Olli Dürr Society Catholic Church shocked by honoring a “queer” group of nuns

Catholic Church shocked by honoring a “queer” group of nuns

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In the US, a confrontation between the conservatives and the “Woken” is coming to a head. A “queer troupe” dressed as nuns is said to be honored at the stadium where the Catholic Church wants to perform one of its (strange) rituals.

Catholic Church is completely shocked

The Catholic Church in the USA is outraged, shocked, indignant and appalled by the planned honoring of the activist group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”, which is part of the “queer” micro-minority scene. This church will soon be celebrating a Litany of the Sacred Heart at Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team stadium on the occasion of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Catholic ritual “Act of Reparation” is also planned. Ironically, the stadium’s baseball team decided to honor this colorful and painted activist group of “biological men” dressed as nuns.

Church speaks of blasphemy

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All the fuses at the church are about to blow

The church is beside itself. This group cannot be overstated for “the lewdness and vulgarity with which they taunt our Lord, His Mother and consecrated women,” according to the United States Bishops’ Conference (USCCB), according to the Catholic internet portal. This plan is not only offensive to all Christians, but also “blasphemy,” according to the USCCB.

The reason for honoring the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” next Friday is a “Pride Night” in Dodger Stadium.

This “colourful action group” was founded in San Francisco in 1979 and is now represented worldwide. The themes they took up for “satirical processing” include symbols of Catholic nuns in particular. The members describe themselves as “queer nuns”.

The issue becomes political

Pride Movement

Pride Queer Woke – A means to an end and the end justifies the means

While the bishops’ conference is still struggling with gasping, former Vice President (under Donald Trump) Mike Pence joined this illustrious group. The politician, who described himself as an “Evangelical Catholic” (whatever that might be) during Trump’s campaign, immediately jumped into the fold for the church. “As someone raised in a Catholic family, I find it very offensive when the Dodgers invite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a hateful group that unabashedly pokes fun at Catholicism,” the Republican tweeted. Now an apology is due “to Catholics all over America”.

Nevertheless, there was some healing ointment on the “battered soul” of the US bishops’ conference. The USCCB is heartened that so many devout Catholics and other people of “goodwill” have risen in recent days to condemn the planned tribute by the Los Angeles Dodgers and activist squad.

The game with two opposites

With this “blatant horror” of the “conservative camp” about the planned action of the “woke delegation”, it is nothing more than an interlude of the staging of two apparently incompatible separate camps like “woke” and “conservative”. People have let themselves be drawn into this game and now face each other baring and gnashing their teeth (Hegelian dialectics).

Even the church looks weird

Charles Chaplin

The horror of the church lacks a certain comedy

The reaction and argumentation of the Roman Catholic Church has the direct effect of a comedy event. This ecclesiastical institution opposed to the gospel is appalled at the insult to the Mary and “consecrated women” it venerates. Ironically, the bishops’ conference even speaks of blasphemy. Neither religious orders, nor convents, let alone nuns, are a concept of the Bible. This is an exclusive idea of ​​the Roman Catholic Church. Much like the thief yelling at the crowd, “Stop thief!”, the church is once again distracting from its true nature.

So it is the Church of Rome that has blasphemy in its “DNA”. What this church claims as its “birthright” is nothing more than its usual excessive arrogance. This is already shown by her speaking in the “name of all Christians”, although she cannot even begin to fulfill this criterion in her role as “mother of all particular churches”. It would have been honest not to speak of blasphemy but of “heresy against the Catholic catechism”.

Everything fits into the scheme

When it comes to “wokeness”, Los Angeles pretty much corresponds to the “experimental field” of Berlin. The US state of California is one of the test fields for the planned implementation of the Catholic social teaching. This not only officially allows theft, but also squatting. After all, the latter are not unknown in Berlin either. The subject of “expropriation of housing for social compensation” would also be in line with Catholic social teaching. This could become relevant in Germany from 2024.

The Bible describes the conditions

Rough outlines of what is happening here can also be found in the Bible as prophecy. So in the book of Daniel 11 the description is about a king of the north and of a king of the south. At that time it was northern Babylon and southern Egypt. A type for the processes explicitly described in this chapter for the end times. Replace king of the north with “papalism” (religiousness, conservatism) and king of the south with “secularism” (e.g. Woke) and it all makes sense. As can be observed, religiosity is increasingly resisting the motley hustle and bustle of secularism. Just as the king of the north will gain the upper hand, religiosity will one day take the scepter. However, not in the form of waving incense, but in the glorification of creation. All this within the framework of climate and nature protection within a “snuggling human family” again.

This is exactly where the mousetrap, or rather the human trap, is located. Just as it has always been the goal of the Catholic Church, the papacy, to keep people away from the truth in order to send them straight to perdition. The compromise finally found with the “woken” will also be miles away from the gospel like the teachings of the Catholic Church. But everyone will be “happy”. Fatal!

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