Olli Dürr Society Cardinal recognizes Catholic catechism as ineffective

Cardinal recognizes Catholic catechism as ineffective

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Luxembourg Cardinal Hollerich is worried about the “ineffectiveness” of the Catholic catechism. Now “knowledge of faith” is no longer required, but the heart.

People remain cold to the catechism


Catholic catechism isn’t exactly hot

People seem unaffected by the catechism of the Roman Catholic Church. The Luxembourg Cardinal Jean-Claude-Hollerich is now in favor of offering the faith with conviction, because the pure “catechism truth” no longer reaches people, as the Catholic internet portal reported.

Church of Rome must rethink

In today’s world, the church has to rethink in order to get the curve at all. It is no longer sufficient to merely profess one’s faith with given words. Rather, “our personal faith is now in demand,” said the cardinal in a service in Aachen, Germany.

heart balloons

Still no knowledge required, but now the heart has to go

“We do not ask for knowledge of faith, but for an answer from the heart”. For this you don’t have to stick yourself on the street, said Hollerich with a little “swipe” against the traffic disruptions of the organization “Last Generation”.

The “catechism truths” alone did not reach the people. In the conversations they had, they should feel that “we experience Jesus as the Redeemer and Son of the living God.”

The Catholic catechism cannot bear fruit

But now, above all, the Catholics themselves know that the catechism of the Catholic Church is always the center of attention in schools and church institutions, while the Bible gathers dust on the shelves or is at best used as a doorstop when the classroom is ventilated. If the Bible should ever be picked up, the statements of Holy Scripture must always be interpreted in the light of the catechism.

Catechism instead of the living Word of God

The cardinal, it was believed, should actually know that the Bible is the living Word of God. Anyone who reads it (impartially) will recognize that a certain momentum of knowledge is even developing. The Holy Spirit works in people.

Cobbled together work of faith

The cardinal, it was thought, should actually know that the catechism is a work of human philosophies, views and very personal interpretations of the gospel put together by the so-called church fathers. Advice on life is taken from the Hellenistic philosophy of natural law and questions of faith are based on the specifications of ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt (e.g. the “Book of the Dead” by Tutmosis III.). The gospel served the Roman Catholic catechism just enough to take over individual statements, but to twist, distort or even turn them into the opposite in Christian garb.

Catechism distorts the gospel


Rome’s “faith knowledge” is as alive as a graveyard

However, the Holy Spirit works only on the basis of the living Word of God, but not on such a “work of art” as the Catholic catechism. This is also associated with Christianity. Just absurd. It is not a living word, but a stone-dead one in the truest sense. One of the most distinctive features of the catechism is the teaching of the first three lies before man fell.

Christian or Catholic

The cardinal is right in that sense. He speaks of the “catechism truth” in the sense of the Roman Catholic Church, but not of the truth of the gospel. Otherwise the “high clergyman” would probably speak of “biblical truth” and not of “catechism truth”, of “Jesus Christ” instead of just “Jesus” and “Gospel” instead of just (Catholic) “faith”. The Church of Rome has never been able to do anything with “knowing people” anyway. The knowledge of the people about the truth of the gospel had to be suppressed for many centuries. The Reformation temporarily ended the dark goings-on of Rome. But as the Bible predicted, Protestantism is now back under the thumb of the “Ultramontane”.

Change of strategy


Catechism is as attractive as 2 slices of bread in the microwave

It is therefore to be expected that this “catechism word” will go down just as well with people as the operating instructions and technical description of a microwave. Otherwise it would not have been necessary in the past to enforce this spiritual morass with violence, torture and threats of death. But today in the “enlightened world” such violent excesses of this church are (currently) not possible. That is why one promises to mislead people by means of emotional affairs of the heart and tender seductions.

This new strategy of “affairs from the heart” also fits much better into the framework of ecumenism. Incidentally, the “change of heart” is also the “10th commandment from Laudato si“.

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