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Celebrity advocates spiritual “universal Christianity”

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Spiritualism in “Christianity” within the framework of universality has long since arrived in society and is also represented in this way by “celebrities”. Catholic media obviously have no problem with that.

Everything has to fit together somehow

Belief in “something divine”, no matter what roots this religion has, the main thing is a certain spirituality. With people’s attitudes like this, many a “Loyola child” from the “Rahner forge” might rub their own hands with approval. Does this fit so well with a universal religion in which every human being can find their place, regardless of whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or shamanic orientation. A senior overseer from the Church, which has traditionally been just as universal for many centuries, also fits in with this human family, which has come together in a single mush.

Personal faith with personal benefits

meditation exercises
In modern spiritualism, of course, meditation cannot be missing

“Jesus Christ was a great man,” explains actor Benno Fürmann in a Conversation with the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Berlin. Religion plays a big role in his life. He was not baptized, but “spirituality as a connection to the divine” was very important to him very early on.

Fürmann prays and meditates, as he himself described. He also believes that Jesus Christ was a great man. He feels freer in the form of his faith because this also has advantages, but is also sometimes challenging. Fürmann appreciates “that which connects” and “bowing before the greater, before the higher, before what always was, always is and always will be” about religions.

Basically, more “gratitude and humility” is required for society, according to the actor. “We just need a different consciousness”. The world can only be changed if we don’t just see the people within society as “a single construction site”. No one was born alone and hopefully no one will die alone, says Fürmann.

Handed over to the faithful without comment

This statement by the well-known actor in public was printed on the Internet portal of the Catholic Church without any comments. In the case of a secular medium, this would be understandable, since a certain neutrality is (or would be) necessary. But such a confession of faith, which is far removed from the gospel, in a magazine that describes itself as Christian, actually deserves one or the other reference to the believing Catholics.

Catholic dogma through and through

But a look at the background scenery, which has long been open to devout Catholics as well, raises the question of whether the actor actually became such a victim of the spiritual mass movement after Vatican II, or whether he knows with “subtle background information” about the attitude that promotes his own career.
As if the creed had been prepared according to a checklist, it contains everything the papal heart desires.

  • Jesus Christ may be great, but he is also a simple man
  • A new awareness is necessary
  • Connection to the divine through spirituality
  • Personal faith brings personal benefits
  • Connecting Religions (human family)
  • Changing the world (in terms of salvation)
  • Individualism must be replaced by inclusivity (common good).
fictional belief
Belief in fiction will one day come to a bitter end

The entire program of Catholic social teaching, embellished with the contents of the encyclicals “Rerum Novarum”, “Laudato si’” and “Fratelli Tutti”. A showpiece of Rome conformity.

When stating “spirituality as a connection to the divine,” one need only swap the word “divine” for “cosmological energy” and the New Age philosophy behind it becomes apparent.

Fürmann is also allowed to believe what he wants and it is up to each person to follow it or not. Because something like this was already known:

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”
2 Timothy 4:3-4

The right path remains to be followed

However, the actor was wrong about one thing. Due to political decisions, dying alone or in solitude has long since become the norm over the past 3 years, especially in hospitals and retirement homes. But you have to have noticed that first and still be able to remember it today. But who knows how far and how intensely such spiritual people extend their meditative sessions.

One can only hope that the actor will soon recognize the futility of these worldly endeavors and still find the truth.

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Celebrity advocates spiritual “universal Christianity”
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