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Cardinal Marx “elevates” abuse victims to “prophets of the house”

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The Archdiocese of Munich-Freising under Archbishop Reinhard Marx has its own ideas about how to deal with those under its protection who are sexually abused. You take them on a bike ride together to visit the crime scenes. Ultimately, these actions should not be forgotten.

Riding bikes with the abuse victims

While the victims of abuse in the Protestant Church in Hanover are emphatically calling for the resignation of the regional bishop Ralf Meister, the victims of sexual violence in the Catholic catchment area of ​​the Munich-Freising Archdiocese seem to be achieving satisfaction through bicycle rides. This also with the prospect of being raised to a “prophetic voice” in the Roman Catholic Church. One could certainly get this impression if one wanted to believe the words of the responsible Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Reinhard Cardinal Marx.

In the diocese of Münster, however, they came up with a different idea. A whole row of mourning beech trees is planted for the victims of abuse in this church and a memorial plaque is erected in front of them. These are intended to keep the memory of the victims of sexual violence alive.

Cardinal Marx was very “courageous” about the matter

For Cardinal Marx, dealing with the cases of abuse within his area of ​​responsibility seems to be a real matter of the heart. He emphasizes a quick and thorough processing. But this must be designed to be lively. “A common project, an active fight against forgetting,” said Marx (Source).

The Archdiocese of Munich-Freising launched a multi-day cycling trip together with the victims of abuse to “fight against forgetting”. The domiciles visited also included dioceses with cases of sexual violence within this church. The victims were taken to the crime scene in order to prevent them from being “forgotten”. The message to be conveyed for the campaign was “solidarity, appreciation, help and support”.

Victims are prophetic voices

Prophecy key
Church of Rome has misplaced keys to wisdom

In his speech, Marx was visibly pleased with the state of affairs. The journey is not over yet, but he is happy that “we have come this far together.” The cardinal asserted that this path had also “deeply changed” his faith. The encounter with those affected made him “more tentative and insecure”. He says this with a view to “the failure of the church and the refusal to accept truth in the beginning.”

The archbishop, who is fully responsible for the archdiocese with the crime scenes visited by bicycle, also had words of comfort. “Christ stands at the side of the wounded, the injured, the abused. That is why we must also stand at their side,” said Marx. The persistent commitment of those affected by sexual abuse to come to terms with the situation has made them a prophetic voice in the Church, said the cardinal.

At least unrealistic

Reinhard Cardinal Marx once again lives up to his role as the “walking speech bubble”. The “new belief”, as he himself put it, probably refers to newly gained knowledge about the extent to which investigators actually have knowledge about the type and number of cases of abuse. It’s hard to assume that the church brought the cases to light without being asked. The archbishop’s sensitivity, brilliance and, above all, empathy for the victims of abuse is similar to the cold, gray walls of the former dungeons.

The “fight against forgetting” emphasized by Marx is already proof enough that the proximity to reality cannot be particularly good. Amnesia, as evidenced by everyday political life, is usually the perpetrator’s first choice and only in severe exceptional cases is the fate of the victim.

Rather, one can assume that only what can no longer be covered up is regretted. Because the “not wanting to be true at the beginning” still resonated in his mouth in March of this year: “For too long, abuse in the church has been denied, looked the other way and covered up.” (Source).

Insolence wins

Soap bubbles answers
The usual from the Munich Archdiocese

A vain attempt to wash the virtual hands of the church into ignorant innocence through rhetorically empty phrases that are only placed in a “popular” manner. The church, a notorious perpetrator, does not want to acknowledge that it is the problem. To compensate for this, this institution even tries to be a problem solver. Is that cheeky, unrealistic or even pathological? Cardinal Marx at least used the “we” to express his empty phrases. A “you” or a “your” would probably have officially put an end to his credibility as an archbishop.

Even “Christ” (does that even mean Jesus Christ?) is dragged into the common boat, sits down next to them in solidarity, to provide consolation and possibly “protection” for those affected. Should there be mockery and ridicule? More about the topic of abuse by churches – here.

In the same day also will I punish all those that leap on the threshold, which fill their masters’ houses with violence and deceit.

Zephaniah 1:9

Bible verses from King James Version

Cardinal Marx “elevates” abuse victims to “prophets of the house”
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