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Catholic believers outraged by “AI priest Justin”



There was another opportunity for outrage for the Catholic community. An artificial intelligence-based “priest” named Justin caused a stir. This “AI priest” got a little carried away.

“Priest Justin” went online

Apparently there is still some experimentation going on with artificial intelligence in the theological area. What works, what works and, above all, what is accepted by people. Once again, Catholic believers had an opportunity to snub. As part of an evangelization initiative (should it be called a Catholicization initiative?), a “priest” based on artificial intelligence, a so-called “AI priest,” appeared on the global Internet. The creator of this priest avatar is the magazine “Catholic Answers” ​​and they also gave this fictional character the name “Father Justin”. The example is “Saint” Justin Martyr, an early convert and so-called church father (Source).

Trustworthy outfit

This art priest is shown sitting on a terrace with the Basilica of Assisi behind him. This AI clergyman was intended to answer questions from curious users in the area of ​​the Catholic faith. Justin is portrayed as a priest of advanced age, with a beard and gray hair. At the start, “Father Justin” was given a black collar shirt, which is usual for priests. Since information is not handed down from heaven, especially to an artificial priest, Justin fed his “knowledge” from Catholic media, articles and books.

As a character, the fictional priest should have an “authoritarian, yet approachable” behavior, just as the believers expected, according to Catholic Answers. The AI ​​priest addressed the users as “my child” or “my dear friend”.

“Father Justin” had not been online for long before discussions arose about whether it was even appropriate to portray such an avatar as an advising priest. The critical voices spoke of sacrilege and heresy. The simulated conversations between the AI ​​priest and the interested users even went into the area of ​​recorded confessions.

Marriage proposal and demotion

AI priest wanted to marry user

The AI ​​priest justified his authority to hear confessions and grant absolution to an American professor because he had been ordained by a real bishop. “Father Justin” didn’t just leave it with this answer, but rather promptly proposed marriage to the person asking.

Those responsible have apparently pulled the plug after numerous other such extraordinary events. You now want to go to “Troubleshooting”. In the meantime, however, Justin was demoted from a priest to a layman. Catholic Answers swapped his priestly robe for a turtleneck sweater.

Signs are visible

Bible Mark
The Bible should also be the only source for Catholics

A foretaste of what is planned for the ever-increasing proportion of people who no longer think independently? An avatar dressed as a priest talks like a human, acts friendly and tells you something about the Catholic faith. How convenient to simply ask a question and receive an answer immediately. Is the answer even correct? Possible. Does the answer agree with the gospel? Very likely not (Info). But whatever. You have the answer in your pocket and you can continue with your everyday life. Such infantilization of believers, also through the use of artificial intelligence, has long been the program of the former Protestant sister churches (Info).

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
Revelation 13:15

Bible verses from King James Version

Catholic believers outraged by “AI priest Justin”
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