Olli Dürr Society Curch Day 2023 leaves spiritual emptiness and darkness

Curch Day 2023 leaves spiritual emptiness and darkness

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The Church Day of the Protestant Church is over. This event leaves behind in people exactly what these former Protestant houses now stand for. The spiritual emptiness and darkness.

Political agenda brought to man and woman

solar eclipse

From the ‘sun worshipers’ comes only spiritual darkness

The major event of the evangelical church came to an end last Sunday. With the Church Day 2023 in Nuremberg, the Evangelical Churches in Germany held their flags, no not of the gospel, but of the political agenda in the wind of the ephemeral. The summary of the highlights is as meaningless in relation to the Word of God as the whole event in its contentless presentation.

The message announced to mankind based on the 38th Church Congress is therefore “Now is the time”.
Time for ice cream, time for something sensible, time for repentance and remorse? No, it’s time for a change. Tens of thousands of people gathered in Nuremberg to pray, celebrate and discuss this motto, which stands for everything and nothing, as the summary of this event.

Thoroughbred politician distributes empty phrases

Empty bottles

Well-formed bottles – But completely empty

The former Minister of the Interior and other political functionary as well as the current President of the Church Congress, Thomas de Maizière, explained in his concluding speech, which he called a service, that we should no longer wait, but do, as the online magazine “evangelisch.de” reported.

de Maizière supplemented his remarks with the “extremely profound statement” that we live “in times of shattered certainties”. The politician covered this with the phrases “Creation, peace, distributive justice, artificial intelligence and hostility to democracy”. We are currently living in difficult times, but we still need to be confident.

Proclaimer of the agenda

protection of the earth

The Universal Religion: Protection of Creation

A politician like this cannot present himself better. Meaningless, empty clichés, dressed in a Christian framework, to work through the agenda to the fullest. His cues did address the main points of the keywords given by Rome. “Solidarity, creation and distributive justice” are the main concerns of the encyclicals “Laudato Si” and “Fratelli Tutti”, both works of Pope Francis and to be understood as his antidote to the current situation.

The first encyclical sets the course for climate and nature conservation, as well as the worship of creation. The second letter reestablishes Catholic social teaching. This is based on the Hellenistic philosophy of natural law and according to this, every good is equally entitled to every human being.
These difficult times, which are certainly present at the moment, are far from having reached their zenith, but it lacks a certain degree of humor when one considers that the originator of these conditions comes from the same house as the “antidote” created for it.

A theologian could not be missing

The politician de Maizière received support from Pastor Quinton Ceasar, who came from South Africa and worked in Wiesmoor. He preached to the people that they should be more committed to protecting the climate, against racism and for social cohesion. “We can’t wait”. Then the pastor also troubles Jesus Christ by letting Him say: “Now is the time”. With this, Jesus Christ wanted to call on people to make changes, to make “bold decisions that really bring about change”.

Ceasar urged the audience to show solidarity with hostile homosexuals, climate activists and refugees. Because we were all the “last generation,” said the pastor. Therefore, we should “stick to the love of God”.

An apparently well-read pastor

Il Gesu Rome

Pastor doesn’t have the gospel in mind

After all, Pastor Ceasar mentioned the name “Jesus”, but in a context that is not found in the Bible. Jesus Christ did not call society to change, nor to bring about social change. In context, the pastor simply misused the name of Jesus to lend some weight to the execution of his theses.

While the politician de Maizière fulfills the secular part of these theses put forward by Rome, Ceasar stands for the religious part. Both, state and church, should be reunited and therefore a common denominator is a very good basis.

The pastor’s thesis that Jesus wanted to bring about changes in society cannot be found in the Bible. However, Caesar seems to be an “enthusiastic” reader of diverse literature hostile to the gospel. The sentence can therefore be found in the book “Introducing Theologies of Religions”, by “theologian” Paul F. Knitter, a Jesuit.

For Jesus the Spirit-filled prophet, the focus of his life and realtionships was the Reign of Got. That meant that he was not – as his followers have often been – chruch-centered. His primary concern was not to increase membership of his own movement or community. Rather, it was to transform people’s hearts so as to transform their sciety

Contra truth – Pro lie

The truth is once again on the way. The goal of this Church Congress, like that of the entire ranks of the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD), is not the proclamation of the gospel and the urgent call for conversion and repentance, but rather the immediate pulling away from the truth. These people will (should?) remain in their sins through the creation of a substitute religion that sounds good and also “feels good”, with all the consequences.

For this purpose, a thesis also put forward by Knitter and implemented many times is used:

That’s it! That’s the crux of the problem: Christian dualism has so exaggerated the difference between God and the world that it cannot really show how the two form a unity.
(Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian)

The verse James 4:4 alone shows how contrary this statement by the Jesuit is to the gospel:

“Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”

Knitter’s thesis only made sense if by “God” he meant the one whom the beast (Revelation 13) and thus the Roman Catholic Church actually worships, the “dragon”.

The door is locked at some point

Since God’s righteousness is “eternal righteousness” (Psalm 119:142), one can also assume with certainty that every single human being is to blame for his perishing. Be it through a lack of love of truth, through laziness, through practiced ignorance. Each individual has the opportunity to seek and find the truth. But at some point, probably very soon, the door will be locked. Therefore, the term “Last Generation” does not seem too far-fetched.

Bible verses from King James Version

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