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Catholic Bishop Defends Necessity of Priesthood

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The priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church is being put to the test on the “Synodal Way”. An attack on the structures and even the foundations of this fallen institution. The defense of the priesthood by a bishop is therefore not surprising.

The priesthood only has to be “al dente”.

In the course of the so-called “Synodal Way” the calls for the abolition of the priesthood within the Roman Catholic Church became loud. An affront to so many “officials” and “overseers” within this institution. According to Internet portal of the Catholic Church the Bishop of Augsburg (Germany), Bertram Meier, had his say on these appeals. He (of course) sees no way around the necessity of the priesthood. In my opinion, a “People of God without an office cannot exist,” said Meier in the Augsburg Cathedral. However, there is room for maneuver and a need for discussion regarding the design and access conditions of the priesthood.

The bishop sees room for maneuver in the self-image of church members. Often they see themselves less as Witnesses than as well-paid and privileged church officials. The bite is missing. According to the bishop, bishops, priests and deacons should be witnesses with bite, just as is appreciated with Italian pasta, i.e. “al dente”.

Bishop appeals to apostolicity


Bishop or Santa Claus? Both wear the hood of the pagan priest of Dagon

Behind the office of priest a crucial question must be answered. “How is that reflected in the church that was definitively stamped in history as a ‘turning point’ with Christ and became a new creation with him?”. For the bishop, the twelve apostles stand for the “official witness”. The core of the new people of God is formed by the “person of Jesus and the group of the twelve”. It was about the church. Therefore the twelve are a creation of God and the basic figure of the apostolic church. “The testimony of the Twelve finds its continuation in the sacramental ministerial structure of the Church,” said the bishop.

Rome will never change

A bishop of the Church founded on arrogance and blasphemy, of course, cannot argue otherwise. If his conclusions were based on the gospel, he would not only question his own office, but directly delegitimize it. The mere assertion that the succession of the bishops of Rome (Pope) is based on the apostle Peter is a falsification. Just as the “rock” was misinterpreted for this purpose, the artificially created hierarchy within God’s church is purely arbitrary. The “rock” (Greek “petra”) was just a “stone” or a “lump of rock” (Greek “petros”). A stone is a part of the rock. Peter was that stone and therefore part of the stone foundation. Calling Peter the first pope, on the other hand, seems “puerile” again.

“Jesus’ death was inaugurating priesthood”

In addition, there is the Roman Catholic Teaching that Jesus’ death was not necessary for the acceptance and forgiveness of sins. A “droplet of blood” would have been enough. Rather, Jesus died according to Roman Catholic Church for the introduction of the priesthood. This madness comes from Alphonsus Liguori . He was spoken of as “holy” by Rome and also elevated to the status of “teacher of the church”.

“Jesus has died to institute the priesthood. It was not necessary for the Redeemer to die in order to save the world; a drop of his blood, a single tear, or prayer, was sufficient to procure salvation for all; […] But to institute the priesthood, the death of Jesus Christ has been necessary”

The assertion that God is obliged (!) to obey the priest’s decisions originates from the same pen. More information about the unspeakable blasphemies of the Roman Catholic Church is here.

Repeated sacrifice of Jesus

Black hole

The teachings of the Roman Catholic Church lead to nowhere

The priest (solely of the tribe of Levi) in the Old Testament had only one function. The ministry surrounding the sacrifices in the tabernacle and temple. So it seems only logical that the priest is necessary in the Roman Catholic Church to perform the unspeakable Eucharist. The altar is nothing but a place of sacrifice. With the Eucharist, Jesus Christ is sacrificed again and again. All this with the assertion that Jesus Christ is physically present, the wafer turned into His flesh (transubstantiation) and the “saints” are standing around it. The whole “magic” only works if body parts of the deceased (relics) are attached in or on the altar. This is pure spiritism, occultism and mockery of Jesus Christ for His one and only sacrifice.

The Roman Catholic Church founded on the serpent will never change itself and its dogmas, but will persevere to the “bitter end”. A bishop’s defense of the priesthood is not surprising given the “nature” of the Catholic Church. Once again, however, the fulfillment of the large number of followers announced in Revelation 13, who will “look after the beast in amazement” is astonishing.

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

Bible verses from King James Version

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