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Cardinal Marx – Church welcomes all people – satire?

Charles Chaplin


All people are welcome in the Roman Catholic Church, according to the statement by the Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Reinhard Marx. The cardinal, of course, fully supports this generosity. Unfortunately, this open-heartedness towards all people seems a bit strange.

Cardinal Marx shows generosity

When the Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, announces something publicly, the listener is either met with empty phrases or a certain atmosphere of satire arises. As a representative of the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Marx can be forgiven for trying to present his employer in Rome, dressed in purple and scarlet, gilded and decorated with precious stones and pearls, in a good light.

However, rhetorical care should also be exercised when dealing with an institution that appears to be elevated above all else and untouchable. Too much artificial light creates strong shadows. This is especially true when, after taking a strong sip from the golden cup, your own Galero is held up to the beam of light. This idea can even seem really strange when projected.

“All people are welcome in the church”

Charles Chaplin
There’s a certain humor about it

Cardinal Marx sees himself as the “Archbishop of Munich” not only responsible for Catholics, but for all people. The church says so. Marx had this outpouring of selflessness in the name of the Church of Rome during a celebratory service held on Sunday in honor of “Saint Bennos.” (Source). Benno is considered the patron saint of the city of Munich.

The church provides facilities as an offer for the entire city. In the individual districts, the bells that ring every Sunday proclaim the following message: “God exists, he lives in the middle of this city, you are welcome, come here!”, said Marx. Now is the “time of grace” and therefore one should not mourn the past, but rather use the Apostle Paul as an example. Believers should adopt the basic attitude, “We are here strong!”

According to Cardinal Marx, the Catholic Church, alongside the municipality and the state, has such a large network and commitment to education and charitable purposes like no other institution.

The extent of charitable charity

The provision of charitable institutions and the maintenance of these institutions are two different things. According to the annual balance sheet for 2021, just 4.5 percent of the funding for the Catholic institution Caritas came from the church’s own subsidies. The “rest” from other sources. A “quick overview” of the Caritas 2021 annual balance sheet (Source: Annual report 2021, Numbers rounded).

Position Share Amount € Change compared to 2020 €
Grants from the federal government and the EU 39 % 95,888,000 -106,000
Donations & Inheritances 38,5 % 95,623,000 +50,670,000
Income from assets 4,5 % 11,031,000 +2,421,000
Events, sales 4,1 % 9,961,000 -688,000
Other grants
(associations, foundations, etc.)
3,2 % 7,962,000 -1,299,000
Membership fees 3 % 7,251,000 -212,000
Other company income 2,7 % 6,536,000 +2,976,000
Church grants 4,5 % 11,331,000 -216,000
In total: 100 % 245,583,000 +53,546,000

Net profit for 2021: 2,142,151 euros

The situation is similar with other institutions, such as church kindergartens or after-school care centers. The construction was largely financed by the state, i.e. taxpayers, but the facility was then completely transferred to the church.

The church’s charitable commitment is more like a money-making machine than helping people.

Is everyone really welcome?

Various restrictions on welcome culture

Apparently all people are only welcome in the church if they look humble, with a look that longs for the priest’s words, and offer unconditional and unquestioning obedience. Because in general, as Cardinal Marx emphasized, “all” people probably only apply to the church visitor who willingly tries to have the wafer from a certified baker put into his mouth and then lets the coins jingle in the bell bag. Otherwise, Marx would have had to proclaim, “all people are welcome, except…”

– Homosexuals (according to Pope Francis “faggot”)
– Divorced and remarried people
– Called women
– Protestants
– AfD officials (political party, “right wing”)
– Dismissed
– heretics, schismatics, sacrament abusers, tripping-up-the-Pope and therefore…
– … excommunicated

Unchanging character

The Roman Catholic Church has never cared about the well-being of people, but rather only concerned itself with its own well-being. A look at history shows that this institution used all possible means that had previously seemed impossible to get people under its wing, to control them and to squeeze them like a lemon using the fiefdom and serf system. Everything that was not compliant and refused the “merciful invitation” to salvation was excluded, persecuted and murdered. The hypocrisy manifested. Concern for the well-being of people would be directly unnatural in this institution. Like a snake that pretends to care about the well-being of the rabbit’s offspring.

The character of the Church of Rome is as unchanging as its dogmas, which were once established “ex cathedra”. Completely excluded from this institution is the essence of the biblical Jesus Christ, whom this church always bears as a sketch on its fire-red, Roman signs. The adversary, as described in the Bible, is and is (still) alive (Info).

Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.
Revelation 18:21

Bible verses from King James Version

Cardinal Marx – Church welcomes all people – satire?
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