’s musicals, you can also attend one of the concerts between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The artificial earth GAIA hangs and rotates over the altar platform of St. Martin’s Church as part of the “Memminger Meile” event until July 13th.

The apostasy can no longer be denied

Is there more evidence needed of the Protestant church’s apostasy and attachment to what is called “the whore of Babylon” in the book of Revelation? With this Gaia action, the fallen Protestant church once again proves its role as “the false prophet”.

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