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Cardinal receives honorary doctorate from Masonic University



A university dedicated to Freemasonry awards a cardinal an honorary doctorate. What is supposed to come together now seems to be coming together for the public eye.

Freemasons are still officially frowned upon

It was not until November 2023 that the Vatican reaffirmed the ban on clergy joining a Masonic lodge. The trigger was the request of the bishop in the Philippines, Julito Cortes. The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (Inquisition) confirmed that joining a Masonic lodge was incompatible with the Catholic faith.

Religion of Catholicism in pictures

The letter, signed by the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, Victor Cardinal Fernandéz, went to Pope Francis for final approval. The pontiff approved this letter (Source).

The trigger for the Filipino bishop’s request was the steady increase of Freemasons within the diocese he governs. He was concerned and wanted to find out how he should deal with this development. Now the bishop has “refreshed” it black and white. The Dicastery emphasizes that “the active membership of a believer in Freemasonry is prohibited due to the incompatibility between Catholic teaching and Freemasonry.” This prohibition applies to the “ordinary” believer as well as to the cleric of the church.

As early as 1983, the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (previous name for the Dicastery), Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, defined membership in a Masonic lodge as a “state of grave sin”. This code was signed by Pope John Paul II in November 1983. The bishops of the Philippines are now called upon to consider for themselves whether they want to take a public stance on this.

Connections with “sin” not forbidden

Membership in a Masonic lodge is therefore expressly forbidden for any Catholic, regardless of status. However, the close cooperation, the solidarity and the benefit of privileges from the “sin” itself seem to be just as clearly excluded.
Membership is frowned upon, but close connections with the “forbidden circles” are welcome.

At least this seems to be the case. Because on April 12, 2024, Matteo Cardinal Zuppi received an honorary doctorate from the University of Catania, Italy. The University of Catania not only has Masonic accents, but is the masonic university par excellence in Italy (Source). Zuppi now has an honorary doctorate in global politics and Euro-Mediterranean relations at this university (Source).

Polytheism for modern times

The university was founded by King Alfonso I of Sicily on October 19, 1434. Papal confirmation was given by Eugene IV on April 18, 1444. Today the Department of Humanistic Sciences is located in the former Benedictine monastery of San Nicolò I’Arena. Research projects in the religious area include “GodScapes”. By researching polytheism (multi-divinity) in the second millennium BC in the Levant, the aim is to gain insight into what social effects modern forms of polytheism can have in contemporary societies. The project logo designed for this uses the sun disk above the crescent moon (Source).

Visible approach

Catholic Church and Freemasons in the same family

Obviously what is supposed to come together is coming together. At least what is obviously visible to the public eye. The Freemasons, founded in their modern form in England in 1717, are not just an extravagant boys’ club for adults, but represent a religion of humanism, as was first implemented in France during the French Revolution. The “Loyola Brothers” were always up close and personal with the Jacobins in action.

Originally a playground for so-called Protestants and therefore ideally suited not only to keep socially important Protestants in a kind of golden cage, but also very well suited to destroy the biblical truth originally discovered and represented by Protestantism.

In public, the Church of Rome speaks out against the Gnosticism-based teachings of the Freemasons, but a simple, critical look at the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church is enough to determine the immediate relationship. The Church of Rome simply slaps the label of Christianity on top. The now official rapprochement and mutual recognition are unmistakable, although the local bishop’s area of ​​supervision, which also affects the individual lodges, is still an open secret.

In principle, it was actually enough to just look at the developments in this world with open eyes (Info).

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
2 Peter 2:1

Bible verses from King James Version

Cardinal receives honorary doctorate from Masonic University
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