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Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary – A fiction

Maria die Rose


On August 15, the Catholic Church celebrates the Ascension of Mary, the birth mother of Jesus Christ. A story that is not mentioned in the gospel, but which the church understands must be celebrated as a tradition and also as dogma.

The festivities for a fictional story

August 15 is an extremely important holiday for the Catholic world. The “Dear Lady, Holy Mother of Divine Grace, Virgin of Virgins, Most Chaste, Queen of Heaven, Mystical Rose and Mother of God” (just a small selection), in short, Mary, according to the Catholic Church, is born with body and soul on this day soul taken to heaven. Assumption Day. In Germany, the federal states of Bavaria and Saarland celebrate this occasion. Furthermore, it is also the predominantly Catholic countries that celebrate the Assumption of Mary as a special occasion. These include Spain, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Austria. The “Bodily Assumption of Mary into Heaven” is one of the oldest festivals in honor of Mary in the Catholic Church. On the other hand, it is obvious that “Vatican News” describes this tradition as one of the oldest festivals in Christianity.
But you don’t have to follow this equation.

Mention in the Bible? None!

Maria stained glass
Mary exalted above all is celebrated

Vatican News’ clear emphasis that Mary’s bodily assumption into heaven is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament is somewhat surprising. But Catholic clergy are also aware of the potential embarrassment if such information in the gospel is ever asked for. Therefore one refers to the belief in the very early “Christianity”, according to the motto: What was already believed around 1,600 years ago must therefore be correct.

The first idea about an ascension of Mary is in the year 431 AD. to have arisen in the Eastern Church. This belief has been cultivated in the Church of Rome since the 7th century. So it took almost 400 years after Mary’s death until someone had the inspiration to simply let the earthly mother of Jesus ascend to heaven. As Vatican News itself pointed out, there is not a single syllable in the Gospel about this thesis.

Assumption Day was “an infallible decision”

Until 1950, just over 80 years ago, the Catholic Church (not general Christianity) celebrated the Assumption of Mary out of pure tradition. Then Pope Pius XII. the “physical assumption of Mary into heaven” as an official doctrine (dogma). In doing so, the pontifex claimed his quality of supreme authority and infallibility (not officially introduced until 1870 by Pius IX) and established this ascension thesis as an equally infallible doctrine and tenet. Pius XII thus spoke “ex cathedra” from his episcopal seat.

Own teachings also presented as such

Mary the rose
Mary in one of her high-sung qualities

Here is another surprising (half) truth in the Vatican News report. The soul that lives on after death is a Catholic teaching. That’s true, because the gospel doesn’t give any information about this either. The Church adopted this idea from Plato and incorporated this hypothesis into its dogmas. This institution itself shows that this church is aware of the extremely influential deviation from the gospel. According to The New Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13, the reader is told that neither the Old nor the New Testament speak of an “immortal soul,” but describe the living man as a whole as the soul.

But the Catholic Catechism (Pos. 366) says something about an “immortal soul” that separates from the body after death. Anyone who wants to believe the teachings of the Catholic teachings more than the Word of God must “in the end” take responsibility for this themselves. The Church of Rome prefers to include the three lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden as official teaching and to present this as Christianity.

“Immortal Soul” is a foundation

The “immortal soul” is an absolute prerequisite in order to be able to claim the Assumption of Mary alongside hell, purgatory and (once very lucrative) indulgences. Anyone who has swallowed the frog of the “immortal soul” will have a wide enough throat to allow more rubbish to pass through without too much effort. This also includes the mysterious concavity of Mary in the heavenly realms, with body and soul.

Benedict summed it up

Pope Benedict
Pope Benedict would have liked to deify Mary too

Pope Benedict issued a statement on the 60th anniversary of the “infallible declaration” on the Assumption of Mary. According to this, Mary had already conquered death like Christ, “her son”. Benedict did not explain how Mary, a normal person, should have done this on her own. Because only in God himself is life. At best, Mary could only have been raised to life or saved from death by God, but there is never a chance of victory on Mary’s part. In such places the Catholic Church strives for any “mysticism” or other “secrets”(e.g. praying the rosary).

Benedict’s declaration ends with a revealing sentence: “We await the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.”
It will probably also remain an eternal secret of this church how it wants to resurrect an immortal soul that is either in heaven, in purgatory or in hell in a comprehensible manner. After all, according to Catholic doctrine, a “soul in heaven” also enjoys “heavenly pleasures” only to be torn out of them again for a fleshly body? This (in)belief of the Catholic dogmatists also showed what perfidious background the burning of heretics, favored by this church, had. According to this, a burned body could no longer be found at the resurrection and the affected soul would be lost in “somewhere” forever. As absurd as it is, the character behind it is just as malicious.

Protestant churches are not innocent lambs

Passover lamb
EV churches have never been the innocent lambs

A character from which the Reformation churches have not been spared. The mutual persecutions of those who did not follow their own ideas were not far behind Rome’s “persecution mania”. The so-called Anabaptists were among the victims of the Protestant captors. Unity was never reached and now there are more than 30,000 different denominations in the world. The approach to the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church was correct, but the “rest” fell flat in the eyes of God (see Revelation 3:1-6). Today this difference between the Catholic and the Protestant Church can only be found in the difference between a mother and her daughter.

Eastern Church has already deified Mary

Mary deification
‘Divine’ Mary and the ‘Baby Jesus’

Apparently with some envy, Vatican News explains that the Eastern Church not only refers to Mary as “Most Holy,” but has also given the “Mother of God” the status of “divinity.” However, it is a shortcoming that the Eastern Church left the body of Mary on the ground of her tomb. There was no bodily assumption into heaven. This is problematic insofar as such a variant does not correspond to the stories about the Egyptian “goddess” Isis.

It is what it is. Everything that goes beyond the reports of the gospel are stories, poetry and fables. And the Catholic Church today has such a wide range of it, both within and outside its catechism, that there really is something for everyone.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
2 Timothy 4:3-4

Bible verses from King James Version

Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary – A fiction
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